Grammar Police on Patrol

I have never been to Toasties in Union Square. In general, I don’t usually trust an establishment that uses the Comic Sans font in their logo. But mainly, I don’t patronize Toasties because of the grammar crime it commits on the sidewalk of Union Square West. This banner has been hanging by Toasties’ outdoor seating for nearly a year:

A Brooklyn Lager sounds mighty tempting… especially when accompanied by a lovely view of Union Square Park. But until that God-awful banner is taken down or corrected, Toasties is on my list.

Toasties, YOU’RE in New York. Stop embarassing us.



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10 responses to “Grammar Police on Patrol

  1. Bad Beer + Worse Grammar = an unhappy drunk…

  2. Anonymous

    i hate it when people say “X and I” indiscriminately, such as “send it to X and I.” yuck!

  3. Reminds me of Port 41 where they advertise DARTS on their awning… right next to BIKINI, one of which I have never seen that bar.

  4. That is terrible. But it’s still a step up from “Ur.”

  5. Karen ;- )

    It makes my eyes bleed.

  6. We thank you for standing up for grammar. But the stance agains Comic Sans is truly the stance of a hero. Comic Sans is crime against humanity.

  7. eh, i use comic sans in my ichat. whut?

  8. PJ

    I’m on the other side of the world and I wish I could fly over just to rip that damn thing up. The misuse of apostrophes in society is a much bigger crime than the rampant use of Comic Sans.

  9. Marjorie

    Someone has since written an “e” on the sign.

  10. Anonymous

    Good grammar sir,

    It is not supposed to say [You’re]. It is supposed to say [Yours].

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