What I Did This Weekend: What I Never Want To Do Again

Forgive me, lord of New York City nightlife, for I have sinned.

On two consecutive nights, I went to clubs west of 9th Avenue. I swear that it will be the last time I go to anything west of 9th Avenue on two consecutive nights. Unless you count, like, California.

Transcript for the hearing impaired: “Word you never want to see on a plasma screen in front of you…”

Yes, Lotus on Friday night, Crobar on Saturday night. I’m not any worse for the wear, though… aside from the three or four STDs I may have contracted simply from crossing 9th Avenue.



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2 responses to “What I Did This Weekend: What I Never Want To Do Again

  1. wooah woah woah… there’s parts of the city west of 9th avenue??? my mind is blown. next thing you know they’ll extend manhattan’s boundry past 125th street.

    i saw lou reed in crobar once..performing. it’s actually decent as a concert venue.

  2. cdelatorre

    hey chris, haha! nice little vid. Yeah, Saturday at Crobar is not the spot. Go on gay night (if that’s even good anymore). But beware: if you’re straight and you want to invite your straight friends, make sure they’re cool, cause if they’re not, the same rediculousness you witnessed on Saturday night may migrate on over to gay night. :)

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