What I Did This Weekend: King of the Drunk Dial

I must admit that I am a bit enamored with my phone. But after this weekend, I think it’s gotten a little out of hand. When I’m drunk, my phone and I are all over each other. To prove it, let’s review Kate’s pictures from Saturday Night at a party for College 2.0:


Look at my phone! I loooove my phone!


 My phone is way more important than you people.


My phone even likes it from behind.


Heather’s clearly jealous that my phone loves me more than her Blackberry loves her.


 My phone is good enough to eat!

Yeah, dearest LG Fusic, we need to talk. I think I need to give you some space. Like, in my pocket instead of in my hand.



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8 responses to “What I Did This Weekend: King of the Drunk Dial

  1. Karen ;- )

    HOLEE CRAP IT’S HEATHER! I talked to her on YOUR phone Saturday! Excelsior! Hi Heather!

    And Chris, give it up. Your phone is lame. I know, the truth hurts…

  2. This post is borderline written-to-satisfy-the-Sprint-reps.

  3. Your phone is merely an innocent victim.

    Dodgeball is the *real* culprit.

    Send any future therapy bills to them.

  4. Thanks for the post you left on my blog today about CSTV…

    But in more important news, how about those Alouettes? Off to the Grey Cup Final against BC!! I’m sure PT’s will get the game on one screen this Sunday…

  5. Um, can I get a photo credit, please?? Like, a link to my Flickr or something? Jeez, what do you think this is, the internet or something where you can steal intellectual property at will?

    Oh, right.

  6. Ali

    My comment got lost in the migration, apparently. I’m sure it doesn’t matter, it must have been weak, otherwise it would have survived.

  7. Your comment left the flock, Ali. It ended up somewhere in Nebraska, forcing to live off rainwater and cornhusks before perishing on its attempt to fly south.

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