Connecticut: Where Fun Comes to Die

connsucks.jpgI have a confession to make: I hate Connecticut. I hate it mainly because it is the state that lies between my home state (New York) and the state I grew up in (Rhode Island). I hate it because it takes forever to get through it, regardless of your chosen form of transportation. A bus ride to Providence advertised as three and a half hours takes six hours, because of traffic in Connecticut. A train ride to Providence advertised as less than three hours takes five hours, because of train congestion in Connecticut. A plane flight to Providence would probably be similarly delayed because of all the hot air that blows out of the douchebags in Fairfield County.

 Did you know…

  • …CONNECTICUT is actually an acronym for Condescending Opulent Nincompoops Navigate Expensive Cars, Their Indulgent Children Undermine Thriftiness?
  • …the state motto of Connecticut is “In Burberry We Trust?”
  • …Connecticut is home to more pricks than the Upper East Side; Murray Hill; and Short Hills, New Jersey combined?
  • …the favorite hobbies of Connecticuters include tennis, bridge, and hogging the left lane?
  • …the state seal of Connecticut includes a BMW and a polo shirt?
  • …Connecticut is home to both Ann Coulter and John Mayer, making at least 10 square miles of the state the actual definition of hell?
  • …Connecticut alcoholics’ beverage of choice after 8pm and on Sundays is mouthwash?
  • …the top vacation destination for visitors to Connecticut is “how the hell did I get stuck going here?”

By the way, just for the record, I did a Google search of both the terms “Rhode Island Sucks” and “Connecticut Sucks.”

The winner? Connecticut, of course! 5,940 to 140. Among them, the Urban Dictionary page for Connecticut, with a post that embodies everything I hate Connecticut:

We are Mass. without the majorly annoying accents, and the Red Sox obsession(i don’t know if other parts of CT like the Red Sox). Houses range from a peice of crap being $500,000+, and a decent/nice house being $1,000,000+ at minimum. The school systems are great, but people go to Prep School anyway. This state is simply amazing.
There is no doubt this state is rich like me. The infamous Greenwich, Westport, Weston, Easton,New Caanan, Wilton, Darien. This state rocks my socks. And for that girl who lives in Westport (i live in Weston) New Jersey is a dumphole, trust me (it’s not just CT-ers who think this). Flip flops are not worn in the winter though….. Nevertheless we preps just by association. I love this state, but i must leave it cause it’s getting on my nerves!it’s too perfect!

Like, ohmigod, can I shoot your WASPy face off?



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  1. CT: home of the khaki pant

    why are CT cities so crappy? except Stamford.

    • robert

      steve ,you are totally correct…. My wife takes care of old people in South bury , They suck, they wouldn’t help u up if they were to drive over you,the older the snob is the worst and the children are just as miserable waiting for there inheritance , but they we’ll see God waiting and there coming………. go to the cities and you’ll see real people who would offer you a drink of water on a summer day, not in the bury’s
      good riddance

      • You’re exactly right. My sisters live in Newtown and stole my inheritance by colluding with my mom when she was old and feeble. Fortunately I moved to California 26 years ago and did pretty well financially but the inheritance would have assured my comfortable retirement. The creepy thing is that immediately after stealing my inheritance one sister died almost immediately and the other one just live a simple life in Newtown. Since they never left Connecticut I would consider them locals or townies. With that ghastly gap between rich and poor they never had a chance to make it big so in their twisted little minds they got money but either way they could. But my expense, even at the expense of the final destruction of the family. The thing about Connecticut people is that they place value on objects more than people. Certainly this is an American and even global problem of object fetishism, but in my Family this undercurrent of greed destroyed not only the family itself but the legacy the respect the memories and the future relationships within it. And from what I have seen this kind of disrespect for other siblings comes out in the probate process, lives are changed and nothing is ever the same. Of course this happens everywhere all over the world but it happened to me in Connecticut. And my life is never been the same. Object fetishism and the emotional and intellectual poverty it encourages is testimony to the neoteny and childish idols of immature people raised in a place that does not teach or value anything but money.


        CT is still a shitty place to live. The taxes keep raising as predicted because some idiot CT residents are TOO worried about their useless shit as usual. They get talked into it by the educators who couldn’t give two piss about their brat and tots, then have the nerve to discriminate against honest-working American College Students such as myself.

        I can’t wait to finish my education in this god forsaken rip-off state and move down-south with my sweetheart in texas. Because the job economy here is SUCH complete crap, you either get bullied out of a job or forced to work a minimum-wage slave job when your MORE than capable of doing and achieving other things.

        I’m telling ya, CT SUCKS.

        I’m a computer science student with a high-GPA average and all I get is idiots wasting my time or being a stalker/pain in the ass. I’m sick of foreigners, i’m sick of greedy people and i’m sick of getting stuck ‘baby-sitting’ for mentally ill smucks and their stupid relatives.

        This is NOT the job I wanted. I had one boss who literally advertise us FALSE shit and is UNDER-PAYING us for MY TRUE, WORTH.

    • Connecticut is also home to illiterate, mispronouncing douchefucks. The very name Connecticut isn’t said correctly by the very people who live there. They pronounce it “Con-net-i-cut” when it should really be spoken how it is actually spelled. It is Con-NECT-I-cut. Change the name of your dumbass state or start saying the name correctly. You alcoholic inbreds should stop fucking with the English language.

      • hatedouchebags

        where are you from? Because you sound like a terrible person, so judgmental, your life must be perfect.

      • It’s annoying that someone can make such an obtuse statement about a state that us Connecticans believe no one cares about. In order to portray an accurate analysis of the state, you should visit the various towns.
        1. Connecticut is not mostly rich, in fact we have a shrinking economy
        2. No one wears flip flops in the winter
        3. We are a very accepting and diverse state
        4. Excuse our accent you perfect human being
        5. You’ve clearly never been to Connecticut or you’re ignorantly disparaging the state

      • No douchebags

        You’re a fucking MORON. CONNECT-i-cut? Have you EVER heard someone pronounce it that way? Kill. yourself, we don’t need any more idiots in this country.

      • Connecticut Yankee

        And how do you pronounce KNOWLEDGE? Do you start with the hard “K” and also emphasize the “D” sound? You are clearly an inebriated slob with no genuine command of English and it’s various “silent” letters. You really shouldn’t start spouting of regarding things about which you are clearly ignorant…you simply prove your own lack of education.

      • You’re just jealous that you cannot afford to live there. smh

      • Connecticut sucks ass

        I’m shocked by how true this actually is. Retake basic English you fucks.

    • Dana

      You should try living in Florida. Now there’s a state of dumb fucks. It’s a conglomerate of all 50 states living in one. Try driving on that highway! I’ll take CT any time.

    • everything about cornettyickut sux! the whores are too expensive, my nuts itch alla time and i got a wart on my pecker!

      • You’re a native for sure. I recognize that douchebaggery anywhere… “DAMN I’M FUNNY, AREN’T I BOB…HUHUHUH…Let’s go beat up some nerds…HUHUHUH…” Or are you from Rhode Island…? The ACTUAL douchiest state in the union, Connecticut trails second

    • Randy

      umm, I googled “why is Connecticut such a dump” and found this article because I stopped in Stamford. The streets will full of garbage, nothing but Mexicans/latin American’s, etc and felt grateful that I made it out of that city alive after stopping for food (and worried about my car being broken into and laptop stolen the whole time). I’m from Wisconsin and we have mostly nice and peaceful cities. All of Connecticut and seemingly surrounding areas (New York, etc) are just trash.

  2. Connecticut is terrible for driving, agreed! The Connecticut Turnpike has got to be the slowest-average-speed interstate in the U.S. When we drive to Vermont, it’s always Connecticut that slows us down, and miserably. And you can’t get around 1-95; The Merritt Parkway is just as bad and I-84 sucks, too. The whole interstate system in Connecticut sucks!

  3. Steve

    Chris, you’re a fucking idiot

  4. I’ve solved the CT problem by skipping it. Drive up the Taconic in New York to the Thruway. Take the Pike across the rest of the Mass. While the mileage is more, it actually takes less time to get to most places in New England that way because CT sucks up time like a cheap whore.

    Of course, if you’re going to Rhode Island you’re SOL that way.

  5. Courtney

    Well I know complaining is a big part of your schtick, but how about instead of getting annoyed at things you can’t change, why don’t you accept CT and celebrate its good qualities?
    For example, next time you are all pissy on the endless drive through the state, why not take a road-side pit stop at one of its many heralded hot dog stands ? If a double chili dog from Dannys or deep fried Rawley’s weenie can’t cheer you up, then you, sourpuss, are a lost cause.
    Oh, and I motion that you secretly love the Snaab-driving prepsters because their very existance serves to validate the hipster persona for which you strive to ascertain.

    • Angry Sailor

      You are really fucking stupid – connecticut has no good qualities.

      • Angry Sailor

        If you like connectifuck, then it is really YOU that are the lost cause, as well as the WEAKEST LINK, goodbye!

      • bobby bouchet

        Steve is a fucking douchebag. He’s a dirty-ass, angry, New-York-loving homo. New York sucks. Garbage everywhere. Sewer rats that you can ride like horses and roaches the size of puppies everywhere. Don’t get my started on Rhode fail-land. You can ride a skateboard through it in 10 minutes and not see anything good.
        You’re a HATER, stevie, and so are your cronies. FUCK OFF back to hoboken, bitch.

      • Jaye

        ^This is soooo true. I have lived here for decades and it just get worse.

    • dsdd

      i live in scottsdale arizona so piss off it is nice here

    • May

      I agree with other comment, ct has no good qualities , just a bunch of stuck up idiots who think the sun rises and sets in their butts. They talk about everybody else’s cities and states and their crime rates and crazy ppl. However, whose state was it in where a deranged man just took over 20 lives? Yale??? Prestige , I wouldn’t go there of they paid me. Gotta fear for your life. Murders happen on campus , some just not reported. The high class Kennedy killed the Moxley girl. Wasnt all this in ct? Yeah it was. But the way ct idiots talk , everthing is gumdrops and lollipops there, so why do they have a olive dept and prisons in their perfect world

    • It’s funny that you mentioned hotdogs. Do you have pics of the people who make those care more about money than your health. Ironically I would say that is food for thought. It has nothing to do with the state of Connecticut but you have to admitanyone who would sell you something that would damage you places more value on money than you.

      • Sorry for the typos. This stupid iPad arranges words after-the-fact

      • JB

        I agree with you and everyone else about Ct. Unfortunately I’m from here and I feel like I live in a place surrounded by people with no common sense,no empathy,no driving skills,zero class and all these people talk about is money,cars and whores. I’ve never seen such a sick obsession with sex and materialism. People here are bitter,cranky,mean dpureful and miserable. As far as family ties,please,you better watch your back with them too. I can write a book about my horrific experiences here. Now that I finally have the chance before anyone tries to sabotage me again, I plan to move soon and never looking back! I hate it here.

  6. Okay, I take the second part of my above comment back. You bag on hipsters here just as much as preppy kids.

    But I hold firm re: the hot dog stands!!

    • Angry Sailor

      You are right, the hot dog stands in connecticut are noteworthy – when you are constipated, just go out and get one (or two) and in a short period of time, you will no longer have constipation (and about 15 lbs. of weight…..)

    • JB

      I agree with you and everyone else about Ct. Unfortunately I’m from here and I feel like I live in a place surrounded by people with no common sense,no empathy,no driving skills,zero class and all these people talk about is money,cars and whores. I’ve never seen such a sick obsession with sex and materialism. People here are bitter,cranky,mean spiteful and miserable. As far as family ties,please,you better watch your back with them too. I can write a book about my horrific experiences here. Now that I finally have the chance before anyone tries to sabotage me again, I plan to move soon and never looking back! I hate it here.

  7. Particularly notable are the town names. My least favorite Amtrak stop while going back and forth to college was Old Saybrook. I still can’t figure out why the train stopped there.

  8. kat

    I mostly feel bad for Connecticut. I feel that it could have such potential if it could just get away from its residents. Sort of like when you’re in middle school and your mom won’t let you hang out with the latch-key kids because they’re a bad influence. ALSO, and wholly unrelated, that is quite the cute photo you’ve got.

  9. Audrey, it’s obvious that Amtrak stops there because it’s on the mouth of the Connecticut River, and therefore, a huge trading post.

    Oh, wait, it’s the 21st century.

  10. narnia

    i don’t like connecticut or new jersey either, but aren’t you a bit confused here? your home state is new york, but you grew up in rhode island? tell me where you’re from then. if you say new york city you’re an idiot.

  11. Remember, CT. is the home of LYME DISEASE!

  12. paperbacks

    I like how everyone leaves out Hartford cuz it doesn’t fit in with the rest of CT at all haha. I’m from MA and CT was vaguely useful to us… for some reason the cheapest/easiest way for su to get to NYC was to drive a few hours to CT, then take a commuter rail to the city. Also, Hartford airport was only an hour from us, as opposed to Logan in Boston being 2.5 hours. So CT was sorta useful. In a “yay I get to use it but not live there” sort of way…

  13. Stamford is a DUMP. & it was the longest state to get through until Massachusetts, on way to Fenway Park.

  14. The Connecticut river, its mouth and all other associated body parts are completely off of my radar. I had no idea. I stand corrected.

    Rivers = boats. Oooh, boats.

  15. Have you ever been to Bradley Airport? Ick. I used to call Midway in Chicago the Omaha of airports as if that was so terrible; well, Bradley seems like the Des Moines of airports. Or perhaps that would be too kind. Maybe the Boise of airports.

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  17. Matt

    It’s baffling how strikingly different it is here in Fairfield (million dolla homes, popped collars galore) and Bridgeport (from what I know, poverty reigns supreme). I agree, it sucks in CT. I can’t wait to graduate and move back to NY.

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  19. nsen74

    I have lived in CT, AZ, VA, IL, and NJ and would have to say CT is the state of pricks and more depressed and angry people than I have ever run into. I don’t think I can go anywhere where someone doesn’t have an attitude problem. Better yet I moved back here to be close to my family six years ago and have hardly made many friends. I am outgoing but not overly, I don’t think anyones ever invited me over except for foreigners. Everyone keeps to themselves. They say you gotta make the step go out and find friends and I have but not a single person has come up to me. As for my job, this is the only reason I am here. I would gladly move anywhere else.

    I am also a musician, and wouldn’t recommend anyone to try to make it big here.

    I totally agree with your philosphy. Take care.

    • ShyL

      How were Arizona and Jersey for you?

    • Jaye

      I agree with every word. I lived down south for a while due to work. I lloved it! It was as if I were living on a different world. Then I returned home to CT, it felt like death. The people here are the worst and the taxes and cost of living are outrageous. CT sucks.

      • Annie

        I lived in AZ for 20 yrs, NC for a while.. and totally agree, Ct is filled with ANGER and Rage, i have been back for 6mos and want to kill myself. NO ONE is nice and the road rage is unreal. Things that cost 12$ in AZ cost $55 here WTF? really…

    • Why not try Portland Oregon Seattle Washington or interesting cities like Austin Texas or even Dallas which is a really interesting city filled with friendly outspoken people people who you might like a lot. I like San Diego but it’s a little hard to make it here. It’s a navy town and it’s terribly conservative but I can deal with that. I can’t deal with Connecticut in anyway. I can’t believe I survived growing up there in the public school system which was a nightmare. Granted it is not as much a nightmare as most cities are in terms of their public schools but it still sucked in a big way. I wish you luck and please move around and get to know other cities at least visit them. Minneapolis St. Paul Minnesota are wonderful cities the outskirts of Chicago are great even little cities like Akron Ohio and Montgomery Alabama (just kidding about Montgomery.) but I have to say even Montgomery is more interesting than any city in Connecticut. I am certain within a very narrow probability for error that I would’ve killed myself if I stayed in Connecticut. The disapproval and the snobbery and the horror of the personalities the sociopathy etc. etc. is too much for a good soul to endure. Of course there are good people in Connecticut and everywhere but don’t make this an excuse to stay there if you don’t like it. Your home will reflect your success in life and if it’s not for you don’t stay there. Best of luck.

    • marie

      I understand what you are feeling.

  20. mike

    CT is hell on earth. They stop selling alcohol at 9 o clock. Need I say more? What a mediocre wasteland. It makes Massachusetts look like the most exciting state in the country. And that’s pretty sad.

  21. andy

    Connecticut is the worst place to live in America , people are just nasty and stupid. If you don’t believe me drive on I – 95. and to top it off woman in Connecticut are a bunch of miserable bitches.

    • ShyL

      AMEN, AMEN, AMEN!!!

    • ned

      not only that, most of the women definitely on the unattractive side of the fence overall.

      even the ugly ones, which are most, think they are a million times better looking than they are a million times better looking than they actually are, and positively think everything should be handed to them on your knees.

      maybe ct is a giant high level radon site?

      i live here now unfortunately and my every waking hour is devoted to plotting my escape.

    • Moni

      Every State has its downfalls and I lived in CT ALL my life I just moved to Florida but people need to realize that not all of Connecticut is filled with stuck up assholes and preppy rich bastards. There are poverty stricken areas just like any other state. Its mostly the crooked greedy politicians that ruin the state. It is very beautiful as the seasons change at least thats a plus.

      • Jaye

        I have covered every inch of CT over the years, haven’t missed a single town. Yes it is filled with stuck up assholes and preppy rich bastards or welfare sucking degenerates. Really no happy medium.

      • shoshfor

        Its definitely a good 98% that are douchebags. Like i said below, I grew up here my whole life and it sucks! And yes there are poverty stricken areas like any other but people that live in middle to Upper class areas talk about them like their dogs and avoid them like the plague! They literally act like being poor is a crime. They assume every black and Hispanic in Fairfield county is from Bridgeport and they seem shocked when they can proper English. But they dont assume the same of other whites or Asians. Whenever they talk about the city or any area that isnt suburban or rural they talk about the crime rate and how you’ll get killed or robbed. And how they’re all welfare.

        Their heads are in the clouds and devoid of common sense and they cant figure out why there is such a huge gap other than to talk about minorities and crime. When the answer is simple:

        When you have a state that has the highest taxes and taxes everything businesses leave. Especially small businesses. This has been gradually happening in CT for decades and when market crashed in 2008 we really started to feel the pain. As a result the job growth in CT is horrible, hundreds of people apply for one measly position, and not even new grads can find a job. Young people pack up and leave if they’re smart. God forbid if you are ever fired or laid off, finding a new job is next to impossible. If you’re underemployed, you’re equally as unlucky. So the lower middle class sink to lower and the middle class sink down and so forth. The cost of living here is so high its nearly impossible to support yourself if your not making at least $20 dollars an hour. Its practically blood, sweat and tears trying to get a job interview for a $13 an hour job. Joblessness breeds poverty since most businesses left CT. Also urban ares like Bridgeport have higher taxes than even Fairfield because of a. corruption and b. The lack of businesses mean they have to make all of their taxes off their residents. And the rich in CT are never effected because they have enough revenue, stocks, investments, etc. to withstand any changes in CT, which is to expected if you have a 2 million dollar house. So bam, instant class gap. But very few people that like CT will agree the economy here is failing because their stupid and in denial.

  22. Sarah Mosher

    Great, I’m supposed to be moving there in October. Thanks for the support. :(

    • greg

      Do worry Sarah…don’t pay any attention to Chris below. I’m a free-spirited outgoing nice guy. For the first time in my life I’ve never been so “depressed” since having to move to this horrible place (CT). What makes it worse is that the natives are actually proud of their heritage which includes rude people (they claim to be reserved – I call it miserable), some of the worst drivers and roads in the world, crappy weather and ridiculous living costs.

