Get the Picture

Sometimes, you have to see the whole picture to get the whole picture.

For example, this is part of a picture that was on the front page of the Ithaca Journal after a Cornell student fell into gorge on campus:


But that’s only part of the picture. Watch how the scene changes completely when the full image is revealed:


In the story, and in the caption, there was no explanation for this mysterious snappy dresser. We are forced to speculate as to what a Foppish Dandy was doing in the middle of a 100-foot-deep gorge at 7:30 am on a Friday morning. The floor is open.



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8 responses to “Get the Picture

  1. Is that person DEAD? (The one the rescuers are carrying, not the dandy)

  2. He definitely looks like “that guy” who stands around watching whenever tv cameras and reporters (or the Ithaca Journal photographers)are around just so he can say he “was totally thereand saw it all happen.”

  3. And also, why the crap does Cornell have a giant gorge on its campus? Whose idea was that?

  4. They have not one gorge, but TWO: one on either side of their main campus. And yes, they also have the highest suicide rate of any university in the country.

  5. brit

    that’s hercule poirot, duh, to find out whodunit.

  6. Maple

    Ah, the return of the Foppish Dandy! Remember all of the pictures you made using Photoshop? (I refuse to turn a noun into a verb.)

  7. CU Grad

    Cornell doesn’t have the highest suicide rate in the country. It’s a myth, perpetuated by a 1970’s CBS special discussing suicide on college campuses. One of the campuses discussed was Cornell. It’s true that CU students tend to kill themselves in an unusual way (jumping in the gorges) but the suicide rate is not any higher than the norm. Furthermore, the gorges are part of the natural geography of Ithaca (Ithaca is Gorges). It’s a really pretty town.

  8. Emily

    Chris, whatever happened to the adventures of Foppish Dandy?? I remember you had a whole bunch of “photo appearances” that he made. I would really love to see those again- good times. :0)

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