Magazines You May Be Surprised To Know Have Circulations Over 100,000

THROWLINES is edited for electronic/soft-tip dart players, dart league coordinators and coin-operated vendors of the National Dart Association. (Circulation: 118,138)

STRICTLY SLOTS is written for slot and video poker players. It identifies, illustrates, analyzes and rates every new slot and video poker machine on the market and helps readers use correct strategies. Additionally, the magazine focuses on all aspects of the slot culture. (Circulation: 127,100)

BECKETT YU-GI-OH UNOFFICIAL COLLECTOR contains comprehensive collectibles coverage of the popular Yu-Gi-Oh! anime program. Each issue contains card and collectibles price guides, coverage of Yu-Gi-Oh! characters, contests, web site review, info on the trading card game, merchandise reviews cartoon reviews and more. (Circulation: 133,096)

BEAD & BUTTON is a magazine for bead enthusiasts worldwide. The focus is beaded jewelry and accessories in a wide range of styles. (Circulation: 150,954)

U.S. YOUTH BOWLER is edited for members of the United States Bowling Congress. It contains bowling instruction by players and coaches, games and puzzles, tournament announcements and features, youth bowler profiles, features on Team USA as well as other professional and amateur player profiles. It is written for a teen audience, with the age groups ranging from 6-21 years old. (Circulation: 375,000)



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6 responses to “Magazines You May Be Surprised To Know Have Circulations Over 100,000

  1. Meaghan

    I get Bead & Button magazine. Don’t judge me.

  2. If those magazines have circ status over 100,000 they are in severe need of an ABA or Postal Audit. Seriously.

    Freeskier & Snow Board magazines should be in everybody’s mailbox.

  3. Not surprised at Bead & Button, they charged me a lot for my personal ad (M4B&BW casual encounters section if anyone wants to look it up).

  4. Cody

    Were you inspired by the Rapture Magazine mention on “Studio 60” Monday night? Methinks so!

  5. lol cody!

    other than that… Yu Gi Oh is the devil’s newest spawn. just so ya know…

  6. Cody, you totally read my mind.

    That was entirely the inspiration for this little bit of “research” I did on the job.

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