      • Jaye

        Yeah, in CT “free spirited” just means “I am a bigger asshole then most”. I means “Look at me! Look at me! I’m free spirited”. Never fails.

    • steve

      If you move here,you WILL be SORRY!

      This state is a complete shithole.I can’t believe I moved here from Tenn.I am moving back ASAP!

      • George

        I totally agree, i moved here about a year ago and this place is a total shitehole. It’s the most depressing place i’ve ever been in my life and i agree with people who say that people here are douchebags. I’ve always found it really easy to make friends but it seems impossible here. The only reason i’ve stayed here so far is because my girlfriend happens to have a really good job but that can only last so long. Good way to ruin a relationship……move to Connecticut!

    • Jaye

      DO NOT DO IT!!!!! RUN! RUN FAST!!!

  23. Chris

    Don’t worry about it Sarah, I’m from Connecticut and I love it.
    I recently moved to Colorado and I hate it. I searched “I Hate Colorado” in google and then ” I Hate Connecticut” to see the differences. Connecticut is a million times better than Colorado. I can understand why some people dislike Connecticut. I do admit it’s not the most exiting state, and yes, a lot of nutmeggers (proper name for people from CT) are wealthy, but there are plenty of people in CT who aren’t disgustingly rich. I know CT has the highest average income per person, but if you think about it, everything costs more in CT, so it kind of balances out.
    I’ve been to all parts of the country, and CT is one of the most beautiful states by far.

    • greg

      >I’ve been to all parts of the country, and CT is one of the most beautiful states by far.<

      Well, considering you rate the, ahem, "beauty" of CT to be greater than most of the country or Colorado, you are a prime example of exactly what is wrong with people who live in CT – they are idiots!

      • owen

        shit on ct all you want for shitty drinking laws and prick people but to say that its not beautiful is flat out a lie.

      • No Connecticut is not beautiful. They’re beautiful spots but it turns into this hearted winter nasty ugly place for six months out of the year. The beaches are disgusting the public parks are under maintained and are not cared for at all except in the richest communities. I was forced to visit Connecticut for the first time in 20 years last month and I simply could not believe the devastation in the division of classes. People I visited there who I knew from the 70s their kids are jerks their attitudes are horrible and they simply don’t know how to have fun. Perhaps they did not in Colorado as well but that is no reason to flatter Connecticut so much. You just don’t have a perspective on what great cities can be because you’ve never lived in one. However I am glad that you like Connecticut and hope you continue to do so. I would suggest you read the book called vagabonding by Rolf Potts. Get out of Connecticut and visit some different places all over the world before you settle in the nutmeg state.

    • Angry Sailor

      Did your mother drink heavily when she had you?

      Considering that you were born in connectifuck, that is likely.

      Here is a short list of things that prove that connecticut is fucked up:

      1.) Variable gasoline tax
      2.) Joe Liberman
      3.) Sucky hours for buying booze
      4.) Eminent Domain-happy places like New London
      5.) Joe Liberman
      6.) Joe Liberman
      7.) Joe Liberman
      8.) Insanely high cost of living
      9.) New Haven traffic
      10.) Rubberneckers on I-95
      11.) New London county, period.
      12.) Joe Liberman
      13.) Groton Town Police – they LOVE to harass sailors.
      14.) Joe Liberman
      15.) Chris who loves to let CT buttfuck him.
      16.) Joe Liberman

      • Brian

        It’s Lieberman, you whining fuck. And if you’re so angry, just climb back aboard your submersible fuck-tube and drown your sorrows in a tide of seamen’s semen. YOU are what I hate about Connecticut.

      • Angry Sailor

        Lieberman, Liberman, whatever – no matter how you spell the name, he is a crook, and a cheat, and is one of the biggest reasons that the submarine base is still in connecticut – to enable the local leeches to continue to suck money and blood from the military.

        You are obviously fucked up in the head for standing up for such a traitorous skunk.

      • Angry Sailor

        Here is another tidbit:

        Very, very few of the people stationed at the Submarine Base in Groton even like connecticut.

        Some have family in the area and like it solely for being close to family.

        Some are indifferent (after spending time in the winter and around the locals tends to shift the indifferent people to the below category.)

        The vast majority do not like being stuck in connecticut for one reason or another (or in many cases multiple reasons).

        Common reasons for dislike/hatred of ct:
        1.) Locals
        2.) Very little for good restaurants
        3.) The weather
        4.) The corrupt nature of the politicians
        5.) The corrupt nature of those that like ct.
        6.) The ct DMV
        7.) The insanely high cost of living in ct.
        8.) Poor health care in ct.
        9.) Lack of anything good in the area.

        I used to have a supervisor that would end each morning’s meeting with the phrase “And Groton still sucks.”

        And it does.

      • steve

        you must be and IDIOT!

        not once did you mention Chris Dudd ,Tricky Dicky Bloominhole,or The Governor! Crooked state police.

    • George

      Also the highest unemployment….woohoo go CT you shithole!!!!

  24. John Bricke

    Chris, I cant believe that you think Connecticut is beautiful and love it for that.

    My brother moved out of this shit hole in 1993.

    Yes, the landscapes are beautiful and the grass is green and the flowers are pretty. But people are much more down to earth and friendlier in Colorado. Here in Connecticut they are up your ass on the highway, then give you the finger. And If they do hold the door for you, they give you a look like you raped their Mother and threatened to kill them unless they held the door for you.

    Its a miserable bunch of boring pricks here who are led by their corrupt leaders.

    At least in Colorado you know who your leaders are…the Mountains.

  25. Tom in Portsmouth, NH

    Everytime I see a Connecticut license plate in our town, I just expect them to be horrible rude drivers. Rarely am I disappointed. I’m sure they can’t all be bad, but most of the people I’ve met from Connecticut seem to have an attitude & think their shit doesn’t stink…a bunch of rich idiots!

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  27. Mark

    I’m a CT native and have lived in NYC for a long time. While I have issues with CT, I have to say that NYC is to blame for most of your gripes. First of all, the rich pricks living and driving in southwestern CT are the Wall St money mongers from NYC who have come there to live and actually have property on which to place a home they own, rather than rent. Secondly, traffic is bad there because tolls were banned in the 80’s when truckers coming form NY and NJ fell asleep and actually crashed into the tolls, killing many people on numerous occasions … so, CT does not scalp its drivers to get the budget for widening its lanes (that is changing on 95 in New Haven). Western CT is beautiful and not like Fairfield and ghetto slum Bridgeport. Some things to remember are that CT is the insurance capital of the country, builds the nation’s only nuclear submarines and Sikorsky military helicopters, has a larger economy (money for fed govt!) than any state except California. I wish we had the Red Sox, The Patriots, our Whalers back on the NHL scene, Newport’s beauty and many other things we’re lacking. All we have are the casinos you all migrate to and the Huskies to earn the Big East any respect. Look, if its such a bad state, you can drive East on Long Island and swim your smug ass from Montauk to Providence. Be careful not to stop for a break on Martha’s Vineyard or Nantucket where the real douche bags are. Just a tidbit to chew on, if it weren’t for CT back in the day, the North wouldn’t have had Colt, Winchester or Remington and you neighboring state dwellers would still be under British rule, have slaves because the South would have won and the West would not have been settled (not that I condone brute force taking Native American land).

    • Angry Sailor

      Do some research before you try to defend the den of retards known as connecticut.

      connectifuck is not home to the only place that builds US Nuclear Powered Submarines.

      Newport News Naval Shipyard outside of Norfolk, VA builds subs as well, and builds other types of ships that Electric Boat is incapable of building.

      There have been other shipyards that built nuclear subs, such as Ingalls Shipbuilding in Mississippi, that still make ships for the US Navy, and if the need arose, could build nuclear subs again.

      And as far as Colts are concerned: they make Colts in connectitittyfuck, but they are not legal for ownership in the constipation state.

      • Warren Busha

        gotta agree!!! I was born in this miserable f__ing state and was in the navy at the now defunct oakland naval hospital. I’ve never been so miserable in a state and I was in Indiana, I found friends there and even when bored I could find something to do. I can’t even make contact with former high school classmates… maybe they ought to implode this place like they did to oakland naval hospital it would be an improvement, if my parents didn’t still live here I’d never have to return ever and never would.. it suck connecitifuck,,,, good word for it…

    • Joanna

      Very important that we have Colts-after all we need more guns in this country..don’t we.

      The nice thing that I have discovered about CT is the hiking trails.

      Still hate the people though.

      And to that numbnuts that said CT is prettier than Colorado?? are you out of your mind?? That is the archtypical attitute of people in CT. Couldn’t have said it better.

      Oh, and they are the “me first” state; very, very selfish people–pretend to be polite or nice but are really phonies because they are quite selfish.

      • Some Guy

        “Very important that we have Colts-after all we need more guns in this country..don’t we. ”

        Like Angry Sailor said, theyre illegal in CT, so now just the criminals can get the equivalent illegally.

    • zac t beare

      why do people in Connecticut resent and feel so insecure about New York? I’ve lived in Europe, upstate ny and just outside of Boston. I have family in the midwest and the south. Connecticut is the only state where myself and my elderly mom were (my mom is now deceased)/ are constantly mocked about our “accents”.Our home (Westchester County) was called slummy, I get very negative reactions when I mention going to NY. I was asked why my mom talks about NY. I had to tell the nurse who asked, that when someone lives in a place for 80 years they will have some memories. When I say we lived for two years near Boston, we get some relief. The mocking (imitating the way we speak) is very disrespectful. The judgement is annoying and I’m so tired of defending myself. People are surprised that I have a college education. When I tell my midwestern family about these experiences, they are baffled, since this state borders on NY. The condescending attitude never ends. Just asking a simple question, I get a long-winded lecture. It’s as if they think I am illiterate. Having to deal with hospitals and nursing homes when my mom’s alzhemiers got bad was a nightmare. As a result, I’ve become reclusive and not wanting to bother with anyone in my community. I’m allowed to have a past. The past happens to be in NY, too bad. I think the straw that broke the camel’s back, when I knew that some people in this state have no class was when my mom died. A so-called “social worker type” met me at the nursing home. My mom was lying dead in her bed. That woman had the nerve to mock her “Bronx accent”. I felt like saying , “Hey she’s dead. She can’t hear you anymore”. The joke was on the asshole, since my mom was deaf, so she never heard the mocking. Btw, I when I hear NY bashing it gets under my skin, because all the “phonies” after 9/11 acted like they cared so much. Nope, you all were just worried planes were heading your way. I guess a good amount of time has passed, so now it is okay to start kicking the big town again. the liberal town that sends the scary people your way!!! lol.

      • zac t beare

        PS the only reason we were living in CT is because my spoiled stepsons couldn’t hack it in the big town.

      • CT People are Annoying

        I am sorry that you and your mother had to experience such rude and insensitive behavior. People in CT are a weird bunch. They are very judgmental and narrow minded people and lack any creativity or independent thinking. I think it stems from the fact that they never have really lived anywhere else or traveled very much to appreciate the differences and/or culture of other places. I am from CT and it wasn’t until I moved to S. Florida (and then came back) did I realize how shallow and hollow the people here really are.They have many strange little idiosyncrasies and unwritten rules of expected behavior. They do the strangest f_cked up things, it never ceases to amaze me. As an example, I was parking my car in a large indoor parking garage where I worked and my car still had snow on it from my drive so I was wiping all the snow off. There were numerous parking spaces all around me, but what does this one asshole do, he parks right next to my car which means I had to stop what I was doing and wait for the jerk so he could park. Then he gets out of his car and says “do you need any help?” Yea, asshole you could have helped me by not parking next to me and making me stop what I was doing because there are about 20 other empty spots all around. Of course I didn’t say that but I just gave him a dirty look and ignored him. This is one example of many of the strange/rude/odd behavioral patterns of the people that live here. They drive me nuts when they do these sort of things.

  28. NS

    Just change the license play from “Constitution State” to “The me first state”. because everyone here is for themselves first.

  29. ctdoessuck

    While it is true CT sucks, so does almost everywhere else on the eastern seaboard. NY was cool but then a bunch of douche bags from other places like Rhode Island came to live there. In fact, as a new yorker that moved to CT, I was just happy to get away from people that called NY home when every NY’er hates them secretly because they destroyed everything that was once cool. New York was cool but that was years before you existed. Hipsters are the new jocks and if are one you probably also suck.

    Obviously, Boston is still the worst city on the face of the earth but it is still probably better than CT.

    • agreed

      This blog is the only thing that sucks more than CT, mostly because the loser that wrote it claims New York home but he is from Rhode Fucktard, which might as well be a county in CT. Seriously, get the fuck out of my city and move back to your sad excuse for an island.

    • rundown35

      Massachusetts sucks, Connecticut is not nearly as bad as Mass, everyone from Mass is gay and a complete asshole, now that state is a cesspool of scumbags

  30. CT girls are the worse! Say Hi to one and you have a sexual harassment lawsuit on your hands.

  31. CT sucks

    Yeah, Connecticut sucks! I’ve lived in it all my life, and long to get out of it! The people are rude, there are no jobs, and the weather here sucks! We are lucky if we get two weeks of decent weather between the cold & the hot.

    I cannot wait until I can see ‘Connecticut Welcomes You’ in my rearview mirror!

    The CT motto should be ‘Last one out please turn off the lights!’

  32. Mark

    I’m another “Mark” but instead of “I’m a CT native and have lived in NYC for a long time” I’m a NYC native and moved to Connecticut in ’92 (I’m in my fifties.) Connecticut is kind of suck-ish, but I couldn’t deal with the intensity, noise, lack of anything resembling Nature, (except Central Park) etc, in the city. Also, I had to take self defense lessons just to survive there.

    It’s my fault I ended up here, I really wanted to move out West, and still think I’d like living in CA. I just seem to have the personality for it. I live in one of those snobby ” CT Shoreline” towns where everybody drives SUVs and Hummers and has a soccer Mom mentality. I drive a beat up wreck and have a ponytail and generally thrive on all the hateful vibes I get from people during the course of a typical day. However, unlike New York, you can’t say anything to your detractors here, because if you so much as pass wind in their general direction, they will call the police on you. New York cops would never bother respond to the ridiculous calls they get from the SUV set that live where I live with their sense of entitlement and they’re “wholesome” Little League values.

    I am not a gregarious person, but I had a lot more social interaction with people in Manhattan, although not always positive. However, people here are just totally hermetically sealed in their shiny Acura SUVs with their attractive, thin, WASPY broods. It’s the kind of place that makes you want to run around naked in the local supermarket just to shock people out of their incredible sense of complacency.

    These people are just living in their Caucasian (yeah, where I live there are NO black residents) ivory towers and epitomize American materialism and mediocrity. And the cops and state troopers here are the worst. It’s definitely a “police state”. Don’t even think of speaking your mind here. The cops will be on you in a minute for “disturbing the peace.” Connecticut, a.k.a. “Corrupticut” is truly the “Weenie State”.

    • Fairfieldis Hell

      I also live in one of those snobish coastal cuntnecticut towns and I feel your pain.
      You have just become my hero of the day

      • Angry Sailor

        Try wearing a “Connecticut Sucks” shirt around, and see how often the law is up your ass in ct.

        I have stopped keeping track of the number of times the cops have told me to stop wearing anti-ct clothing, they stop when I threaten to sue. That is about all they listen to around here.

  33. the fed

    ct. does suck, i lived half my life in ct. i moved, to many to goody to shows assholes, the women suck, and pepole in ct. claim there children are on the honor roll, but will the no child left behind program, a brain dead vegy can make the honor roll, and they want high prices, for apartments, and house, i got a 3 bedroom thre bathromm , liveing room kitchen , gym, and inground pool for 850 a month in another state? you got to be a polo shirt, golf cource playing idiot to live in ct, as far as concerned, get rid of the state, it sucks, home of the ritch lossers hahah, and stop breeding idiot women, in ct. there takenig over hahahahah

  34. mc

    I am kind of amazed that these comments have been pouring in for two years…it should be proof to anyone that Connecticut really does suck! I grew up in that state and I would never, ever ever return. The taxes are crushing, the economy is miserable, the politicians are spineless, and the people are less than friendly. Connecticut is the closest thing to socialism that exists in the US. The entire economy is based on the taxation of business and people to pay for an army of overpaid state workers. In the end, no business wants to move there because of the taxes . The only employers are dunkin donuts, a casino, or the state itself. The state should be called “patheticut” and its motto should be the” Status quo state” because God has actually forbid that anything should change in Connecticut.

  35. Loki

    Connecticut law sucks.

    • Warren Busha

      land of the disappearing lane change and invisible stop signs that only locals see, make up the rules as you go along, never have to read the rules of the road after the initial drivers test…

  36. the fed

    ct. suck because there are no jobs, the pepole are rude, can’t drive, it’s a useless state i moved months ago from ct. much happyer, (won’t discloses where i am, don’t wan’t ct. following me) but ct. pepole suck, there taxes suck, everything about the northeast sucks, there dumb ass ‘s

  37. ct. sucks big time

    ct. really sucks ass, i moved months ago becasue of no jobs, i went south, and i’m doing great, the epepole are nicer, got a 3 bedroom 2 bath condo for 850 a month plus a pool, find that in ct. for 850 a month, spend twice as much, in a yuppy comunity, where they judge you , don’t gives 2 shit’s about you, this was the best descition i ever made, took me 3 weeks to get used to being around nice pepole down hear after liveing in a state full of starbuck drinkin, golf course yuppy stuck up judgmental, misrable pepole i ever lived with, fuck ct. and the pepole. hope it falls apart soon.

  38. toddmachine

    Look. Connecticut does suck. The public employee unions run the state, the Democrat dominated legislature keeps raising taxes and spending and driving businesses out of the state. You can’t smoke in a bar, you can’t drink coffee or talk on a cell phone while driving. We still have blue laws that outlaw selling alcohol in stores on Sundays or after 9 pm on weekdays. The cigarette tax doubles every 6 months. However, we’re not all rich assholes. I was born poor in Norwalk and am still poor in Ansonia. Most of the really miserable rich douche bags moved here from New York. If most of us are still mean pricks the folks from Mass, R.I., N.Y. and N.J. are at least as bad. Especially Mass. Accents, nobody from CT wants to own up to an accent. If you’re a working class person from the south west of the state you probably sound very much like a New Yorker. If you’re from the eastern shoreline you probably have a New England accent. So, in short we suck, but so do you. And you couldn’t pay me enough to live in California.

  39. Jon

    I spent my entire life living in Il and Wi, and I can honestly say that I have never been more miserable as I am here. I live in south eastern Ct and all I ever hear or see of people is when I’m being flipped off or sworn at.

    Back in the midwest it was rare to have a bad experience with people, everyone is more open and nice especially much more relaxed.

    I only moved here to get away from my parents fighting and soon to be divorce (i’m 19, 18 at the time). I live with my grandma (a whole ‘nother story), and i have to say that i can not wait to get the hell out of here. All I’m doing now is saving up money to get out.

    The people here need to get their heads out of their asses and get over themselves for once. There is absoulutly no reason for being as rude and concceed as they are.

    • Annie

      yah people actually scream out their car windows to call you names!!you have to be “perfect” to them while you are driving and can’t make a mistake, but yet THEY drive like total assholes! i am CONSTANTLY BEING flipped off or sworn at…

    • Dollie V

      Pretty bad up here their behaviors, to be honest. I’m glad some of these comments are exposing what Connecticut really is like. The first time i’ve traveled out of this state I was shocked at the hospitality and down-to-earthiness of people that were outside the wretched New England yup hole.

