Too Soon? Too Soon?

To the people who put these up last week along 5th Avenue: You apparently didn’t get the memo that IT’S NOT EVEN HALLOWEEN YET!



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8 responses to “Too Soon? Too Soon?

  1. They’re all over Brooklyn with that junk already too.

  2. Anonymous

    They put them up along Orchard Street over the weekend too… WTF

  3. Jesus H.

    Just to freak you out even more: I saw a poll on TV the other day that 25% of those polled already started xmas shopping. Gag me.

  4. Anonymous

    Even here in Texas they haven’t Xmasfied the place yet.


  5. I’m proud to say I don’t start my Xmas shopping until about 3 hours before the dreaded holiday…
    and I saw one of those fucking snowflake thingies in my neighborhood the other day. Ugh.

  6. Karen ;- )

    What…you’re not DONE with your Crimmus shopping yet?!

  7. they’re up on manhattan ave in greenpoint as well. wtf?

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