An Invitation to the Pants Party

Today, I received my first-ever event invitation on MySpace. I was quite excited, actually – was one of my friends throwing a party? Was someone I know actually using an often-ignored feature on MySpace? Nope. And I don’t think I will be attending this event.

Yes, and you’ll see that I did read the invitation. But I swear, it was only for my own amusement. For real.



Filed under General stupidity

4 responses to “An Invitation to the Pants Party

  1. Anonymous

    you damn well better be on that chat!!!!

  2. Rob

    two hot lesbians want you to watch them, and it’s 100% free!! Nothing could possiblie go wrong…. possibly go wrong. That’s the first thing to ever go wrong here.

  3. G

    How could you NOT RSVP to that? I’m a little bit ashamed of you

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