      89% of the ass-hole syndrome gone too. People were actually talking to one another, even small-talk. Unlike the grocery stores in here where they pretty much ignore you and only speak if your someone ‘important’. The object-user mentallity is only going to chase people away from this state eventually. California, CT, Mass, New-York= Dumpsters. I heard California is weird, CT is snobby as hell, and New-York is pretty much a mixture of the two in a melting pot.

      That’s why there’s no jobs in CT, because all the jobs are leaving this poop-stain. No jobs, nasty as hell people and over-expensive property. Besides the education there really isn’t nothing else to CT, IN CT your pretty much controlled by the popular opinion of the state. And yes, PD will get called just about for anything in this state and assholes love using that to their advantage. New Yokers have a more tougher attitude, to be honest. Then again there’s so many people moving around I guess they don’t have time to sit like in CT.

      Word to the wise, get your education here if possible and leave. There’s no use in living in a miserable state where people are pretty much out to get one another in some assholic self-concietated state. I’m getting my CT education and i’m leaving for my future’s state. CT will make you poor, make you feel poor and keep you in a poor-like mentality mentally until you see the light outside this vampire little smudge. In CT they like harassing people too, taking advantage of one-another because how crappy the job market and over-expensive the state really is. God forbid if your a minority working a minimum-wage job. It’s pathetically ashame too on the wages and hours they actually give these workers here as well. Everything is on a rotating schedule and pretty much squeezed out in unlivable proportions.

      The winters here are as cold as the people, I’ll be glad when I finally make the move to leave this hole. I was being held back before, told by others that other states were terrible but where I went to It wasn’t…and much more affordable too.

      Last week I was in paradise, in a place where I could walk around and there were things to see and do and people actually acted normal. But as soon as I got off the plane and into bradley airport, immediately the atmosphere changed. D-Bag connecticut raised it’s head, compared to the other airport and states were people were actually approachable and normal. What a changed, it’s only been a day and the connecticunt syndrome is already back. In this state in order to survive they literally run on hot-heads, short-fuse tempers, and PD/Lawyers.

      • zac t beare

        My family in the south and midwest refused to come to my mom’s funeral, held in NY. I guess they were right. Even tho my mom raised their husbands as a single mom, working 6 days a week. She still sucked right??? Northeast sucks, right????

        Did you feel that way about ny after 9/11? Or were you one of the flag waving phonies who cried only because you thought you were next????

  40. Jackie

    I never knew that so many felt the way that I do.
    I am also a NY transplant. I have been in CT way to long and drive back and forth to NY on weakends just to feel normal again. The TV here sucks, the radio here sucks. There is no nothing opened late or on Sundays. Forget the alcohol there is no ethnic food here. You might be able to find a good chinese food resterant occasionally but nothing eles. You can’t even get a decent slice of pizza around here.
    All there is, is Fast food resterants….no wonder everybody here is morbidly obese.

    • Some Guy

      Im guessing that you and some of the others complaining about the food are not from Fairfield County as some of the best food around is located there and has a very large variety of ethnic. Outside of Fairfield County the food is for the most part completely terrible. Some of the worst is in the Hartford area.

      Unfortunately the most of Fairfield County and the rest of the state is run by political hacks and corrupt idiots, not to mention our fine senators *cough* Dodd *cough*

      • Ollie

        Uh, I’d like to disagree with that statement. I find that a lot of the food in Fairfield is actually rubbish. You see, when someone living in fairfield wants “authentic Mexican”, they go to a place that serves Mexican-American food, something like the Taco Bell Mexican Pizza, or a fajita with nothing remotely Mexican about it. All the while they eat and dine in a setting that might have a hint French new wave style mixed with European modernism. The only thing Mexican maybe in the whole place is the people cooking it in the back. Oh and for the dining pleasure you can expect to pay over $200 for a bland meal. Go to Tequilla Mockingbird in New Canaan. It is like they made the place Latin looking just to fit the catchy name of the pleace. I don’t know if it is there anymore, business is dropping out faster than the pregnant girls at the high school can.

        What I am saying as I rant is this: the food sucks, it costs a lot of money, and you won’t get anything authentic.

    • Annie

      actually i will only disagree about the food, but maybe cuz all there is back in where i lived in AZ was salsa and chipotle!! the pizza here is great and only the FOOD is keeping me here!!

  41. jack

    Anyone in there right mind woudn’t bother liveing in ct, everything sucks there, there are no jobs, the pepole are pitty party idiots, and the government is screwy, and the ritch yuppy snobbs don’t want to go there, the pepole who are ritch are dumber than the rest, ct. is just a wasted space on the map, should be turned into a landfill for n.y and n.j.

  42. colleen

    My mom is making me move to fairfield from new york. Fml


    But umm thanks for the reassurance, seriously I feel great about moving now! You suck

  43. jim

    Don’t move to ct. worst mistake you’ll ever make, it’s run by ritch yuppy assholes, i moved from ct. months ago best move i ever made, pepole there are rude, they can’t drive, the women are offspring of ritch yuppys, if you look them the wrong way they want to sue you, ct. is just good for land fill for n.y n.j ct. is a uselesss state, fun really does come to die in ct. Move hear at your own risk.

  44. bobo

    Not all of western Connecticut is horrible (it’s generally considered a great place to raise a family). P.S. — If you think the food sucks, you’ve never been to Bethel. Try anything at La Zingara or the Opera House, sucka!

  45. ted

    Bethel is just like any town in ct, they all suck even the food, ct. sucks as a vaction spot to, ct. has no real major atractions, the zoozs sucks, but pretty soon ct. won’t be able to afford to keep that open, mistic sucks, you really got to be a screw head to think anything nice about ct. look at bridgeport, nothing but section 8 rasists, wetbacks and monkeys, the rest run by ritch yuppys, who don’t know how to cunduct buisses, it’s just a breeding ground for idiots that’s it

  46. Mike

    50 years ago Bridgeport was beautiful-once the minorities moved in they destroyed it. I lived there 20 years and finally moved to the west coast. Completely different. Saddam should have gassed Bridgeport instead of the Kurds….

  47. beachy

    Connecticut is the worst state in America. I grew up in NY, then moved to CT in my twenties, and that was the biggest mistake of my life. I first lived in southeast CT and thought I could enjoy going to the beach…what a bunch of pale, uptight people! Parents would not let their children play with other children who were sitting right next to them…they literally did not want other children touching their child’s one dollar sand toy! Then, I had the misfortune of moving to northeast CT…this is the most desolate area of the country. There is literally NOTHING to do there. The people are pompous for no apparent reason. Families there have a sense of entitlement which leads their kids to be the worst spoiled brats I have ever seen. I moved down south 10 years ago, and while it took some adjusting, I am happy here.

  48. Jackie

    CT is full of hill billy racist!!!
    Forget the snobs and their class systems.
    Its hill billy trash like you that makes CT all that it is. Believe me the “wetbacks and monkeys” are not the problem… is you and the rest of CT that is just like you!!!
    In NY you can be from where ever you are from and are accepted. It is CT that can’t stand diversity and are afraid of their own shadows.


  49. ted

    Jackie, you talk like a tipical northeaster idiot, figures, it’s pepole like you the closed minded brainwashed yuppys that are the prob. i moved to the south years ago, now i’m just comeing in hear to laghe at you ct. northeastern idiots hahahah, at least i got a 3 bredroom condo for 850 a month, in ct. they don’t come close in price and the scenary is unmatched, so jackie enjoy your loser highe taxed life hahahah

    • douknowme

      what part of the south ru florida? im in jacksonville,fl and the ppl are rude here also but they way ppl describe ct,my bro moved to waterbury,ct from jacksonville,fl and personally it looks depressing to me,i appreciate fl more everytime i come back from ct or nyc

    • shoshfor

      You are a filthy hill billy racist Ted. Jackie is right.

      CT too is expensive for you and you used to live in Bridgeport. You hate minorities because the upper class people as white as you wouldn’t even spit on you in CT. You were too poor to live in their neighborhoods and too white trash to be in their circles. Money matters first in CT and race is second. You had the race but not the money. Stop blaming your problems (psychological, financial, etc) on other races of people. Go fuck yourself.

  50. ted

    Jacky prob. a porch monkey , with a hubby named bubba hahah

  51. ted

    I agree beachy, pepole in ct. are so out of touch , nasty, stiffs, i couldn’t be happyer hear in the south, my freinds hear call pepole in ct. stiffs lmao
    all ct. is good for is land fill for n.y and n.j lmao

  52. ted

    Well what do you expect? CT. kids are black wantabees that’s why they date outside there race, ct. is just a waste of land

  53. R

    Connecticut is a complete shithole!! I was born and raised in the state and now out of it (Thank God!). Most of the negative comments here are right on the money. The state has no redeeming features whatsoever. Definitely the worst state in the US.

  54. frankey

    Why is Ct. still in buissness? it’s run by fogged minded, yuppy class retards, the women are stiff knecked bitches, and the there are no vacation atractions, unless you want to get killed on 95 with all the attitude test crash dummys ct. drivers, Ct. buissness are leaveing fast than you can blink an eye, can’t go to the the store in ct, without pepole giveing you an attitude, or gazeing over your shoulder, in line woundering what’s takeing so long, like they have places to go on there unipployment lol, everyone is missrable, anyone still liveing in ct. has to be an idiot. C.t is boring, there’s nothing to do but slave labor, 10 thumbs down on ct. thank god i don’t live there, amazing how a small state can eclose that many yuppy idiots in one space lmao.

  55. Angry Sailor

    I have been stationed in this hell hole for the past few years.

    Aside from when the government threatened to close the submarine base in Rotten Groton, during which time EVERYONE claimed to “love” the military, they treat the military as nothing more than a meal ticket.

    The Groton cops love to hang out around the base and ticket anyone that has a DoD decal for piddly reasons. I once got a ticket for parking in my driveway in base housing! (which is actually off base)

    The health care here is terrible, and if you are a man in need of urology services, you are screwed.

    None of the local hospitals has a urologist, and the CT board of health is hostile towards the idea of even endorsing men’s health care issues.

    My son was born in New London, CT. The hospital refused to let me see my son born, as well as to see him until he was 2 days old.

    However, my wife’s best friend got to see him born, as well as have the nurses take pictures of her holding MY son when I was refused access to him.

    One does not get stationed in CT, they get exiled.

    Few people exiled here like CT.

    FUCK connecticut, and the retards that are too brain-dead to hate it!

  56. Chris Pearson


    • Angry Sailor

      You like connectifuck? When was the last time you had your head examined?

      A room with padded walls awaits you…..

      • Melinda

        That guy totally had the CT attitude by being an asshole and yelling in all CAPTS LIKE THAT.

        And yes a padded room does a wait him


    • learn to spell correctly please…I thought Patheticans were well educated…..and here you are knocking the south??????

      • OMGG!!! yes i do agree CT is boring, i’m 16 and what i call fun on a Friday night is a good movie, a bag of popcorn, and a nice cold Pepsi. Yes i am born & raised in CT. Yes it would be creepy to have a random stranger say hi to me. Sorry its just how it is up here. And yea we are all Conservative, its not my fault if i LOVE my Ralph, my Burberry, my Juicy. I can not help it. BUT i am by far not stuck up ….. well at least i think, and i think that everyone has their own opinions and we should learn to accept it and move on and grow. So grow up people and stop complaining !!!

  57. Angry Sailor

    I used to live in GA prior to joining the Navy and getting exiled to CT.

    Life down there was much better, the cost of living in GA is a small fraction of that in CT.

    For the most part, people in my home town (and the rest of the state) show that the term “Southern Hospitality” is not just words.

    For example: if your car broke down in the South, chances are good that in short order, someone with a truck would help you out, either by towing your car to the next town for repairs, or by actually helping with the repairs themselves.

    If that happened in the Northeast, you would be lucky if someone did not try to trash your car while you are trying to get help. (I have had friends lose their cars due to “Northern asshole(s)” ripping their car apart, or at least stealing some parts off of it.

    Down south, $75,000 will get you a large house with a few acres in most areas, nowhere in CT will that get you much more than a glorified outhouse.

    It seems that you are the uneducated one. Nobody here is a Douchebag for hating CT. It would seem that you are likely one for going to an anti-CT site and claiming to be better than everyone else for liking CT, with bad spelling and grammar to boot.

    • zac t beare

      It wasn’t so long ago that down in the oh so hospitable south people were getting lynched and sent to the backs of buses. Oh that’s right, I’m not suppose to mention history…. Sorry, my mistake

  58. joe

    Wow chris, up on earler comment, you must be one of those northeastern yuppys, i hearct. closeing pratt and witney, telling by the way your put down, you must live in ct. and your comment is spoken by a true ct. person, all hate, no thought prosses, and stupidity, staying away from your state lol, liveing good hear in the south with nice folk, and good economy, good luck in the welfare line lol

  59. chris

    Well i took a trip to ct. last week, lett me tell you, i’m never comeing back, i live in S.C, and we took 95 comeing into ct. and the mightmare began, pepole cutting you off, they turn with no signals, drive like drunken retards, after almost hour and a half in traffic, we stpped to get something to eat, and these ct. roaches, are so rude, they don’t hold the dor open for you, i had my son and wife with me and my young son was in front of me and the person that went throughe the door ignord what’s behind him and my son almost got wacked with the door NIGHTMARE NUMBER 2. Then after another death race on 95 went to mystic, pepole walking by you standinging in the way looking at you like you killed there grandmother, the pepole don’t same thank you, excuse me nothing bunch of stiff knecked spoiled babys in ct. and by the way your food sucks, the entertainment sucks, the whole state sucks, told my famialy and freinds do not go to ct. for a vacation, after i told them the horror stories, they told me well there not going there, why don’t you ct. pepole just go kill yourselves and leave the land to more smarter, concerned pepole, do the rest of the u.s.a a favor and go march in the ocean and die, please.

    • Angry Sailor

      I used to be stationed in SC before getting exiled to Rotten Groton, CT.

      Everything was better in SC: the people, the roadways, the food, well I could go on…

      The hospitals a definitely better in SC than CT. The treat you much better there, and make sure your family is taken care of.

      When I was stationed in SC, I broke my thumb after hitting a mud patch on my 15-speed bicycle after swerving to avoid some youngsters that had run out in front of me.

      I was taken to a hospital and they took care of me in relatively short order, considering that all was wrong was my thumb being broken in 3 places.

      They made sure that I was OK and had my wife with me for everything except the X-ray. They even brought my wife a soda when they brought me water.

      When some prick struck my wife’s F-150 4×4 so hard that the front axle got bent (she was 7 months pregnant at the time, and we were well over 2 years into our exile in CT), she was taken to the hospital in New London, CT. The hospital staff wanted me to have NO PART in her time at the hospital.

      I was told to go home when they wheeled her away to take her vitals. They then took her up to the maternity ward, where I was told that I was not welcome, as “it’s the WOMEN’S WARD, sir”.

      I insisted on staying and supporting my wife, the nurse told me that I was like “any other man” and therefore “not capable of lending the support that a woman needs”.

      When the nurses forced me out, my wife started crying over the loss of her support. They paged me when my wife threatened to sue over their kicking me out. They then sedated my wife. I asked one of the nurses for the location of the nearest drinking fountain. I was directed out of the women’s wing where I found a fountain. When I returned, I found that I was locked out of where my wife was at.

      This time I had to threaten to sue to be allowed in.

      The CT Board Of Health claimed that there was nothing that the hospital had done wrong by keeping me out of contact with my wife, and that I was over reacting.

      They told me same when I complained about being forbidden to see my son born while a female friend of my wife was encouraged to participate in my son’s birth.

      FUCK Lawrence and Memorial Hospital, New London, CT
      FUCK the CT Board of Health
      FUCK connecticut

      Chris, have you been to Breck’s Restaurant in North Charleston, SC – much better food than the best shit-hole diner in ct

  60. lenny

    Wow, after reading all the negitive, about ct. not going there lol, besides, i heared , that ct. sucked, i have freinds that been there, and said , there all crack head cases , and ritch yuppy spioled idiots, well, i found a local web page for ct. , and sounds like there about to go bankrupt, good thing don’t live there, what it sounds like is is that the only pepole going to be left in ct. are pepole on welfare, and the polititions, and tent citys, good luck

  61. WTF?

    wow angry sailer, that sucks, figures ct. would do that, i’m from texas, and had my wife in a wreck, they never told me not to see my wife, dand, ct. sounds like nazi prison camp, full of scum bags, well not going there on vaction lmao, i might get killed, or enslaved, by the nazi party lol

    • Angry Sailor

      I am now sterile due to that same hospital (Lawrence and Memorial Hospital, New London, CT) treating me like a pile of shit.

      To top things off, I now have ulcers from the constant pain I am in as well as the irritation of being stuck in this hell hole.

    • Angry Sailor

      It is not nice to refer to these pompous asses as “scum bags” as it hurts the feelings of both slime and of bags.

      Nazis are too self conscious to step foot in CT.

  62. wow

    I had a freind that went to ct. to get an education at yale new haven ct. after collage, left ct. and got a great job in the south, becasue ct. had to jobs to give, and said ct. sucks, becasue the employers never called back, on a job , all they wanted was cheap labor in ct. and the employers didn’t know how to hire a good person if they wanted one,

  63. brain

    True ct. does suck, filled with rude ass niggers and idiots,

  64. Wanda

    I have lived in CT all of my life, except for the time that I moved to FL. Ct’s beaches are dirty, expensive to get in, and you cannot access them due to all the property being private. As far as sight seeing goes, you could see all in a one-two month period. Very boring to live here. The people in general are suspicious of all, love to stare, and judge. If you are lucky enough to have a summer at all, to enjoy, or an extended spring without tons of rain, then you are very lucky. The winters drag on, with gray skies, if you are not dealing with ice, then it is snow, or freezing rain. It is expensive to live here. Ct does not cater well to the needy either. Low income apts. are scarce, and very poor and inhabitable to live in. At least in FL they have many programs to help out the less fortunate. FL also has many places to see, and if one gets bored in FL, you have to ask why? I will be relocating to Va, next month, and will not miss the depression, long winters, and lack of things to do, here in the Constitution State. Even its title is boring!!!

  65. hell

    I do have to say, i was a torrist in ct. and never returnning to that dump again, talk about a waste of money, time the pepole are reatard zombies, the kids in ct. are carless spoil brats, you had to pay to go to there, slum beaches and paluted water, the pepole judge you even driveing in my car they pull up desides you and stare at you like the invation of the body snatchers, ct. is a very disfunctional state, and it’s boreing, expesive, and a joke, your state should have a welcome sighn LAND OF THE ENTER OWN RISK!!

  66. Angry Sailor

    Well, it has been confirmed that living in CT has given me an ulcer.

    Fuck connecticut!

  67. i hate ct.

    Iwas just reading on WTNH pepole where mad over over a painting displayed in a store window, or risk getting an indecency citation, Come on people! this is how people are in ct. stiffed necked, lawsuit hungry, yuppy bastards and not to mention stupid worthless people are in ct. there just as bad as the state might as well put a Hitler sign on the welcome to conn. sign, when you enter ct. please have your mark of the beast 666 scanned on the way in or you will get killed.

  68. Angry Sailor

    Something funny happened today. There was a fire at the hospital that is largely responsible for the pain that I am constantly in, Lawrence & Memorial Hospital of New London, CT.

    Nobody got hurt, but man, IS IT FUNNY!

    I just wish I could have been there with marshmellows!

