Grammar Police on Patrol: On the Homefront

When I come home to visit the family in Rhode Island, I always like to peruse the local newspaper and see which of my high school classmates got arrested for shoplifting or DUI.

But as much as I rag on am New York over its blatant overlooked errors, at least am New York is free. My parents pay for this paper, and this headline was on the front page of Tuesday’s edition:


Congratulations, Warwick Beacon. You have successfully shamed both me and my hometown.



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6 responses to “Grammar Police on Patrol: On the Homefront

  1. Lauren

    Simply outrageous.

  2. Ah, good one. Reminds me of my hometown paper.
    But how ’bout the NYC news?? This weekend I saw a news story on My9 News with a graphics box that said “FAO Scharz opens it’s doors.”


  3. Actually, I think it’s merely a bad choice of wording for a headline, because it should say “You’re the solution to your dog’s behavior.” If you read the article (which I can, thanks to your good scan) Mr. Kilcommons is stating that owners, more often than the dogs, are ones who need training dor behavioral issues.

    That being said, I am as annoyed as you are with poor grammar, and every day it seems that the instances of illiteracy are growing. One night, we were watching a commercial for the new NBC lineup and noted that the graphic, which was nationally broadcast, read “it’s” when it should have read “its”…how does such a thing make it past the editors at a national level?

  4. Marc,

    I’m impressed that you have that much faith in the writer of the headline to think they simply omitted a word. One can only hope.

  5. This reminds me of my hometown paper – which actually prints such gems as “Coffee Shop Near Train Station Popular”, “Special Needs Bus Schedule to be Reorganized” and “Barber Shaves Designs Into Hair” (yes, this last one was in 2006).

  6. Idetrorce

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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