Now, A Clarification

Earlier this month, I remarked that Audrey Ference’s bar reviews for L Magazine made me dumber.

Well, thanks to Audrey herself, now I know the rest of the story:

I’m not actually allowed to just review the bars, is the thing. I’m supposed to be writing about “bar culture.” They had an actual reviewer for a while but I guess they got rid of him. Sorry if I’ve made you more stupid. I only get 400 words. I try my hardest.

So, she’s not reviewing the bars, which in my humble opinion, defeats the whole purpose of writing about them. I don’t understand why anyone would want to read about a topic as vague as “bar culture.” But if the L insists on it, I can’t blame Audrey. Well, then. I’m sorry, Audrey… you’re officially off my list. Now I know that it’s not Audrey who sucks; it’s L Magazine that sucks.

So, L Magazine, for the crime of not allowing space for any mention of skee ball when mentioning Ace Bar, you are officially on my list.



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3 responses to “Now, A Clarification

  1. Lauren

    Did you email Audrey, or did she just happen upon your post?

    Either way, you should feel like an ass. Just a girl trying to do her job!

  2. did she find you by Googling herself to see what comes up?

  3. Even if she can only write about culture, much of the culture of Ace bar is based off of skeeball.

    I nominate her to stay on your list.

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