  69. Fairfieldis Hell

    And is it just Fairfield (i’m from Florida so I don’t know that much about this state) or does all of cuntnecticut have poor taste in dining? I cannot find a decent restaurant anywhere but yet I can get charged well over $100 for mediocrity!! grrrrr!!! Oh, and people are right about the staring bullshit. I am from the south and we consider staring at strangers to be incredibly rude . And If I could get away with it I would scare some manners and sense into all these little ill-mannered snot nosed brats- these ct snobs are supposedly “raising”

  70. Angry Sailor

    All of connecticut has poor taste in dining.

    There are far better restauraunts in Charleston, SC, and more good ones, than in the entire shit-hole called connectcut.

    This is also evidenced by the fact that ct residents lack the good taste to each honor the second amendment and buy a gun, and to honor Darwin by shooting themselves in the fucking head.

  71. Angry Sailor

    Well, good news.

    I am going on vacation, which means no having to put up with the shit-heads in ct for 2 weeks.

    I am going home to GA. Although it will definitely suck ass to be back in ct when my vacation time is up…….

    FUCK connecticut!

  72. b.s state

    Good luck liveing in ct. i moved months ago, the pepole are judgeing hiprocrits, they have no taste for food only money, gov. Rell runs the evil empire in ct. no jobs, they can’t drive, i’m surprised you didn’t geet killed on the way into ct. the kids are spoiled brats with rice burners, and black wantabees, bridgeport, is the home of welfare cases and porch monkeys, they have slave labor there, that’s all they got, there’s nothing to do but go to dirty beaches that you have to pay to get in because the snobbs have the private beaches, you can go to mystic, but there over priced, and really nothing good to see, ct. is a boreing, useless stae, and should be a max. security prison. Just make sure you keep the resedance in there.

    • Happydaisy

      Learn to spell first off. No wonder you aren’t welcome there. I am no fan of my home state, yet at least I received an amazing education. You know it’s odd as well that you bash the same snobs who pay taxes to give YOU an education. It’s a dog eat dog world there.

      • bitch


  73. allen

    I agree with all the haters of ct. i’ve been to ct. once and the entertainment sucks, the food sucks, i wouldn’t want to be welcomed there anyways, who in there right mind would, Happy daisy sounds like a typical northeastern snob, they always got lame comebacks, and they get mad when they hear the truth. So looks like daisys education, is not up par. if that’s all you blame is spelling then you must know that ct. sucks is the truth, prob a brdgeport , porch monkey on welfare.

  74. joe

    Iagree ct. and the peole suck huge dick, i was reading in the paper, a kid got hit by a car and he had to drag himself to the curb becasue no one would stop to help, him screw ct. hope all you pepole die greedy fucktards

  75. CT hater

    I hate CT. My husband and I are stuck here for another year and then moving back to PA where people are nice, hold the door for you, smile, are friendly and know how to drive.

  76. ct. a joke

    The worse place to live is in ct. unless you are an idiot, conn. Welcome sighn should be enter at own risk, I wasted a weeks vaction this year visiting that Highe priced boreing state, and it is true ct. pepole are rude, they stare at you , nosey little bitches, food sucks, the entertainment sucks, thank god i don’t live there, the state and the pepole are a lost breed, weired mo fo’s, never met such lowest standars in a state and pepole before, ct. is like that movie district 9,

    • Melinda

      haha. You are right my friend.
      I live here and your right, everyone here are a weird bunch of staring mofos!!!

      I cry to myself daily wishing for a miracle would happen and I would be free from my chains.

      In my past life I was probably a murderer and thats why i live here now.

      Thumbs up to CT haters:)

  77. jake

    Wow ct. reall does suck, just came back from visiting ct. tell yes never seen such a poor excuse for a state. The pepole no good lowsey stiff knecked idiots, your right the entertainment does sucks, and the food sucks to, i’ve been upstate n.y rather go there at least there food is good, ct. is like a roach hotel between the north and south, just get’s in the way on the map, should nuke the state and the pepole in it and let some of the southern states come in a make it right, .

  78. Angry Sailor

    Well, I am back in connectifuck from my vacation to GA.

    Within 30 seconds of crossing the the NY-ct border, my 2 1/2 year old son’s allergies started to act up.

    He was allergy free once we got into PA on the trip down, and was sneeze free for the duration of the trip.

    The day after we got back, I got sick again, I am still coughing up blood and yellow stuff, none of the local hospitals wanted to do anything other than to tell me to take Motrin and drink orange juice. Just the prescription for someone with ulcers!

    If this does not prove that connecticut is bad for your health, I am not sure what is.

    It is fucking sad how bloated the cost of living is in ct. I shit you not, there are good apartments near my hometown that have large 1ba. apartments with a pool for $300/month. A similar size place with no pool or utilities here costs almost 5 times that.

    The cost of food is much cheaper in GA as well, shit, the quality of buffet diners in GA is much better than in ct. You could feed a family of 3 at some places like the Wagon Train Diner in Whitesburg, GA for only $15. You would be lucky to get one person for only $20 in ct.

    During the trip down, the car’s battery shit itself (stock battery on a 2003 Focus) while we were at a Waffle House in Chattanooga, TN. We had about a dozen offers of help in a rather short period of time.

    One comment made to us was along the lines of “why we were not rude like all the others from new england that have stopped by”. Easy answer: I am not retarded enough to be in new england by choice.

    If it was not for some corrupt politicians forcing the Navy to keep the Navy base in groton, ct open, so that the local people could continue to leech off of the military, I would have either been in VA, or GA for my home base.

    I am not looking forward to this winter – last winter the local cops kept harassing me about my yard tractor and it’s snow plow. In particular, one of my neighbors down the street, a local civilian kept calling the cops because I would not plow her driveway for free.

    The cop told me that I should just “play along” and plow her driveway. I asked her if she would do as she was telling me to, and her reply was “no”. -Hyprocrite!

    Then the same neighbor bitch forced her husband to getting a small snowthrower. When said machine proved inadequate, she called the cops and complained about the noise my yard tractor made.

    A more sensible cop showed up while I was plowing. The neighbor’s husband was using the snowthrower at the same time. When the cop realized that the neighbor’s snowthrower was drowning out my yard tractor, while the cop was next to my tractor and the neighbor was across the street, he went to her house and cited her for misuse of 911, and told her what I had said, that I would plow, but not for free.

    The neighbor claimed that it was my responsibility to plow her driveway and sidewalks, as I have the capability to do so. I asked her if she would use her Ranger to help people move since she has the ability and therefore has the responsibility to help.
    Reply “that’s what U-Haul is for.”

    Here is the punch line: that neighbor pays half of what the Navy people here do for rent. Most places here have a “Navy Special Rate”, which is special only to the locals.

    FUCK connecticut and everyone retarded enough to like connecticut!

  79. mr.c

    Angery Sailer is right, ct. sucks major ass, the pepole are retarded and disfunctional, thank you angery sailer took the words out of my mouth .

  80. nail on nead

    Iagree with sailer, ct. is the home of the dumbass pepole, i visited there once and let me tell you never going back, frigin state and the peole should be killed.

  81. nick

    Wow i was woundering where to report about news about ct. lol, true ct. sucks, fun does die hear and then some.

  82. jim

    Wow ct. does suck, never returning to northeaster slum again, got more respect from pepole in the south, pepole in the north are just ritch idiots, blameing each other, over stupid stuff anyways, THANK GOD I DON’T LIVE IN THE NORTH. to many idtiots.

  83. Tony

    Damn, this sucks. I live in CT. While growing up I had a decent time, never suspected the people around me to be as horrible as this message board has described. Then I grew up. I’m currently attending UConn. Rude, unkind, entitled, cold, people that don’t allow themselves to relate to others. The homogeneity that pervades the rich, white students at school is depressing and monotonous. They all wear the same thing(northface) and act the same. It sucks. I do not like how the people look (constant bitter beer face) and act (stuck up). This snobbery is unnecessary and I hate bearing it all the time. fuck. It looks like moving out of here is imperative. How is California, I hear the weather is beautiful.

  84. Bill

    Yea i used to live in ct. i grew up there to, not all the pepole where bad, but i grew up in the 80’s and things where different then, people where more easy going and fun, but then again back then we didn’t have so many ritch snobs liveing in town either when they started to move in is when things changed, in ct you can’t even ad on to your property a fence without a nosey stuck up neibore wanting to make sure your not on his property line, or change your sideing on your house, without some snooby bitch, calls the town to complain they don’t like the color of your house to change it or get be forced to, i had to move couldn’t take it anymore, on a good note hear i’m going to school for computer networking and passed my COMPTIA NETWOK PLUSS 2009 N10-004 last week i’m now certifyed network tech. A+ and microsoft 270 next, yay my employer took me out to dinner for that, don’t think in ct. an emplyer would give such a personal reward like that loll.

  85. frd

    Well i have to say i went to ct. and it does suck, why are white teens trying to be black? and as far as driveing i aggree they suck, and far as respect i agree they suck, why are ct pepole so unhappy? must be the lack of things to do and the unemployment can’t blame them, thank god i don’t live in the northeast, only the ritch idiots live there, i would never take my buissness there, to many employees giveing false info. on there certs, and pluss, most employers, don’t know how to hire anyone, northeast employers go by key words to hire not me, i give you a chance , if you don’t work out, or lie about your info. your out,

  86. omg

    You wouldn’t like california, there doing worse then ct. do research on where you want to live

    • Angry Sailor

      No, ct is worse by far.

      At least you get decent weather more often and have a better governor.

      Nobody ever wrote songs like “connecticut girls”, or “connecticut dreamin'”.


      you get awesome songs like:

      “Connecticut is For Fucking” by Jesus H. Christ and the Four Hornsmen of the Apocalypse.

  87. jesus

    You wouldn’t like california, there doing worse then ct. do research on where you want to live,

  88. Angry Sailor

    Here is another tidbit of why to hate connecticut and the retards that like it:

    According to the state of connecticut, I owe them money because the person that owned the car that I bought here was late on his emissions test.

    To top it off, the law enforcement here keeps trying to claim that despite the fact that my home state of record for the Navy is Georgia, that I “need” to get a ct license.

    FUCK connecticut!

  89. James

    Dear God, finally an article filled with truth and wisdom. I have wanted the earthquake to come and separate conneticut from the rest of the country for so long. I have to drive from RI to NJ twice a month to see the family. 95 has been f-ing me since the tolls when I was just a kid. It is the countdown state, watching the exit numbers, praying I will eventually get the hell out. I am with you on everything you wrote in the article, everything!

  90. ct the hole

    I was reading in the news wallstreet warnned ct feds, to stop barroing money on certain investments or suffer higher interst rates for ct. pepole and the state, ct. is just a junkyard of spineless, dumb stupid, brainless ritch pepole with no direction, if you live in ct. by choice and want to live there you need a dr. fast, and the pepole trying to get out of ct. but can’t becasue there broke i feel your pain, like being enslaved in a prison camp. ct. just needs to fall of the map along with the feds running it prob. solved.

  91. Angry Sailor

    Here is another one:

    I have a friend that has been in the Navy <6 months. He recently bought a used car and went to the ct DMV to get it registered.

    Not only did the DMV tell him that the Soldier's and Sailor's Relief Act (something that eliminates DMV fees and taxes for a servicemember that is stationed in a state other than of their home.), they charges him almost $150 to register the damn thing.

    They told him that if he did not pay the wad of cash to them, that if he tried to drive away, they would call the cops and he would be hauled away for driving an unregistered vehicle.

    SCREW connecticut!

  92. dear lord

    Yea sounds like ct. , say one thing means another. Anyone that likes ct. has joined the i’m with stupid groupe.

    • Angry Sailor

      Actually, if you are one of the retards who is braindead enough to like ct, you are one of the “Why have I not shot myself in the head for the benefit of mankind?” crowd.

  93. cappy

    Sailer, since your in the navy, can you launch a nuclear sub. and fire 1. warhead at ct. just make sure the wind is blowing north, so the fallout takes out most of the northeast it’s useless anyways lol.

  94. Angry Sailor

    Here is another bit of why connecticut sucks:

    Years back, there used to be an on-base child-care center that was large enough and cheap enough to use that was used by many attached to various commands in rotten groton for child-care.

    Then the locals complained and cried foul.

    Now that service is no more, and it is not acceptable for Navy spouses to take turns watching each other’s children. Not according to the State of Connecticunt.

    Nope, you have to use a “State Certified Child Care Center.” Which means that the person running the center paid quite a bit of money to the state to get their license.

    Said centers are required to have contracts with their customers stating that the child will be in the center for a set number of hours per week, and at a set cost, regardless if the child is there or not.

    Say the kid is sick and must stay at home, you still have to pay the “provider” for a day’s worth of child-care that was never rendered.

    Changes to the number of hours/days that your child will be there have to be made 2 weeks in advance, and if you take vacation – tough. Even while you and your child(ren) are out of the area, you are under contract, enforceable by the state, to pay if the “provider” if he or she feels that they deserve money for work not done.

    Oh, and about the military spouses, they CAN’T get licensed, as they are considered to be “transients” and are not considered by the state to be reliable enough to care for children other than their own. In short – the locals, and the state, do as much as they can to wring money out of the military.

    • Angry Sailor

      It gets better – the providers get 2 weeks paid vacation and holidays as well. It’s basically double damnation for working mothers, as you have to pay the provider for work not done AGAIN, and to either find someone else that can watch your child, or call out of work sick.

      FUCK connecticut!


    Wow every word spoken against ct. in hear are correct, ct does suck, between the drivers, the rude assholes, and b.s laws, and highe prices, wouldn’t waste my money spending it in ct. or my time.

    FUCK CT.!!

  96. ct. is for crime

    Wow Shelton going to lay off teachers because the state lost 700,000 bucks hmm, and i read that the community doesn’t support education? hmmm add this to the brick on the “fuck ct. wall”. anyone that wants to stay in ct. is as about dumb and has the same low class arogent attiude as the rest i’m glad i don’t live there lol and suffer from idiotizim.

  97. Angry Sailor

    Here is another one: a buddy of mine has been assessed several thousand in fines due to his ex-wife taking and registering her vehicles in his name, and running red lights and refusing to pay for her registration.

    The state(connectifuck) took away his tags and is refusing to let him drive in the state.

    He has been divorced since 2002, but most of the offenses were committed in 2009, and the connecticunt is refusing to go after his ex-wife despite the fact that it was HER driving and actions that are the reason for the fines.

    FUCK connecticut!

    • Ollie

      Wow, that does suck. Men always get screwed in these situations, and I have a ton of stories to tell like that. Luckily, my girl is from Maine, so I know wshe’s a sweetie.

  98. hmm

    Wow, the ex wife got away with murder i woulda killed her myself lol.

    • Angry Sailor

      Current hyper-bitch M. Jodi Rell said it herself: “Men’s Healthcare and rights are a zero priority for the state of connecticut.”

      Fuck connecticut and everyone retarded enough to like it.

  99. Capn

    I’d like to reiterarate that CT sucks, in fact sucks big. I thank god I never had to live there, I’m sure I’d rather die. The “Me First State” out sucks many other shitty places I have been. When it comes to sucking CT is very diversified, it sucks in many different ways. I live in NH where things are pretty quiet (boring) but doesn’t totally suck. I have always dreaded driving through CT to places that suck less like NY, NJ and PA because of the perpetual road destruction and the “State Animal” the Jersey Barrier, the roads suck, the drivers suck, and the goose stepping Nazi State Troopers Suck major donkey dick. I have always told people that CT isn’t really part of New England it’s part of the “Tri State Area” but that is unfair to NY and NJ. Maybe it should be towed out to sea and sunk, but that would be unfair to whales. Oh ya, and Joe Lieberman really sucks (mucho sucko), I used to be against assasination, but I’m rethinking that opinion. The least the State Legislature could do is repeal the Law of Gravity because the state sucks so much that gravity is not required.

  100. a joke

    Rell is up there with the DEMS greedy careless yuppies who talk shit, and do nothing ct. is for dumb ass brainashed retail crackhead welfare cases, it’s not to get better.

  101. Capn

    I noticed someone brought up the fact that CT is the Insurance Co. capitol of the nation, like that’s a good thing. Means= Largest concentration of parasitic extortionists in the Nation. Now there is something to brag about, CT has more companies guaranteed to fuck you out of your money than any other state in the country. Surely no greater class of criminals has ever existed. If there is a Hell (outside of CT) there should be a special section for Insurance Co. related people/activity. I also hope that section resembles CT in many ways or at least smells like Bridgeport.

  102. lmao

    Ct. does suck greedy careless cracktards , just nuke ct. get rid of the parsights , useless dumb ass idiots ct.

  103. Angry Sailor

    Here is another good one: connecticut is now wanting to outlaw woodstoves, which is the ONLY source of heat for many rural areas where electricity costs are insane, and electrical power is unreliable in winter time.

    Basically, connecticut wants no one to be rural, and under the thumb of city governments and HOAs.

    Screw Lieberman!

  104. umm

    I went to ct. to visit my famially i’m never going back there again, i told my famialy , no one can drive in ct , and to many stores open doesn’t ct. have a life outside retail? ct. is a scussy place never returning, told my faily like they mean anything , was raised by them but did a lowsey job, of it ct. idiots.

  105. Joanna

    Yes, CT sucks. I grew up here and live here. Growing up was ok, but now I find it intolerable; especially after living in other parts of the country. Contrary to popular belief all of CT is not BMW’s and rich people. That stereotype belongs mainly to Fairfield county; which is just a rich suburb of NYC. The other parts of the state have quite a variety of income levels. That being said, what I don’t like about CT are the people. They are the worst drivers by far–slow, slow, slow. That is the only speed level they know. They are rude; go to a grocery store and be prepared for make way for them-because they think that saying “excuse me” means you have to move out of your spot for them. Wait in line with them; it will be 10 times as long because they seem to need alot of space btw people (and cars too, about 5 will do). They do love their lines though–better to be like sheep followers. No real independent types here. And the endless staring at you for no apparent reason. But, my 2 all time favorites; the “CT smile” happen to glance in their direction and they will smile at you like morons. My other favorite; is at a stop sign; they will wave you on to go even if it is their turn. Now you may think that is nice, but more often than not, they create yet another line of people waving each other on. And heaven forbid you don’t give them the “thank you wave”…
    The overall problem with CT people is that they do what everyone else does and expect you to do the same. When you don’t follow their “rules” they are quite and angry bunch. I find them to be very uptight, frustrated people with alot of rage.

    • Melinda

      OMG YES!!! You are soooo right!!! about everything!!! they really do stare at you like that!!!!!!

      Thank you for expressing this! youve made my day.

      thumbs up to ct haters.

  106. Angry Sailor

    Here is another good one for ya’

    A buddy of mine brought this to my attention: as part of the “Footprint Reduction Program” that the Submarine Base in Groton is currently doing, due to pressure and some funding from the state of connecticut (the rest is from the Federal level), many of the barracks buildings are being torn down, not to be replaced, and sailors that resided in the aforementioned barracks are being forced to move out in town, which is a boon for both apartment building owners, and local car dealerships.

    Rent around here is about $1000 – $1600/month for a decent 2 bedroom apartment, and you multiply that by the hundreds of displaced sailors, that is a lot of money that the federal taxpayer is shelling out to line the pockets of the evil, repulsive nutmeggers.

    It is far cheaper to maintain a barracks building than to pay for thousands of apartments. (For those that do not know, the barracks are similar to college dormitories in both build and nature.)

    Many of the apartment complexes close to the base have already started to jack up rates due to this. I know some that have to drive 30-45 minutes a day to get to their good apartments that are not arm-and-a-leg expensive and not in a ghetto.

    So that also means that gasoline consumption goes up, and with that the price of gas, which the state of corrupticut has a variable tax on, the higher the pre-tax price, the higher the tax is, which means more money for Mega-Bitch Rell, and her demented allies to squander.

