The New Enemy: Streptococcus

Meet the latest visitor to my body:


He takes up residence in your throat and puts you through agony every time you want to send something his way. He’s visited virtually everyone, mostly in childhood years, but somehow I managed to avoid him until I was 24 years old.

How did he get there? I don’t know. Maybe it’s because every one of my co-worker’s desks have looked like this for the past week:

Or maybe it’s because I was too drunk to remember making out with someone on Saturday night:

Most likely, it came from some whiny little brat out in public:

So, to whomever is responsible for giving me strep throat, thanks. From now on, I should just walk around New York City like this:

Except the skirt. I could go without the skirt.



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7 responses to “The New Enemy: Streptococcus

  1. Karen ;- )

    If I’m correct, the bacteria is actually herpes. Ladies, stay away from the evidiot…

  2. Anonymous

    I too frequently refer to President Dumbass as “some whiny little brat.” Let’s never let him out in public again.

  3. perhaps my recently diagnosed case of strep throat mutated into some crazy airborne bacteria that travelled from chelsea to the east village. or not.

  4. You probably got it from work. Or at least that’s what you should say at work. Go for the sympathy and then take like 2 extra sick days. Maybe mumble “mono” in there somewhere. That will teach those idiots to stay home when they are sick instead of polluting everyone else.

  5. you have to wash your hands at least 7 times a day to prevent such atrocities!! seriously. 7. you have to be that guy.

  6. Anonymous

    Karen ;-)

    Herpes is VIRUS not a bacteria. Strep is a bacteria. Go grab yourself some edumacation.

  7. maple

    The last time I had strep my throat swelled shut and I had to spit in a cup. Mmm!

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