Yo Momma So Cool, She Know Michael Bolton Ain’t

Today, I gained new respect for my mom. Most of the time, I think of my mom as a total square. After all, she was born before the hula hoop was invented. But occasionally, she has a moment that makes me think she’s actually pretty cool. Much like when she told me she saw Springsteen at the Stone Pony in the 70s when she was going to Rutgers. That earned her a solid 750 cool points with me.

Now, admittedly, she’s a few days behind, as this news is two weeks old, but this morning, I got the following IM from my mom:

Mom: Michael Bolton doing Sinatra. It is soooo wrong.

Thank you, mom, for putting into such simple words something we were all thinking. 50 cool points for your insight, plus an extra 20 for making it over IM. And an extra 5 for not “signing” your IM.

If only the words “no-talent ass clown” had been in there somewhere.



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7 responses to “Yo Momma So Cool, She Know Michael Bolton Ain’t

  1. Ok, I am behind the times too, and didn’t know about this until the Twin and I went to go see the DaVinci Code last week. And were promptly put through the hell of hearing it a good five times before the previews started. I wanted to rip out my eardrums!

  2. What is it about the “instant” part in Instant Messenger that parents do not understand? They understand email. They are actually quite smart. They understand “conversation” – they do not “sign” each line of a phone call. There’s something about the gravity of the written word that makes them think each statement is FINAL.

    Sigh. I wonder what crazy technology our kids will use that we won’t understand…

  3. My mom puts in the subject line of all of her emails to me: “From Mommy,” as if I couldn’t figure out who the email was from in ANY OTHER WAY. It’s great.

  4. rebecca

    ahahaha my mom always signs her IMs too!

  5. Joy

    You be nicer to mom or I’ll rip your arms off and beat you with them. “Why should I have to change my name?! He’s the one who sucks.”

  6. Michael Bolton doing Frank? Sounds like a death-penalty offense to me. Good for your mom. It must repulse my mother as well, as she puts Frank on “godlike” status.

  7. Meredith

    Has your mom seen Office Space? Because that would earn her more cool points!

    Thank God my parents have barely mastered e-mail, let alone IM.

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