    To top that off, it is hard to live off base without a car, and there are few sidewalks in the city of Groton, not to mention the fact that the locals drive like brain-dead retards (oh wait, the locals ARE brain-dead retards!), and hit-and-runs are frequent, placing many lower ranking sailors at needless risk.

    It is hard to get a car that is in good shape that you can afford when you are E-1, E-2, E-3 – I know that from experience. Carpooling is possible, but with the way different sailor’s schedules can be, it can be very hard to accommodate.

    A further kick in the teeth is the refusal of local bus services to help sailors out.
    (The base used to have a bus that went around places where many sailors live every morning and evening, but the locals complained about it and had that service terminated.)

    Way to fuck the rest of the country, the Navy, and the environment at the same time; all to get more ill-gotten money, you douche-bag nutmeggers…..!

    • Joanna

      don’t get me wrong I hate CT for a variety of reasons, but sounds to me like much of your problem is with the Navy more than with the state.

      I was never a big fan of the military, so you have my sympathy.

      • Angry Sailor

        Granted I do have a few issues with the Navy, the vast majority of the problems that I have been having are related to the ct.

        Remember, Joe Liberman is on many military committees of different types, and has a lot of pull on what the military does in the state (and out).

        There are many limitations that the state places on the base, such what can be built (multiple requests have been made to build a parking garage due to the unsuitability of most of the terrain on base to hold parking spaces, but turned down due to appearance issues and the like, not by the DOD but by the state), that other states that have bases do not have.

        I guess the biggest problem that I have with the Navy is the Navy giving in to the locals during the many, many attempts that have been made to close the base here, and move everyone elsewhere. (Attempts have been made since 1912, but the locals have always won, so far).

  107. Joanna

    I have enjoyed this website and reading alot of the responses-most of which I agree with. However, as bad as CT is; give me a break with Georgia and the deep south in general. Religion Rules that part of the country (and Republicans)–NOT GOOD. As much as I would love to live in North Carolina-I don’t think I could–I would not fit in with that crowd. And Texas, yet another state that I do not care for (except Austin), Bible Thumbing Republicans–very, very scary. Cool places to live are Oregon, Vermont and New Mexico.

    Kind of paradoxical that CT is so liberal and is such a “Blue” (vs Red) state; after all we had one of the highest percentages of votes for Obama in the country (a proud moment). But yet, their attitudes and behavior does not reflect that at all. That’s what I don’t get.

    Oh, and I also love, love, love, New Yorkers-they always say what they mean and are not shy about it. Ct could learn a lesson from them.

    • you “don’t get” why the patheticans attitudes and behavior’s don’t reflect the highest percentage of Obama voters? A proud moment????????? The answer to that is that so many of the stupid brainwashed and braindead morons in this state voted for Mr. Obamination. There is nothing in this state that makes sense….NOTHING> NOTHING….really and truly NOTHING. NOTHING. Got that?

  108. ct sucks

    Ct. will never learn, they shut schools down and plow roads on a inch of snow, they rob the milk man the bakers man because it snows maybe a foot a year, there greedy smart ass stiff necked fagish ways will never change, until ct. lowers it’s taxes and get’s there shit together, buissness’s will continue to leave, the welfare and cost of living will continue to rise, and people will continue to leave this waste land called CT. It’s no the constitution state it’s the home of the dumb ass state.

  109. Melinda

    I lived in ct for 21 fucking miserable fucking years!!!!! I hate this state.
    People dont know how to drive.
    Unless your rich your dirt ass can barely make it alive poor.
    People spit on your car.
    People here are the earths asshole.
    Taxes are so incredibly high you cant save a dime to feed your family.
    Its always so cold always rains.
    all the recreational things to do are also so damned expensive you can afford any FUN

    I hope to leave this hell on earth soon….

    Then I hope it falls off the fucking map

    A girl speaking from the shithole of ct, WILLIMANTIC.

  110. johnson

    Hey there Angry Sailor, I just wanted let you know that not all residents from CT are nutmegging wankers. I totally sympathize with everything you’ve said. I’m not in the Navy, but I am former military, so I can relate somewhat, having lived in base towns before where serviemembers felt unwelcome. It sucks, especially, as you said, when you’re stuck at the E-1/E-2/E-3 paygrade range, and with lousy traspsortation options and accomodations.

    Unfortunately, I also lived in Groton for six miserably years after my EAS, since I grew up here in CT (another misfortune). This town is honestly a really depressing place. The town seemed overcrowded for my liking. Not many good restaurants at all, and too many rude, gansta-wanna-be young women. Not a good place to find a solemate, IMO.

    Growing up here in Eastern CT, the place, back then, used to seem more rural (90’s). The developers here really took over the eastern part of the state, and slapped up a bunch of privacy-lacking el-cheapo quality yet overpriced condos and housing developments. Plus, the Casino’s really ruined the hell out of this state, by bringing in crime and excess traffic. Back in my youth, I-395 was practically a ghost highway after midnight. This is obviously not the case today.

    I’m really looking into relocating to a place with a lesser population density. I think that may be what’s getting to me. Even many southwestern US cities I’ve been to seemed more spread out – like there’s more room to stretch and breath. The apartments there always seemed to have been built with bigger doors, taller ceilings, etc. Everything here in the northeast seems too damn cramped! Just my opinion.

    Well that’s my rant abot how much CT sucks. Hopefully someone can relate.

    • Angry Sailor

      You are right, not everybody in ct is a nutmeggering wanker. I wish to apologize to the single solitary person that is not.

    • Annie

      OMG!!! small and cramped!!YES! the grocery store aisles are too small, everywhere i go feels too cramped! in Phoenix with millions of people i never ever felt cramped or claustrophobic, everything was spread out and easily accessible, i feel always bumped into here…

  111. ct sucks

    Melinda, come move in with me i live in s.c got room i got a 3 bedroom condo for only 750 a moth cheaper than ct’s 1 bedroom slumlord owned condo.

  112. time to leave

    CT. is just a shit hole, anyone that still lives there without trying to get out, has to have the brains of a goat, well i think a goat is smarter lol, anyways for anyone that’s know what i mean is smart.

  113. sarah

    I have a major health problem and none of the hospitals or doctors in the area can figure out what is wrong with me. My health is suffering because the doctor put me on a no fat diet and my weight has plummeted to 90 pounds. I am working as a part time babysitter and trying to make enough money so that I can leave the state. Every second I spend here is one more second I spend suffocating. Any ideas on how I can get the hell out of here and go anywhere else as soon as possible?

    • you are prob living in a home with mold…toxic mold …can make u sick…plenty of mold pits in this shit hole state

      • Angry Sailor

        I can attest to the black mold issue here in rotten groton.

        When I first moved to groton, I seriously thought that the back side of the complex where I moved to was painted black, and the landlady even said that it was to help with heat in the winter time.

        When I actually touched the back wall, it was a slime and ugggh, did I feel sick afterwards.

        Despite demanding that the landlord take care of the mold issue, they never came out to fix that issue, so a couple of neighbors and I put on face masks and we bleached and scraped all the mold away.

        When we complained to the state about the poor state of civilian owned and run Navy Housing, they told us to get lost, and to move to a different state. (Tough to do when you can’t afford the military “special” rate that the locals charge for renting a house, and you can’t just move to another state, because you are in corrupticut under orders……)

  114. B

    I spent a year here in Greenwich and I am leaving. My hedge fund made a move here and I moved with them from NYC. I am also not white, so this is geared towards minorities. You will not like it here! It’s very Waspy, and you’ll feel out of place wherever you go in town. The bars along the ave? No minorities in sight! If there are any, they probably believe they are white or only date whites. So you won’t be hooking up here at all. This is probably the worst place for a single non-white guy.

    Move to Stamford instead, yeah its more of a commute to Greenwich but you will be happier and the bars in Stamford are a nice mix of people and the rent is cheaper. You probably won’t get pulled over by the cops there either, in Greenwich you will. Twice since I have been here, no tickets. I have been pulled over twice in 10 years….all in the span of one year in Greenwich.

    Finally, the cost of living is ridiculous. There is just no justification for it at all. Greenwich, unlike NYC, is easily accessible so I am not sure why everything is marked up. The high school is full of potheads and the Hospital has its own brand of snobbiness. The “ave” is also overrated.

    Thumbs down on Greenwich. I am still trying to figure out its allure but I believe that allure has been manufactured with slick marketing by its wealthy residents. Its tremendously overrated.

  115. B

    Oh one other thing…..steer clear of the middle aged woman in here BMW X5, Landrover or Cayenne…she will literally run you over on her way to “the ave”

  116. jig saw

    CT. people live on lies that come about there polotics and so easy to brainwash these pepole into things, there lack of brains and have such a low talorance to anger and greed , they deserve what they get from liveing in CT. such as highe taxes low quality of buissness’s and familys, let CT. fail under they own ignorance and slow conprehention they fail, soon more deather will happen on the streets and by other means of there own ignorance.

  117. Angry Sailor

    The cops in connecticut (just like the retards that like ct) are fucking stupid.

    If you report an issue with how recklessly the people drive around here, they will harass you about it, and tell you that despite the damage done to your car, that they will not even take a report, and threaten to ticket YOU for calling them at 8 in the evening.

  118. CT SUCKS

    Patheticut is the most stuck up boring hell hole in our entire country. How can a place in between Boston and New York suck so bad? How can the khaki panted people be such d bags?

    What is Patheticut known for?


  119. yea

    Ct. is just a usless state, a collection of all the losers and scum bags collected in one place i’m surprised it’s still a state it’s just a junk yard filled with dumb ritch yuppies and aire heads, it’s just a dump anyone that lives in CT. for more than 13 to 20 year has to be the most stupid sucker in the land you can feel the evil and see the stupidty as soon as you see the welcome sighn.

  120. whizzer

    Connecticut is a Liberal-Marxist state for yuppy hipsters.

    • yousuckmorethanthisblogandCT

      Actually, that might be the only cool thing about the state.

      • Ollie

        Better blue than red, better a democrat than a republican. Connecticut sucks like any republican does in the stall in an airport bathroom.

      • ^yourafaggothomobitch^

        News flash, dipshit, that is NOT the only cool thing about CT. In fact, the prevalent liberal-marxist attitude is the very SOURCE of all of the problems in this state, mentioned throught this entire blog.

        And kill it already with the blue vs red, republicrat vs demopublican already. Both parties are Jew-pandering fucktards that will spell the end to western civilization as we know it. You are and ignorant fuck, and you don’t even realize it.

  121. yea

    Yes i agree, I spent one day in ct. was passing throughe on my way upstate n.y let me tell you never seen such careless rude losers in my life! went to a applebees to eat. And people look at you like your about to apear in court, very judgeing, they’ll sit there and stare at you like your next on the death list. I was like thank god i’m out of CT. the next day, went to get gas same thing they stare at you like the people from the invassion of the body snatchers, next time i’ll catch a room in MASS. fuck CT.

  122. sigh

    I moved out od ct. first? there no damn jobs they all went overseas, 2 the pepole are lieing fucks, most of what they tell you is a lie 3. the public is dumb as a rock , 4. the ritch pepole and federal government sucks even more, 5. it’s so frigin boreing in CT. that drinking is the passtime 6. the collages in CT. are money pits, as long you can get a federal loan, they will take a bumb of the streets and not even educate him enoughe to get a gob, just to collect the federal loan CT. SUCKS MAJOR ASSS!!!!!!!!!!

    • mc

      The more comments I read, the more I realize that most of you complainers are just plain dumb. Connecticut is one of the most educated and expensive places in the world. Dumb people will not fit in overall. If you are really dumb, just move down south. It is much easier living and the other dumb people will accept you with open arms.

  123. guest

    This is how CT. pepole are stuck up lame, judgeing , closed minded idiots ct. pepole are i got this artical out of the news:

    MILFORD, Conn. — After complaints about a painting hanging in one of Milford’s city buildings, the piece of art that depicts nudity was taken down.

    Officials also took down other works in public buildings. Some of the artwork that was removed had been on display for decades, but people complained that it was too racy for a public building.

    There is now a bare spot on the wall of an exhibition of works by the late Roger Van Damme that went displayed in the Parson’s complex in Milford almost a month ago. The painting in question is now tucked away from public view.

    Bill Meddick, of the Milford Fine Arts Council, said, “I’m kind of surprised by all the things that are going on.”

    Meddick has an interest in all of the uproar because, among other things, he painted one of the other works that has been pulled, one that had been hanging in the complex for thirty years without problems.

    Meddick said, “I’m not offended by it. I’m trying to figure it out. I guess it’s like, I don’t know, the idea that kids will see it or something. I mean, I don’t think anything would happen to them, but I don’t think anything too bad.”

    Some city employees, who did not want to speak on camera, said some of the paintings were OK, but one was a bit over the top for a public building.

    Tom Ivers, of Milford Community Development, said, “Content makes a difference and everyone perceives things in their own way. Art that creates controversy is probably a good thing.”

    The remaining Van Damm paintings will hang in the complex as part of the permanent collection. He left the works in the care of the Milford Fine Arts Council when he died in 2008.

    The painting that was pulled from the walls will be on display at the offices of the Fine Arts Council

  124. guest

    Got more ct. stories for you check this out lol ct. sucks:

    charged the parents of a toddler after they found a video of the baby smoking marijuana.

    According to the Middletown Press, police stumbled across the video while executing a search warrant at the couple’s home on Prospect Street. The three year old can be seen inhaling and coughing after taking a hit from a glass pipe.

    Kristian Augeri, 23, and Thomas Way, 22, face a slew of charges including risk of injury, possession of a stolen firearm, failure to properly store a firearm and use of drug paraphernalia.

    News Channel 8’s Bob Wilson went to the home and ran into two relatives who say the accusations are false.

    “He wasn’t smoking anything. The police are misinformed,” the baby’s aunt said.

    “I feel real bad that this situation happened,” the baby’s grandfather said. “I had no idea it was happening.”

    Way and Augeri are each being held on a $150,000 bond. They’re due in court April 15.

  125. guest


    School budget crunch in Shelton
    Updated: Wednesday, 24 Mar 2010, 10:54 PM EDT
    Published : Wednesday, 24 Mar 2010, 10:30 PM EDT

    Shelton, Conn. (WTNH) – With layoffs looming and talk of a school on the chopping block, folks in Shelton turned out tonight for a budget meeting.

    Students lined up to speak as more than 500 people packed into the cafeteria at Booth Hill School.

    “I feel like they are not giving us the opportunity and the tools to get us into college,” said Kate McDonald, a sophomore at Shelton High School.

    The board needs to make about three million in cuts to meet a no-increase budget for the 2010-11 school year. Over 100 jobs may be cut from teachers to secretaries.

    “They are cutting AP classes that don’t have enough people. That affects me. I’m angry,” said McDonald.

    All sports and extracurricular activities are also in danger, and there’s even talk of shutting down an elementary school.

  126. yea ct. sucks

    school on the chopping block, folks in Shelton turned out tonight for a budget meeting.

    Students lined up to speak as more than 500 people packed into the cafeteria at Booth Hill School.

    “I feel like they are not giving us the opportunity and the tools to get us into college,” said Kate McDonald, a sophomore at Shelton High School.

    The board needs to make about three million in cuts to meet a no-increase budget for the 2010-11 school year. Over 100 jobs may be cut from teachers to secretaries.

    “They are cutting AP classes that don’t have enough people. That affects me. I’m angry,” said McDonald.

    All sports and extracurricular activities are also in danger, and there’s even talk of shutting down an elementary school.

  127. CT. SUCKS


    North Haven, Conn. (WTNH) – Employees at Marlin Firearms in North Haven just got word late this afternoon that they will be losing their jobs in the next 18 months.

    We don’t know yet how many are employed in North Haven. The company tells News Channel 8 that they are moving the work out of state and that it was a “business operation level decision” to close the plant.

    Employees we spoke with say they feel blindsided.

    “We had a meeting at 3:30pm. They gonna phase us out,” said one employee who has worked at Marlin for 19 years.

    Founded by John Marlin in New Haven in 1870, Marlin Firearms is now headquartered in Madison, North Carolina. In 2007, Marlin was sold to the Remington Arms Company.

    The North Haven plant manufactures a variety of rifles.

  128. moveing out

    i’m moveing out out of ct. no jobs, pepole suck don’t blame buisseness from moveing out check this out:

    PreviousPlayNextRegular Photo Size12•Where To Turn To If Unemployed In CT
    •CTWorks Career Center
    •CT Rapid Reemployment Initiative
    •Unemployment Benefits – Emergency Filing
    •CT Education and Training Programs
    The Hartford laying off 101
    Bloomfield office closing
    Updated: Thursday, 25 Mar 2010, 4:31 PM EDT
    Published : Thursday, 25 Mar 2010, 4:24 PM EDT

    Bloomfield, Conn. (WTNH) – The Hartford will be laying off 101 people as they get ready to close their Bloomfield office in July.

    The company filed a warn notice to the state Department of Labor a couple of weeks ago.

    The layoffs are set to begin May 29th

  129. CT. retards

    This another good resen:

    Judicial officers must cover tattoos
    Conn. Judicial marshals file protest
    Updated: Saturday, 03 Apr 2010, 4:49 PM EDT
    Published : Saturday, 03 Apr 2010, 4:02 PM EDT

    HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) – A union for Connecticut judicial marshals has filed a protest with the state over a new policy requiring all judicial officers to cover tattoos.

    The policy goes into effect by May 1 and affects about 700 judicial officers at state courthouses and judicial facilities.

    The policy states “visible tattoos could pose a threat to safety and security.” It says the body art also impairs the
    officer’s “impartial and professional appearance.”

    Joe Gaetano, president of the marshal’s union, tells the Stamford Advocate he can’t imagine how a tattoo is a security issue.

    Some of the marshals’ tattoos signify their military service. One female marshal has a pink ribbon tattoo to mark her successful battle with breast cancer.

    Gaetano said the union has filed a protest with the state judicial Branch.

  130. Angry Sailor

    Here is another problem with the fuckers here in corrupticut: my wife took her car to get it’s tires replaced a couple of weeks ago, only to get the brakes fucked with. One of the mechanics, destroyed the brake pad on the driver’s side front inboard pad, causing severe damage to the rotor.

    The brakes were fine before she took the car to Town Fair Tire, and immediately after-wards they started grinding.

    Just another reason to hate this fucking state….

    • sean

      Angry sailor i must say that the things you have said about connecticut are true. I was born and raised in this shitty state for the past 23 years! since then I have found it hard to make friends in this state, mainly due to the fact that the rich kids around here think that they are better than you. My parents keep telling me that I should go out to meet new people around here but i have to tell them that some of the people my age are busy working. Mainly because of the high cost living here in corrupticut and that most of them are assholes in the worst sense of the word!

  131. ct. sucks

    Hartford, Conn. (WTNH) – The Tea Party’s adopted flag had been given the go-ahead to fly at the state Capitol. But after one state lawmaker raised concerns, it now looks like it won’t be happening.

    State Capitol police approved Friday’s flying of the Gadsden Flag atop the Capitol. Dating back to before the Revolutionary War, the flag is well known for its serpent and its warning of “Don’t Tread on Me.”

    Bill Shields of New Haven pushed to get flag flown over the Capitol.

    “I don’t think there should be any controversy. They should be proud to have it fly over the state Capitol,” Shields said.

    At first, Capitol Police agreed; As a military flag it met guidelines to be flown. But Rep. Michael Lawlor (D-East Haven) raised concerns saying the flag had been adopted by a political group.

    “I think most people would think that it’s inappropriate and in the future, we may need to rethink the rule,” he said.

