Man Down! Man Down!

I’ve seen my roommate do some pretty not-so-bright things when he’s drunk (and sober, actually), but this little surprise in my refrigerator this morning nearly made me shed a tear:

A wounded soldier in my fridge? NOT cool.



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5 responses to “Man Down! Man Down!

  1. Anonymous

    There should be some man-law made against that with serious penalties. I mean, he at least could have put aluminum foil on it–but that would call even more attention to it.

    My heart goes out to that chilled wounded soldier.

  2. Dude, I weep for you… Large manly tears, not the girly type…


  3. my roommate drinks pitchers at the bar. when he has had enough he will bring the pitcher home. u would think, ok so he is going to drink it on the deck. that way u are closer to ur bed and u can throw up in ur bathroom and not in a public place (we only live a block away so we walk home)but no he might have half a glass of beer and then the rest goes in the cooler where it dies. the next morning of course he is sad that he wasted 5 bucks for the pitcher and swears he will never do it again only to be repeating it again the next night. so ur roommate is not the only stupid person out there. at least ur roommate doesn’t pee in the kitchen sink, masturbate in the bathroom sink, pees his pants on the front step and doesn’t flush the toilet when he is done using it. yes that is what i live with everyday.

  4. Karen ;- )

    Hey, at least it’s not skunked beer…for that, my friend, there is no excuse. Who keeps beer in a hot car for longer than the trip from the store to the house?! Honestly…

  5. I don’t know what you’re complaining about Chris.

    I say “Bottoms Up!”

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