    Capitol police cancelled the flag raising saying it had turned into a political event with candidates announcing their intentions to seek office.

  132. Angry Sailor

    Once again, we are having problems with the CONnecticut DMV.

    The DMV is refusing to send the paperwork to get the truck’s emission test done, without which the truck cannot get it’s emissions test done, and also cannot get it’s registration done.

    I have been calling their call center to get the paperwork sent out, I have called 13 times, each time waiting more than a half hour, and only once has someone actually picked up the phone.

    According to the DMV, the reason why I have not received any such paperwork is that I have moved recently. Wow, that is news to me, since I have been at the same address for the last 5 years!

    And since the DMV has fucked up, I somehow owe those stupid retards $20 in a late fee for the emissions test, which is nothing short of extortion.

    I hate this fucking state.

    • Carl

      Does anyone know why property taxes in this state are so much? Are there a lot of social progams, like welfare and what not? I was thinking about checking out CT, but it seems like a hard place to make a living for a middle class joe if you’re not employed by either the state or federal government. Is the cost of living other than property taxes decent or manageable at all?

      • Angry Sailor

        The cost of living in corrupticut is not decent.

        Gas prices are higher than most states due to the “double-damnation” sliding scale gas tax that the state has.

        Food prices are also notably higher, as are utilities for most of the state. There are ridiculous restrictions on non-grid sources of heat, such as fireplaces, and so on.

        Vehicle registrations and driver’s licenses are ridiculously high as well. On top of that, many of the rules are set into place to screw with tax payers as well. (Such as the problems I am presently having with the CT DMV.)

        There is not a lot of social programs in Corrupticut. The jacked up costs are mainly owing to the extravigance of the state government in salary and “benefits” to those in charge of the state, as well as the fact that Corrupticut spends a lot of money on “money-pits” such as the Mystic Seaport, in the hopes that the taxes from tourists and such will offset the money spent.

        The costs of rent and housing are obscenely high, as well as the tax rate.

        With as tough of an enviroment for businesses other than insurance companies, New England, and CONnecticut in general is losing a lot of middle class jobs due to factories being taxed out of existence, which shifts more of the tax burden to others, but with the extensive use of tax loop-holes for the wealthy and/or crooked makes being a tax-payer in corrupticut a hard cookie to swallow.

        And the extortion that the state runs…..don’t get me started on that…..

  133. Carl

    Thanks Angry Sailor, I’m up in MA, but from what you’re saying, CT seems to have some of the same issues as MA. Hopefully the recent victory of Scott Brown to the senate marks some kind of positive turnaround, but who knows.

    I’ve been to CT a few times here and there, but really never spent time exploring the state. I just thought it would be a cool location – close to Long Island sound and all, but probably isn’t affordable for me (same reason I can’t live in Cape Cod).

    I know what you mean about off-grid heating such as wood and coal stoves being frowned upon. Here it’s probably okay if you own a house on ten or so acres, but the property taxes plus the price of real estate would make up the difference of any savings you would acheive by using alternative energy. If your house is on a small lot, people would probably complain about the soot/smoke, and I think they have zoning restrictions or something that outlaw these stoves in some areas. CT sounds similar.

    Well, at least if you work for the Navy you can maybe request to be transfered to another base or something. I’m stuck in New England for the time being. It’s not all bad, but I want to see what other parts of the US have to offer. Good luck with the DMV thing.

    • Angry Sailor

      Groton is just off of the Long Island Sound, and trust me, even 20 miles inland, prices for houses are obscene.

      Due to medical problems resulting from the (mis)treatment I have received from the local civilian doctors, transferring is damn near impossible, as the damage I have sustained needs to be fixed (or at least stabilized) before I can transfer.

      Even if for some reason that you are able to find a place in CONnecticut that is reasonably priced, do yourself a favor and back away, as the stress and bullshit that this state pulls is insane.

      I try to leave the state as often as I can, as there is a noticeable difference/improvement the further away you get from Corrupticut and the frequency of retards with CONnecticut licenses encountered goes down.

      PAVE connecticut! (Rhode Island Needs Parking!)

    • Ollie

      Scott Brown is a moron and will only hinder progress and make Americans look dumb to the rest of the world.

  134. move south or west

    I used to live in shitCT. i’m out west much better in the south also, antwhere but the north, not just CT. it’s all the northern heiphere it sucks.

  135. CT. sucks

    To much violence in CT. to
    Bristol, CT (WTNH) – Police in Bristol are investigating an early morning stabbing that sent one woman to the hospital.

    Police were called to a home located at 241 Redstone Hill Road around 2 a.m. Sunday. When they arrived, a woman was heard yelling for help.

    Police say the woman had been stabbed in the abdomen several times.

    Police also say a man tried to help the woman before they arrived, but he was also attacked by the suspect.

    The suspect remains at large.

    Anyone with information is asked to contact the Bristol Police Department at 860-584-3011.

  136. Connecticrap

    Yeah, CT also doubled fishing/hunting license costs in recent times. A proposed bill to conteract this suggests only raising the cost by 20%, then making up the difference by increasing motor vehicle violation fines! Pathetic! It’s quite clear that there’s a movement in this state oppress sportsmen’s activities, in order to turn CT into an authoritarian welfare state, as well to convert our natural resources into an asphalt tarmac. Good going!

  137. Angry Sailor

    Here is another one regarding the goddamn retards known as the CONnecticut DMV:

    The paperwork clearly says that the Emissions Test is due on May 31st, 2010. And then it says that the emissions test is late, and that we owe those fucking fuck-tards $20.00.

    Fuck corrupticut and each and every person with a low enough of an I.Q. to like this lame excuse of a state.

    CONnecticut claims to be a state, but it is a glorified overflowing cess-pool with some of the biggest turds in charge.

  138. Anna

    I hate CT, loathe it. Grew up in MD, have lived in Boston, AZ, FL, DE, Europe, and just outside NYC. There is nothing that comes remotely close to how awful CT is. “Nutmeg” state lifestyle in a nutshell: ugly-spirited, rude people, obscene housing costs, ugly, depressed environment including I-95, and little to do. Am stuck here due to spouse’s job, which is very specialized and can’t be found (so far) elsewhere. Worse, I’ve been laid-off in this forsaken state and unemployed for 1.5 years. We began here in butt-ugly Stamford, and bailed out for gross Greenwich. My observations:

    (1) The comments about nasty CT women are true. (Though I can’t speak to how physically unattractive the men apparently find them.) The day we moved here, we went to a decent restaurant in Westport. A woman at the table next to ours, when she was finished reading her menu, reached over and stuck it on our table! Welcome to CT! This says it all, but I must go on…

    (2) The MEN are also the worst I have encountered. Rude and hateful to women for merely existing. When driving, men honk and scream obscenities at me for imagined wrongs. I has happened twice when I was stopped at a traffic light minding my own business, waiting for it to change.

    — I was raised in a close-in suburb of DC, am educated and have had decent jobs (elsewhere!). I moved here in my mid-40s and have been stuck here nearly 10 years. The men, like nowhere else, are condescending and prone to be hostile and mean. They stare – really, glare – as people report. Guys, you’ve trashed CT women, and who can argue, but the men here need a good look in the mirror, too!

    — On my first job here, in Greenwich, many men were as rude as they could be. I thought, what gives? Did I grow 2 noses? My boss explained, “They have to go home to their wives at night, so they don’t think they should have to talk to women during the day.” I was dumbstruck, and I’ve heard a lot in life. Since the men are so angry here in CT, having to live with their presumably miserable wives, maybe everyone would be happier if they all just got divorced!

    — Just days before my father’s death, I took him to a restaurant in Florida and he tried his best to hold the door for me. That is a man. Here in CT, if a man holds a door, I feel like crying.

    (3) Connecticutions, as we call them, are curiously stuck up for nothing. They have a small frame of reference, not much experience in life outside their small circles, and are not especially well educated or interesting. They just some money and SUVs that they don’t know how to drive. There should be an exam — especially for women, sorry — to qualify to drive an SUV. They’re clueless drivers, except for mastering rudeness. Living here, you’re constantly reminded that being wealthy doesn’t come from being educated, intelligent, refined, or kind.

    — Unfortunately, those who aren’t wealthy aren’t necessarily any better. Some of the worst are “working-class”. The police are brutes, disrespectful, completely abusive, and always breaking the law themselves. I was stopped on 95 for changing lanes without signaling. It was a mistaken lapse but nobody was endangered, and I have never seen an aggressive driver stopped in CT! I rolled down the window as he approached and he began yelling abuses at me to the point that I feared for my life.

    — We take long walks at Greenwich’s beach (yawn). We still say hello to others along the path. A typical reaction is to look the other way. Some stare, as if, how dare you bother me, an important person? When someone actually says hello, we suspect they’re not Connecticutions, certainly not Greenichians!

    — We have struggled and failed to make friends among the local natives. Pre-CT, we were socially active and entertained. I agree with the person who said you can only meet people if they’re from elsewhere, or ethnic.

    (4) A word about CT’s racial tensions. I’ve lived in DC, NYC, Boston, etc., and never worried about my personal safety until I arrived in Stamford, CT. I was accosted twice in broad daylight on main streets by groups of treacherous black youth. Also lots of fun, men have pulled down their pants and exposed themselves more than once. (This was happening in the 80’s in DC, but even DC cleaned up its act!) I love cities, but was afraid to go out after dark alone in Stamford. It is an eyesore and hands-down the worst place I’ve ever lived.

    (5) Regarding housing, we owned homes in DC, MD and Boston but can’t afford one in CT. (We can’t live in outer CT where the housing is cheaper, because my job prospects are closer to NYC.) So we rent. Rentals are shockingly pitiful and landlords are the pits, complete opportunists. If you’re from another region of the US, don’t move here for a job expecting to find reasonable housing in SW CT – trust me!

    I could go on, but CT just seems to breed and perpetuate meanness, aside from there being little to do here. It’s a relief to travel elsewhere. I visit relatives as often as possible and, until unemployed, took a vacation overseas every year. Dreaming of a permanent escape…

    • AngrySailor302

      I try to hold the door for others, in particular the elderly and those with little children, as much as I can.

      More than once here in corrupticut I have been yelled at by some hyper-feministic women for holding doors open for them. One forcefully shoved the door so hard that I got knocked backwards into a trash can, with not even so much as an “I’m sorry”. There was a New London police officer about 5 feet away, and she refused to do anything about it. (If a man did that to a woman, you KNOW that the man will get arrested.)

      I can’t fucking wait to get out of this shit-pit excuse of a “state”.

  139. so true

    Anna, is right CT. is just the asshole of the world, as far as Men being hostel that is true to, they make good Men like me look bad.

  140. so true

    Then again men and women in ct. are the dumbest most insecure pepole i ever met just nuke ct. turn it into a wasteland.

  141. so true

    I hold doors open for women, but in ct. they don’t say thank you or anthing they look at you like your a strange slave or something fuck ct.

  142. thomas

    Do not move to Bloomfield , CT. Put your family into a tent first.
    The town is beautiful…houses aren’t too expensive and crime is zero.
    With golf courses and a town of 20K what can be wrong…eh?
    Worst friggin schools in the state. They must not check for occupancy or something.
    So, how does a perfect town have such bad students?
    We’ll just have to be politically correct….
    Also, pols are afraid to enact a noise law so you have to like cars waking you up all hours with bass
    Ct is the worst. Can’t wait to move.
    Can’t afford private school tuition.
    Boring as hell and they make UCONN sports like God so you actually think that having a woman’s bball team that is good (like how many good women’s teams are there? 5? In the country?) makes this state bearable.
    Lov the blog

  143. Daryl

    The thing I like most about being from CT is that it’s inspired me to want to visit other places, and I probably wouldn’t be so well-traveled if my home state didn’t suck so much.

    I agree with pretty much everything you say. There are some parts of the state that are slightly better than SE CT, which is where I’m from, but not by much. There are lots of areas (like Hartford County) that are even worse.

    I was interested in your story about L & M Hospital. I was born there, but that’s beside the point. Over the fall my stepgrandfather was rushed to the ER. I was somewhat close to him but had never really gotten to know the family and found out through a mutual friend that he was on his deathbed. When I went to go visit him they basically kicked me out of the lobby. “Who are you? Are you his family? How do you know this man?” As in, “Get the hell out.” They wouldn’t even tell me where he was or how long he had been there. After going through three people I found out he had passed away. “I’m very sorry,” the nurse said flatly, and basically hung up on me.

    In most parts of the country a person walking into a hospital going to see a close friend would *never* be treated like this, even if they do observe the patient privacy laws to a tee.

    This experience and yours pretty much sum up the political atmosphere in CT. Overall, the people are elitist, rude, ignorant douchebags. They have a reputation for being liberal and tolerant but nothing could be further from the truth. They never help out a stranger in need and if anyone doesn’t fit up to their “standards” then they literally try and run them out of town. If you so much as keep an old car in your yard you are at risk for getting a nasty letter in the mail from “the town” threatening fines or even eviction. And most people from CT who have money to spare (and that’s a lot of them) spend their entire lives within a five-mile radius of their perfectly manicured private castle, they never go anywhere or do anything, all they do is sit around and talk about how the rest of the world should be run. Notice traveling in other parts of the country that you almost never see license plates from CT. Which is a little odd because they certainly have the means to travel.

    But what it is about CT that is most striking, is there is *NO CULTURAL IDENTITY*. Think of one type of music that comes from CT or one thing that the state is even famous for, and you draw a blank. Wikipedia doesn’t even have a culture section in its article on CT.

    There are some cool people from CT, we don’t *all* suck, I’m sure you realize that so I don’t take offense to your generalization.

    And New Englanders are elitist and rude in general (Maine being a definite exception), but at least the other states have some sort of cultural attractions worth seeing. Pretty much everything we have, like Mystic or the casinos, is a manufactured tourist trap.

    What makes a place a “shithole” more than anything else, is the attitude of the people who live there. People call West Virginia a “shithole,” but I’d rather spend eight hours talking with a so-called “redneck” family of eight from WV than a single minute with your average Nutmegger suburbanite phony. Given the way people in CT treat others, and that many of them are even downright paranoid, as a non-parent I would rate it as one of THE ABSOLUTE WORST places to raise a family. All the bits in all the magazines about how great the school systems are or how low the crime is are completely meaningless. I would sooner spend my life in Green River, Utah, than almost any place in CT.

    Well that’s MY rant…

  144. chris b

    Connecticut has to be the single absolute worst place in existence for any single young (Read: WHITE) man, compared to the rest of the country. Either the young women here are conceited bitches from spoiled families, OR – and this is more likely the case – they are completely rude female wiggers/gansta-wannabees. They go out of there own ways to show off their “ethnic” boyfriend, and treat white men rude at clubs and bars. That’s just one reason why this state totally f-ing sucks ass!

    You go into a dunkin donuts, and there’s like three ultra rude, uptight, female wiggers talking about their crack-dealer boyfriends, and just being plain rude and dumb like they are. The majority of women in this state have a really trampy mentality.

  145. lmao

    You go into a Dunkin Donuts in CT. you’ll find loser niggers behind the counter on welfare, niggers never want to work all want is is free handout, nigger women are the worste they want to stay home and be a 300lb. whale on the couwch, CT. is the fish smelling between the legs of a ho. And onlty dumb ass losers still live there, it’s a but crack of the u.s.a not even a state unless your passing out welfare checks.

  146. reformed

    It’s true. Connecticut has to be one of the worst places ever to live and this coming from a person born and raised in the state for over thirty years.

  147. Some reasons why connecticut is the A$$crack of the north east:
    contaminated well water from broken septic systems, city water dirty as well, causes infections and gastrointestinal diseases…filthy public parks, crap all over, you can not put one foot in front of the other without stepping in it…no street lights, pitch black…biggest pot holes….dead roadkill, even deer that are left along the road to decay and bloat for days, faded painted divider lines on the parkways and roads…it’s anyones guess who’s lane your driving in…WORST resraurants in the country,and expensive!!….Moldy smelling homes that come with a big price tag….the most irresponsible plug-nickel dumb ass drivers…..lousy lousy lousy weather,men with NO sex appeal, none whatsoever who are wearing a perpetual “sap face”…Rude nasty ugly bitchy women…EVERYWHERE..they’rle like a pestilence…and they think they’re “hot.” Go to California, you dumb Connecticut tics and look at the women out there, then go home to Connecticut and resign yourselves to the fact that you are lap dancing plug nut logs of S$$t! Oh not to mention that you would do a Lap Dance for a trip to McDonald’s and a cheap Hotel..(that would be if you were really putting a guy to the “test.”
    Hmmm…let’s see what else….oh yes, of course slummy beaches, depressed and angry people everywhere( no explanation needed).Oh yeah, this is a fact…the most braindead and useless doctors who have no idea what the F$$k they’re doing..better yet, why are they even rolling out of bed in the morning??? Oh but of course, their Bitch wives want the money..they wear their doctor husband’s small high nuts for earrings!! Ummm..oh yes the hospital wards look like something from cheesy horror movies. Did I mention that there is absolutely no “vibe” or “culture” here…except the vibe in these Bitches vibrators and the culture in yogurt?? There are no venues worth visiting WHATSOEVER…nothing..plugnut dead. Don’t wait for any of your neighbors to say hello to you and to allow any form of friendship to develop….it isn’t going to happen. I have lived in N.Y.C, Long Island, N.Y.. San Francisco, Southern California, and North Carolina…all of those cities and their neighboring suburbs enforce health codes…they actually enforce them…and one4 can make friends in any of those cities…and they all have nice restaurants and alot of culture…yes even North carolina. Connecticut can’t hold a candle to North Carolina. You Connecticut snobs snub your noses at people, or are you just trying to get a whiff of fresh air. diverting your noses away from all of the raw sewage spilling out around you. Someone should blast connecticut with Heparin bombs so it could disolve into the sea. I’m leaving this place very soon…then the anger that I received here which became pent up in my Soul will leave. then I will be the nice Lady that I used to be. I KNOW I will. I will be healed from and set free from the hatred of this place. Living in Connecticutt has to be worse than being stuck inside of something like The Dunwich Horror! Now ask me how I feel!!

  148. Oh I forgot to mention, a “promise” means NOTHING to most of the people that I have had the misfortune of meeting here…unscrupulous !!

  149. Anna

    Exactly right, most CT doctors are useless. No diagnosis skills, couldn’t care less, filthy offices, no shame.

    • AngrySailor302

      I remember one doctor that I went to back in 2008, Dr. Fraser, a urologist that works out of a clinic in New London, ct.

      I was in so much pain from the car ride over, mainly due to the potholes wreaking havoc on my hydroceles and hernias, that I was crying by the time I got to the clinic.

      I was the doctor’s first appointment of the day, and as such, I was there when most of the staff filed in. All ignored the fact that I was on the floor, balled up and crying. All ignored my wife’s pleas for help.

      I finally got a response from the head nurse, and that was to “Quiet down, you are upsetting everyone here!” The same nurse came out with a box of tissues and asked my wife if there was anything that the nurse could do for my wife.

      The doc refused to examine me, and would not even talk to me, he would ask my wife questions, and 4 minutes later, he bolted out of the room, and refused to see me again.

      That is top-of-the-line care in connecticut.

  150. There is a difference between “adjusting” to a new enviroment and “resigning” yourself to an enviroment that you recognize (and for me, it was instant upon arriving in Connecticut) that will never be right for oneself. This state has got to be the closest thing to hell on earth. Stay here for any more than a couple of months, and you will feel like the most sickest and cruelest jole was played on you, and socially, economically (given the high cost of living), spiritually, culturally,a d mentally deprived….turning your life into a depravity. Are these people here in denial or just plane STUPID. I say they are “comfortably dumb and comfortably numb.” Connecticut is a Black cesspool of sexual, psychological and social horror.

  151. jack

    Could someone please explain to me why the women in CT are so mean and nasty? WTF is wrong with these people? I feel like I want to f*cking explode because I can’t even find a decent girl around here.

    The bar/club scene here is terrible; generally crappy R&B or hiphop bullcrap blasted on a shitty sound system, overpriced drinks, cover-charge that is too high, bouncers that are dick heads that all have a serious case of muscle dysmorphia. Then the ratio of men to women is usually about 7:1. On top of that, the girls here are just down right mean. They doll themselves up to go out, and then shut down anybody that approaches them who doesn’t come off like 50 Cent or some homo POS.

    You Connecticut bitches are rude pieces of crap! I HATE YOU ALL!

    • AngrySailor302

      “You Connecticut bitches are rude pieces of crap! I HATE YOU ALL!”

      Now if that doesn’t put a smile on anyone’s face, I do not know what will….

      Dude… should put that on bumper stickers and such. I would buy a few.

    • johnnybgood

      Damn guy, you sound really angry. Do you want to talk or something? I can give me email if you want. I don’t want you to lose it and do something you’ll regret. You sound like you’re on the verge of exploding!

      It’s true, a lot of these CT bitches are just that: BITCHES! Many of these white bitches here are WAAAY OVER-VALUED!!! They are mostly mudsharks; they go after black and puerto rican criminals… but who cares? You’re looking in the wrong places, man. Don’t take it so seriously.

  152. willis

    Why do all of these connecticut whore-bags blast hip-hop bullsh*t in their crappy honda sedan, and then wear sweatpants to the grocery store to show off their fat smelly asses?

    Oh, and if they’re white, they’ve likely been molested up the ass by their deadbeat white fathers, which explains their preference to be impregnated out of wedlock by only black or hispanic men.

    If these chicks are either black or hispanic, they act racist towards white men because of the faggot double-standard pushed in this country, and specifically the super-liberal, corrupt state of CT.

    I hate this liberal faggot-f*ck state piece of sh*t!

      • Ollie

        Hey, I hate people in Connecticut more than or just as much as anyone here, but at least they have the sense to be “liberals” or vote for Democrats. If we started voting Republican, well, we’d be Texas shrunk down to Connecticut size but much much more evil. Connecticut sucks, but at least we’re blue.

      • ummm. really? At least they’re blue? blue as in DEAD BODY..DEAD BRAIN that’s right!!! I’ve been down in texas too…at least they have goods food and venues down there and Texans are generally friendly. If the Patheticans had any of the attributes of the average Texan, then the Patheticans would be at least seemingly normal! When I see those wireless cell phone television commercials about the “dead zone” that is an accurate opinion that I have regarding the whole vibe in Connecticut.

      • shoshfor

        Wow. That whole tirade is so completely untrue I don’t know where to begin. Maybe you need to be on an anti- interracial dating site rather than I hate CT. Judging by your attitude, you seem to be your own worst enemy in finding women. You have serious issues that getting out of CT won’t help you with.

  153. pale_skinned

    Why is it that many (mainly) white women from Connecticut frown upon pale skin? Most of these phony, vain women from CT, who fake-tan at salons, look down upon men with pale skin. For instance, you’ll be at a party and some fake-tanned bitch hoe will feel the need to point out how pale you are by saying: “Wow! You’re really pale!”

    Why do these women do this? Do they feel the need to try and distinguish themselves from other white people by pointing out how pale others are in comparison to their nasty fake ass, in a pathetic attempt to show off their amazingly fake pigmentation?! At least I don’t need to run around pretending I’m Mediterranian or Hispanic like these f*cking white-guilt whores!

    My ancestors were Scotts-Irish, and I’m damn proud of my pale white skin. Most of these slutty white women who tan at salons are mostly whores who probably prostitute themselves on the jewish-owned Craigslist adult services section anyway! Fuck you!

    • shoshfor

      Are you out of your mind? ! You’re a real sicko! Alot of white women tan. Especially in CA, NY, NJ; not only in CT. Some people find it attractive. Its happens all over.

      I’m really not sure what’s going on here. This seemed like a cool thread and now I’m thinking its been taken over by the KKK or something because people are just making up stupid, racist things to be mad about and they just happen to live in CT. That has nothing to do with the state itself. Comments like this should be removed because they have nothing to do with this thread.

  154. CT. SUCKS

    That’s the way CT. is there welcome sighn should say turn back! your not wanted. And have a warning letter under the sighn that entering CT. is hazardouse to your health and mat cause long term stupidity and oggression, if you don’t want to be a loser or become one of us turn back NOW!

  155. CT. SUCKS

    hahah wills comment is so true, about the sweat pants and smelly ass’s, tellin yea ct. houses the worste of the worst and should be used as a pumping area for the rest of america.

  156. I_HATE_CT

    This state sucks total ass. I hate living here. I hate how expensive it is. I hate how crowded it is. I hate how hard it is to make friends. I hate that I’m thirty and I’m still alone. This state is a decadent piece of fucking shit! All there is here are liquor stores run by assholes, or stripclubs to employ whores! FUCK YOU CONNECTICUT!

    This state is full of wealthy, cocky, spoiled, arrogant college party-clowns that drink and act foolish (UCONN, etc). And if they don’t fit that description, they are thugs, thieves, cheaters, and grimey losers! FUCK THIS FUCKING STATE.

    The VA medical center in West Haven actually employs rude thuggish wiggers to work at the cafeteria serving veterans food! These kids are rude assholes. Oh, and most of the rest of the staff there are total anti-white racist pieces of shit! Imagine that! Total fuckers being hired at the VA in CT because this state is filled with so many corrupt assclowns. That’s how Connecticut treats it’s veterans; ie like total shit. I FUCKING HATE YOU CONNECTICUT, I FUCKING HATE YOU!

  157. CThater

    For all of you complaining about CT who are from other areas of the country, consider yourselves fortunate that you didn’t have to grow up here.

    I remember attending high school in a shanty little town in the northeast of CT; a town that shall remain unidentified. It was a small public school, with a gratuating class of less than 200. The town has always seemed to (and still does) have a clanish mentality. If you didn’t have roots in the town dating back at least a few generations, you were treated like an outsider and shunned. Not just by fellow students, but by these crotchety, bitch teachers. I think about how that shit has affected me to this day, and maybe I should get counceling. But I remind myself that these fucktards that run the town are the ones with the real issues.

    All of the students that had a history in the town were the so-called “cool” or “popular” ones. A bunch of inbred hick losers. The cool students’ parents, grandparents, etc. had already staked their claims in town, seizing all of the good real estate properties, jobs, etc. Everyone else got to choose from the overpriced leftover shit, as well as being mistreated by the local-yocal douchebags.

    I look on myspace/facebook and see these same “cool” kids as adults, with their happy fucking 5th or 6th generation or whatever of their imbred loser genes, and I just quiver with amazement and anger. This state is really fucked up!

  158. CT. losers

    I’m leaveing ct. next year, can’t take the b.s anymore. The pepole the politics tired of wasteing my time in a state that is not marketable to the rest of the country, buissness are leaveing this state like crazy only thing keeping this state afloat is sikorskys and fast food shit joints, the pepole suck, the work force sucks if you like working temp jobs. i’d rather live in the bronx n.y much nicer than this shit hole. Well i’m off to the mideast found a stable job the pepole are niceer the food is better going to paint a middle finger in the back of my van that says later losers and FUCK ct.

  159. Ollie

    God, it feels great knowing others feel as I do. I moved to New Canaan in Fairfield county from NYC thinking “oh this will be great to be outdoors and meet interesting people…”. It never happened! There are no nice people and none of them are interesting! All they do is complain and show off what they have! And I am not poor by any means, but when I went to high school there, because I didn’t have the new hummer or the new mustang, I was ridiculed for driving a volkswagan Jetta that was 8 years old. Come on! I hate this state. I am so happy after moving to Cleveland Ohio. I feel bad for people from Rhode Island just because they have to deal with Connecticut ass-wipes.

  160. yep

    It’s not only CT. america has become a lazy, fat, obamanation, you watch what happens in america , we are slowly becomeing a 3rd world nation AND OBAMA NEEDS TO LEAVE OFFICE NOW! we depend on the government to much to supply low cost health isurance, low taxes and so on but obamanation wants a one world nation think about. goto: prison

  161. AngrySailor302

    Things got very annoying in rotten groton today. Most of the traffic lights on Route 12 stopped working, and a few public works people did a very half-assed job of directing traffic.

    We waited for over a half hour at an intersection, while the public works dimwit allowed traffic to go in three of the four directions, when he wasn’t sitting on the curb.

    We had to force our way into the intersection during one of his many breaks. My wife yelled at him to do his job, to which he said that he was directing traffic the entire time, which was a bald faced lie.

    Not only are the people working for the state of corrupticut lazy liars, but they are very stupid too.

  162. I actually like Connecticut. The climate here is pretty well rounded, with few extremes. Both the winters and summers here are generally mild compared to many other parts of the US. The trees here grow into lush, full shade canopies, unlike the scraggly trees down in the south/southwest.

    Also, from anywhere in this state you can easily commute to both NYC and Boston, two of the most historic and famous cities, worldwide. Great for sports fans. Plus, Rhode Island – a stones throw from CT – has some of the most bomb Italian food I’ve ever had. Walk into nearly any Ma’ & Pa’ restaurant in Providence County and the food is at least decent.

    For all the complainers out there, realize that you can google “_insert state_ sucks” and you will find a similar blog for every single state in the US, with people whining about how much their state sucks also. Everywhere has it’s share of problems.

    I agree though that this state has a lot of corruption and a few strange people, but how much worse is it than any other state in the US, really? Think about how lousy it is right now for people living in the Gulf states, especially near the coast!

  163. Ct lover

    I think what makes CT highways are the people from NY, NJ, and MA that suck at driving. As for living here, just outside of New Haven, the beaches are great, I can walk just a mile to get to the beach, we have Ethnic food everywhere, we have great cultural events and art festivals. Not to mention museums. It’s not expensive to live here if you know where to live. Yeah, if you want to live in Westport or Fairfield you have to be a Millionaire, but there are other places that are really nice. Don’t hate CT just because you pass through it on I-95 or I-91 or on the train. There is so much here to be appreciated and liked.

    • AngrySailor302

      There is very little to be appreciated or liked in ct.

      Don’t be delusional, many of the road problems, even those regarding drivers from NY, NJ, and MA, are due to the half-half-half assed design of the roadways, in particular I-95, which does not conform to federal codes for Interstate Highways. The residents are rude, crude, and outright nasty to “outsiders”.

      The tax structure is a mess, and so is the rules regarding vehicle ownership. Quite a few (and by that I mean pretty much every one) have this “me first” snobbish attitude, which accounts for a lot of the piss-poor driving.

      There is more culture in a bowl of yogurt than there is in connectifuck.

      Compared to most of the nation (basically everywere except southern California, NYC, Washington DC, and Florida), housing prices, even for small places like Brooklyn, ct are obscene. (At least there is a lot of fun stuff to do in southern California, NYC, Washington DC, and Florida).

      There is lots of reasons to hate connecticut, and very, very, few reasons to like it (unless you have some sort of mental defect).

      FUCK corrupticut!

  164. CT. sucks

    I like nothing about ct. on 4th of july they closed the beaches and parks becasue they where to full of pepole? all those pepole payed a fee to get in and kicked because to many pepole where at the beach? what a joke, for the pepole that like CT. they must be stupider than i thought, anyone in there right mind would like CT. unless you got a screw loose.

    • wow

      You should probably be worried about going to school and learning how to spell instead of going to the beach. FYI – there is a difference between they’re, their, and there.
      Oh, and the people that already paid an entrance fee to get into the parks were allowed to stay. The state closed the parks to all new guests.

      • ct. sucks

        Anyone that would spend that kind of money to sit and swim at the scuziest beaches in the u.s needs to go back to school and get some common scencce not to swim in it lmao.

  165. angry resident

    Connecticut (and the US at large) is quickly becoming a third-world cesspool. I have recently been noticing a heavy influx in this state of foreigners, illegals, and a corresponding increase in criminal activity in this state in general. This is all occuring at a time where job growth is stagnant, and receding away.

    The political power blocks running the show in CT are heavily corrupted, and have been for years. Also, most of the police here are chicken shit; they harrass white people with jobs and money, while ignoring ethnic criminal activity which seems to be on the rise. I’ll bet that that jew Avigdor, who presides over Congregation Bikur Cholim Sheveth in Westville, the jew lawyer, and all of the other creeps arrested for their involvement in the recent mortgage fraud scheme in New Haven will likely get off scott free! That’s how it works around here!

    Meanwhile, all of the libtard yuppie residents here have their heads in the clouds, ignoring the trouble brewing. As long as they have their cable tv to soothe their minds, nothing will change.

    It is sickening that you still see so many Obummer ’08 bumper stickers on these empty-headed fools’ cars in CT, even after all of the travesties this ass has committed.

    Or worse, I’m STILL seeing wiggers?! And white women with silicone-injected lips and such, trying to act black enough to score a black man (as if trying hard is really necessary). Guess they’re still suffering some serious mental identity crisis.

    I’m suprised these types aren’t already on skid row or knocking at deaths door by now with the depression we’re in. Yet they seem to be doing just fine, continuing to thrive from their welfare checks and crack-cocaine sales. That’s another thing screwed up about this state; the immense narcotics trafficking that occurs constantly, and all of the low lifes involved with it.

  166. Patheticut

    Let’s see, Senator Chris Dodd just gave the Mohegan Sun Casino and their fraudulent injun tribe $54,000,000 in TAXPAYER stimulus money, after they already earned 1.3 BILLION dollars last year?!?!?! What the fuck! Those casinos are fucking pieces of shit, and they are the reason there are so many bad drivers with road rage, and criminals coming into this state!
    Every so-called “indian” in this piece of fucking shit state is an arrogant douchebag with a superiority complex, gushing over their alleged special heritage. Chris Dodd is a straight up fucking CRIMINAL, and so are the rest of the politicians, banksters, real estate agents, and zionist kikesters like Joe Liebermann! I am totally out of this rat-fucking hole of a state!

  167. CT_Hater

    One thing I noticed about this state is how everyone is suspicious of one another. Talk about a living hell! Like if you say hello to a couple, the man looks at you suspiciously, as if you’re gonna steal his shitty bitch. News Flash Homo! No one wants your sleezy CT whore! Fucking butt-fucker!

    I think it’s because the quality of women here sucks major balls, so any guy who has a woman goes out of his way to shun and mistreat any single guy that is just trying to be polite. Fuck you insecure clown fucks! I don’t want your shitty whore, I’m just trying to be nice. Losers!

  168. CT. idiots

    As soon i get money saved up i’m out of this shit hole women are barbie doll slutts who only want to date bling bling ken dolls who work at walmart or some outsourced b.s company. This state is for dumb ass yuppie nimbi attitude, most of ct. is sleezy dirt bag losers and there rice burners teens act like black wantbees racist spiold bratts crime is on the rise becasue to many lazy ghetto street corner slugs, And don’t forget the hillbilly wantabees with there fat guts hanging out there t-shirts and plumbers crack.

  169. CT Drivers SUCK!

    CT drivers are phucking losers! You people are the most arrogant, incompitent, piece of phuck drivers in existance! PHUCK EVERY SINGLE PHUCKING ONE OF YOU WHORE FAGGOTS WITH A LICENSE!!!!!!!!!!

  170. Capn

    I spent last weekend on the Jersey shore and it was lovely. Driving down from NH went OK but driving through CT still sucked huge balls like always. The good part of that was I didn’t have to stop there for anything. I attended the nicest wedding on Saturday right on the beach with steel drum players and crashing waves. I saw a bunch of old friends and relatives and little kids that have grown up now. I drove home Sunday afternoon but didn’t want to fuck up my warm and fuzzy feeling so I stayed on the west side of the Hudson all the way to the NY throughway/Mass Pike and skipped CT completeley. What a nice scenic drive and I got home in the same time without a case of the road rage, it was worth it. Spread the word, don’t be a CT driver.

  171. guest

    Ct. sucks i agree, nothing there worth while , i went to visit my parents in ct. the drivers suck ass and the pepole suck to. Thank god my parents had a pool for my kids to play in becasue CT. beaches suck and no entertainment sucks to, CT. is filed with morons thank god i don’t live there.

  172. Connectifaggot

    Most of the cops in CT are on the payroll of the drug smugglers; I live in rotten groton, and I see all sorts of negroes involved with crack-cocaine deals CONSTANTLY, and the cops – I swear – are litterally on the fucking payroll of the mafia… That’s why none of the fuckheads ever get busted. These cops here are fucking coward fucks. They don’t give a shit about anyone, they just care about manipulating the general population into cohersion.

  173. I have not been on this site for a while…I got lucky and moved away from Ct. a month and a half ago. I resided there for 2 years…..prob the equivalent to burning in hell. I’m back in California…yeah! I hope every one of you people who hate it there can leave soon….I will pray for you…I really will. Living in connecticut was not living at all. It felt like some unexplainable emotional, mental and spiritual entrapment. It IS a backward, filthy, boring and corrupt place full of hostile clowns and down in the mouth jokers. For the citizens who live there who like it…….get help. For those of you who hate it but pretend to like it….why kid yourselves? For those of you who are aware that it is a cesspool of social, psychological and sexual horror….I hope you get out so very soooon!

  174. Chloe

    I live in Connecticut and I agree, it sucks. I’ve lived here all of my life and I find it materialistic and all of that stuff, but I think this article plus the comments are slightly judgmental. I think that you will find crappy people everywhere and Connecticut has it’s good points. It does have natural beauty, and outside of Fairfield County there is none of that rich bitch bullshit.

  175. oh no

    Natural beauty? where? been all over CT. only natural beaty i found was pot plants growing in harfort and bridgeport lol.

  176. AngrySailor302

    Well, we have finally made the jump from corrupticut to North Dakota, and are enjoying life in a wonderful state with plenty of jobs.

    However, the assholes that run the housing office that we lived in are now claiming that we owe them back rent for time after we moved out, typical dishonest nutmeggers for you.

    FUCK corrupticut, and may a horrible death reach everyone stupid enough to like corrupticut.

  177. good

    That’s great sailor, CT sucks i moved out years ago and everything said against CT. is true, CT. is for idiots that like pain and suffering, or just plain to stupid lmao.

  178. good

    That’s great sailor, CT sucks i moved out years ago and everything said against CT. is true, CT. is for idiots that like pain and suffering, or just plain to stupid well they are stupid lol.

  179. CT can suk my left nut

    Wow…4 years of negative comments and still going strong. I’ve been working in this putrid shithole of a state for less than a month and am already contemplating suicide. I loathe every one of you Connectifuck residents; From the left lane hogging, bumper riding assholes who think turn signals are optional, to every person behind a cash register at any business. I have never felt so un-welcome in any state I’ve worked in, mind you I’m a mixed minority that has been down south and gotten at least a few smiles from the locals there. Despite these hard times, I wish they’d lay me off so I can collect unemployment in a place that I won’t be treated like a leper. FUCK CT

    • ann

      Honey, I grew up here although originally from CA – most of the family is out there – and they still treat me like a leper. This state welcomes no one. I’m moving back to CA. THANK YOU JESUS!

  180. Robert MacDowell

    I have lived in CT all my life and believe me, CT SUCKS!!!! Everything is so damn expensive, people are rude, the blue laws are a joke, and they tax the CRAP out of you.

    I hate it here, and I always have. I wish I could afford to move.

  181. Robert is right

    I,ve worked since 15 years old , not like the porch monkey kids i see on a school day walking the streets every day and when i come home from work i still see kids hanging out on mommy’s and daddy’s porch not making any effort to look for work lived all my life in CT. and CT. is not the place to be lazy ass rich kids parents that don’t care otherwise, N.Y city is better than CT. CT. is the only state that shouldn’t be one. It’s a state made for alazy dumbass rich bitches that have no clue in life what’s going on.

  182. Joshua

    I’ve lived in Connecticut my whole life (40 long years) and I thought it was just me, but listening to you people is making me think it’s time to get the hell out of this forsaken place. They don’t stare in other places?

  183. AngrySailor302

    Here is an idea: international Shit-on-connectifuck day!

    • jenkem

      Fuck you angry loser. You bitch and gripe about how everyone in Groton relies on the sub base to sustain their businesses. How in the fuck are you any different? You and your family rely on government war mongering just the same. The US Navy and the rest of the military is just a big fucking baby mill for the most part. Have you ever stopped and thought about how much it costs to house, cloth, feed, and provide health care for you and your fellow sailors, and all of your dependants?

      I laughed when I read where you defended Georgia, as if that state isn’t corrupt as fuck! Are you kidding me? That state is just as scummy as CT. My friend had his car stolen by a tow truck and the police did absolutely nothing. What kind of state allows people to sell cars without having a title? Apparently shit states like Georgia. Gee, let’s see; we’ve got KFC, Popeyes, Church’s Chicken, BK Wings… a bunch of shitty ass fried fucking chicken joints. BFD! How in the fuck is that state any better? Enjoy your long-ass winters up in North-bumfuck-Dakota!

      • Shut the fuck up JenCLIT

        We don’t give a rat’s tutu about what you think JenShit! FUCK OFF back to your trailer trash home to get bum-fucked by your hillbilly uncle bob!

  184. fuck CT.

    Jenkem sounds and talks like a CT. loser enoughe said

    • AngrySailor302

      Agreed. It seems as though he needs to seek refuge in a padded room. If other states are as bad as connecticut, then why isn’t there as many sits against states other than corrupticut?

      Did any other states print too few ballots this election? How about running out more than once?

      At least there are better drivers, more jobs, and a lower cost of living in North Dakota.

  185. Another reson

    Another reason why CT. sucks Bridgeport voting polls ran out of ballets not ones but twice! main excuse there to expensive to buy. Any state that can’t afford ballets for voters has a mager issue, then again being a former CT. resident wouldn’t surprise me any CT. does suck and so does the people in many ways much happier ever since i moved out of retardticuit enjoy your horror CT. you deserve it :)

  186. ct. sucks

    Well if any ct. person can give a positive look on the state I’d like to hear from them? besides the three seasons, winter, spring summer or fall, what do you like about ct. don’t include open spaces either. Be honest! then again i think ct. people ARE FROM FROM THERE FEELING AND BEING HONEST LOL.

  187. Irritated Jetsetter

    Yes I’m pissed off, and people in CT irritate the shit out of me. I think I hate Connecticut more than anyone ever. It’s filled with ignorant self-absorbed snobbish bullshit stupid boring people who think they are better than everyone else. There’s absolutely nothing to do. All I see people do other than work is clean their fucking boats. The restaurants and nightlife suck ass. The companies here are filled with over-competitive lonely weird ugly people who have nothing better to do but work extremely long hours. The drivers are aggressive and rude. People are loud and constantly talk about themselves. FUCK Connecticut. I can’t wait to get out of this dump!

  188. ct_hater

    ct sucks ass is the truth. i feel like everyone is out for themselves so no one ever wants to have any friends. and wtf is up with EVERY FEMALE being pregant??? I’m a female, but seriously! i love how you ask someone what is there to do here: “Ummmm Casino, drinking, oh yea New York and Boston are pretty close if you don’t mind driving. under 21? yea you’re fucked.” i swear this place is a black hole filled with idiots of america galore…

  189. employment

    getting a job in ct. sucks most of the hireing mangers are big headed idiotss or young lazy kids looking for an easy income fuck ct.

  190. Just got back from this shithole

    Nutmegger is my new word for douche bag. Horrible place. We should just push it off into the sea, maybe the tital wave will flood Long Island. Two turds with one stone.

  191. faggothater

    Looks like the little Jew-boy faggot that runs this blog has begun editting and moderating all new additions. His ethnocentric, racist kike ass is probably soo hypocritical that he simply can’t tolerate hearing others speak the truth about why this state sucks so much, and why the rest of the US is on a steep decline. Here’s a hint: It’s because of hypocritical, parasitical, liberal faggot kike fucks like yourself! How ironic (yet not at all surprising) that a dick-fuck puke-fuck jew-bitch like yourself starts a blog complaining about CT, yet the reasons this state sucks so much can be clearly linked back to this evils of this loser’s kin.

    You’ll never be a real irishman, jew bitch!

  192. Brendan

    The Heart of Darkness: CONNECTICUT’S UNTOLD STORY

    I moved to CT following all my evil urges, (money, vanity, etc.) I thought perhaps I could get caught up and play the role of some self-absorbed, white male here. Everything I had heard and perceived was of rich white snobs. Sure I knew it was all an act for me, but even for an act I thought it would be a fun one, but the biggest secret of CT is the Rednecks, Townies, Village People, and the profoundly viscous, indescribable boredom.
    I didn’t grow up in a city or any hotspot for fun, but quickly slowly realized that everything good, creative, and inspiring dies once you cross that Connecticut border. I never could have imagined the horror of it, the sheer inescapable horror; like a silent drill penetrating the center of humanity’s collective heart and soul.
    I beg of anyone thinking of moving to Connecticut, not to. Please, don’t do it to yourself. I’m sure if you look at your motivations some form of delusion orselfish greed is one of your reasons. Let me tell you, nobody is sophisticated. It’s a wasteland, and not just a snob type of way. It’s a land of northeast rednecks. Everybody is isolated and it is not as much that they are rude, as it is that they are not alive. They are not all rich, but rather bizarrely in love with themselves. I understand everybody usually develops some form of affinity for where they grow up or live , but Connecticut is no man’s land. IT has no identity, caught between NY and Massachussets, the only thing its citizens have clinged onto is that CT has the reputation of being the richest state, but of course none of its citizens can claim to be responsible for that, as it is more, the richest of the rich live in VERY MINISCULE GEOGRAPHIC AREAS. there’s a few cities, but not more than a handful. The rest is a poor, or lower to upper middle class pit of despair. I can’t say I hate everyone here, as much as feel sorry for them. I can’t imagine the pain they live with and the confusion they must live in not knowing the true cause of it lies in the shadows of the trees, plazas, street signs, and lamo’s of Connecticut itself.
    Connecticut is the modern middle class world of 1984. I kid you not. Emptiness personified in a state. No self indulgence, or misguided priorities. But pure emptiness, pure nothingness. The world before the Big Bang would be a better spot to live or vacation, despite its formlessness. If existense was formless before the Big Bang. Connecticut is pure nothingness with a form. A form like a cardboard cutout, it almost at times looks real, sometimes you may even deleude yourself that its nice and that you are happy. But it will dissappear, and you will have nothing and be a shell of yourself, hopefully able to pick up the pieces of your shattered self identiy and soul. You will not even know which it is, a soul, an idea, who you are. Your self awareness will be no more and you will not know if you exist seperate from Connecticut, or if you are a part of the nightmare yourself. You will wonder if you perhaps are sadistic and masochistic and wanted all of this to happen. You will be lost. Lost in Connecticut has no charm of deep pain capable of a spiritual epiphamy. It is a labrynth of its own torture.
    I write this out of love for anyone who is thinking of moving and who will listen. Whatever your nightmare and worst imagined reality of what Connecticut is, if you move here, what will manifest will exceed any terror your mind can perceive. Your own personal hell will manifest itself here, and it will vary from individual to individual. So just let it go. Be truly wise and don’t learn something for yourself, Be wise and listen the experience of other souls who just don’t want the downward spiral to occur that will surely happen if you move here. Step back from the ledge, it’s not worth it. It’s just not worth it. Choose Life, Choose Truth, Choose anywhere but Connecticut. Please….

    • ronald

      See, I agree with you about the CT bringing out a “personal hell” which turns out to be different for each person. Actually, I agree about most of what you’ve said. However, since I grew up here, I’m obviously not just here to pursue my “evil urges,” as you put it.
      As shitty as this state can be for a number of reasons, these people from other state who bitch and whine are pathetic as hell. Most of them are here pursuing some bullshit career, and could care less about the natives in the first place. There are some really wonderful people here, inspite of what these haters try to say. Note that I am sympathetic though, since I too plan on getting away from here as soon as possible.
      This state probably used to be an amazing place back when it was still very rural, when films such as “Summer Vacation,” starring Mickey Rooney, as well as “Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream Home,” starring Cary Grant were made about Connecticut. Or the famous 1945 film “Christmas in Connecticut,” which depicts a much more tranquil and peaceful place than the empty, wiggerized shell of a place that this state has turned into in recent decades.
      What all of these whiners and haters should keep in mind is that, the issues which plague this particular state are really not entirely unique to CT, and that these same issues currently plague the rest of the country, in varying degrees.

      • FYI: Mr. Blandings builds his dream house was filmed (shacky house first purchased) on the old Fox ranch property in Malibu creek State Park in the hills a few miles from Malibu, Ca. The inside scenes, of course at the film studios (duh).
        “Christmas in Connecticut” and “Bringing up Baby” were both filmed in Hollywood, using the same Connecticut Fabricated Home Set.

        “Summer Holiday” (not summer vacation) starring Mickey Rooney was filmed in Hollywood.
        So any fairy tale granted over to this shithole state of Connecticut has been a terrible and cruel fabrication of a lie….it is one of the pathetic lies that the patheticans who love this rankhole cling too. It isn’t even real. SORRY…more bad news and pathetic facts for this shithole nothingness state,

      • all filmed in the hills of malibu and hollywood and movie sets…..none of it related to ct., sorry…nothing to cling too…not even the fairytales of these movies…do your research. Connecticut…EMPTY shithole…always was …it just keeps getting worse

  193. amy

    I grew up in AZ and moved to CT about five years ago. Honestly, yes, CT does kinda blow. There are definitely some bad aspects, but it’s not all “patheticut” like you pussies are complaining.

    Suck it up and stop bitching about stupid, inane non-issues. You wish you could handle living here.

    Personally, I hardly ever have trouble driving on 95 or the Merritt due to traffic. Don’t tell me CT is horrible for interstate driving, because I have probably sat longer in one instance of traffic in Jersey than I have collectively in my entire time driving in CT.

    And what, you’re too much of an idiot to plan ahead if you want to get drunk? Buy enough booze for when you need it, dumbass. It’s not difficult.

    It really doesn’t do any of you any favors to bitch and whine immaturely about something you’re not going to change. Connecticut is Connecticut – if you don’t like it, how about you move here and vote to help change things? Or I mean, you could just write ignorant comments with horrible grammar on the internet and desperately hope that it helps raise your self-esteem by a notch.

  194. wipe ass ct.

    AMY are you on crack? who the fuck likes CT. unless your a rich snobby self important twit, telling by your comment neither your young and dumb, or a brain dead blind person you’ll fit right into this state it’s full of people like you DUMB, SELF CENTERED, JUDGING, LAME, CLOSED MINED , GREEDY BITCHES

  195. wipe ass ct.

    I moved out of CT. 2 years ago and let me tell you CT. sucks major cock compared to CT’s high taxes lame government and stupid people on the face of the earth enjoy your high taxes and brain dead civilization MIGHT AS WELL CALL CT. STATE OF THE APES! there’s no good food, entertainment unless your a lame pussy and have no class then CT fits you.

  196. ronald

    Hey wipe-ass-ct, where exactly are all of these states with the alleged great food and great entertainment? I was in North Carolina recently, and other than some good BBQ I had, most of the places seemed like shitty box stores and chain restaurants, not much unlike the rest of the nation these days. Also, what kind of entertainment am I missing out on that takes place elsewere? Serious, like bowling alleys or some shit? I mean, most people get together and play Wii or X-box 360 these days for activities like bowling with friends, so I’m sure the lack of entertainment isn’t unique to this state.

    If you mean like nightclubs or something, NYC and Boston has all of that, and is close enough if needed. The nightclub scene when I was in Phoenix, AZ, for instance, was more lively, but young people where rowdy, drunk, and rude as hell. Women to Men ratio sucked there as well as it ever did here (too many meathead dudes, bitchy/snobby chicks, etc.) So, basically what I’m asking is, Where are all of the great exciting spots that aren’t fucked up the way you claim this state is? (not that I disagree entirely)

    • The Good food, entertainment and beautiful scenery is in California, Oregon, and Washington State…Mr. Ronald McDonald. Now go run on over to the double arches and cry into your milkshake with “the clown.”

  197. Joe Connsuck

    Take it from me I have lived in this state for 60 years.
    That giant sucking sound (it gets louder by the year) is the CT government
    sucking your wallet dry. They never have enough money. Lottery income was not enough, casino revenue not enough, sales tax not enough, income tax not enough, license fees not enough. Now Malloy wants more and has the nerve to call it a sacrifice! I have had it. I am selling my house and moving to Floriada.

  198. What would make you think people from Ct have an attitude…Punk? And the rest of you can keep going, we don’t want you here anyway.

    • That is exactly what the smart and/or lucky people did that set foot on to Patheticutt soil…they turned back AROUND and kept going…haha the “other” way. Sorry that you are so PATHETICUTTLY know….if you tried hard enough you might be able to get out too!

  199. pathetict

    That’s all you can say is we don’t want you here in the first place? perfect example of closed minded thinking and the lack of brainpower to think outside the box, typical ct. idiot. And another lame comeback they use is they try and blame poor grammar on the person who says something they don’t like, dry stale people they are lmao.

  200. I am finally leaving this God forsaken “state” called Connecticut. I am leaving this dump for greener pastures, a better career, and a so that I might have a fighting chance at having a LIFE. I am leaving this shit hole, and never returning.

    Everyday I have have some typical bad experience – like the ones described on this blog – with one of these stuck up CT Assholes. BUT, I hold my tongue as best as I can, because I KNOW I will be leaving here soon. I laugh inside, as I pay the cashier, which usually turns out to be some jaded, bitchy and conceited young woman, as she gives me a nasty vibe and attitude.

    I laugh inside, when I see all of these double-standard holding minorities here try and look hard and intimidating towards innocent white people. All because they’re dimwits enough to have been convinced by the jewsmedia that whites are somehow responsible for their plight. I laugh, because I’ve travelled to plenty of places where this “entitlement” mentallity hardly exists amongst minorities. This state really sucks in so many ways!

    Yet still, I laugh hardest at the BM/WF couples that act smug, arrogantly flaunting their ethnic partner to garner envy. It’s funny, because I know places where people still have a healthy sense of pride towards their own heritage. I know there still exists places in this nation where the inhabitants still try their best to preserve their culture, instead of snuffing it out in the name of “diversity,” unlike the cultureless bitches here in CT.

    I laugh, rather than let myself anger, when I am reminded of the voting fraud/fiasco that occured in Bridgeport this past November during the elections. It’s funny to me that the idiots in this state would vote for a democrat Governor, even in light of the problems associated with our current excuse for a President, and all of his bosses/minions. Either way, the outcome was doomed. The Lieberman family probably pulled strings, and had it rigged from the get-go, with planned busing of minorites into the Bridgeport polls in order to gain a democrat victory. Again, funny to me, since I won’t be sticking around long enouth to allow any of these clowns to ruin my life. Instead, I’ll be laughing at a safe distance.

    Honestly, it will be such a pleasure and a relief to finally exit this hell hole known as Connecticut. I shall not regret my choice to leave for a second. This place can break off into the sea, for all I care. I’ve had enough of it, and I’m not going to contribute towards the prosperity of anyone who inhabits this state any longer. Fare Well.

  201. jnet

    So, I live in Connecticut as my permanent address, go to school in Maine, and honestly, I like coming home to Connecticut. It’s given my father a job, it’s given me a damn good education, and a place to live; isn’t that what we all want? You’re going to find poor drivers everywhere, as well as corrupt politicians and taxes and unemployment and poverty. It’s a fact of life. So instead of taking your anger out on a website that will do nothing, why not try writing your state legislature to fix things? Or, if you don’t like living here, then leave. If you’re over 18 there’s not much stopping you (except in extenuating circumstances). I’ll keep my driving and my lower-middle class life and the Subase, and you can get out.

  202. Worse than the 9th layer of hell, Connecticut has been my worst enemy all my life. Whoever said “Florida is where America goes to die.” was WRONG. This state is full of elderly wrinkled politicians down each others throats in order to be heard before they finally can cash in on their retirement (or before they get thrown out of office because of Alzheimers.). If you ever want to start your own business and show off what you can really do with a valued hobby of yours go somewhere else. CT only values a price tag and a name brand. They will never see you for a talented individual and their citizens will only ask “Do you have a degree for this?” and “What college did you go to for it?”. If you’re younger….yeah. You’re hit for anything super cool to do. You’ll end up stuck in a restaurant where you’re expected to tip double and offer whatever else is in your pockets for the “exceptional” service and meal that someone “slaved” over for you. Then you get to leave and feel more guilty about the person working than remember the good time you originally wanted to have. Try not having a car in CT. Ok, now try walking in an outfit that isn’t made by NorthFace or some upscale brand. Great, now that you’re already labeled as “poor” and “unfashionable” you can really feel great about yourself during your little stroll around town. And if you want to do the opposite (for example me, model, get on a TV show, and look pretty) you will then be discriminated by the drab ugly stuck up women that aren’t able to do just the same. CT is full of succubus bitches and money harboring men that wouldn’t throw a penny to a bum unless their career depended on it. I can’t wait to leave.

  203. ct. women

    Ct. Women suck there dumb ass bitches my last date i made a big mistake of being a nice guy and i got taken advantage of Lott of weird stuck up women in CT. there all fucked in the head. I’m moving soon myself fuckin state should be taken over by n.y.

    • most of these bitches here probably have HPV virus or herpes or hepatitis, and most have probably been through six abortions by the time they reach 25, or they have a bunch of kids out of marriage with a handfull of different criminal jerk men. this is because of their lack of class and intelligence, w/ their slutty behavior…, their parents having zero moral compass. who would want that baggage anyhow? bitches here are either wierd, nasty dope addict freeloaders w/ 5 mixed kids and about the same number of stds and on welfare…., or they’re the spoiled uppercrust bitches who go to conn college and hate manly men, and have the whole “that’s what you get for waking up in vegas mentality”; these ‘ho’s probably rent a cheap hotel for fun so they can get drunk w/ their girlfriends and sniff bath salts while discussing liberal politics and how much they love obama, while experimenting with lesbianism and laughing hard at jon stewart liebowitz on comedy central.

  204. ct. women

    Fucktards in ct. don’t even know there stupid and lame.

    • ctwomensuckfeces

      All of the half-way decent looking single women in this state are SOOOOOO hung up on themselves, because they have very little competition, since the number of single men in this shitty state FAR outweigh the amount of available women. This is a FACT!

      I got stuck behind a light today in rotten groton, ’cause some bitch was primping her hair while looking into the rearview mirror of her expensive black acura instead of paying attention to the light changing.

      It’s like every club/bar/whatever social event I’ve ever attended lving in CT has always been overwhelmingly MALE. Not that a guy shouldn’t have a few buddies to kick it with, but how fucking irritating that every goddamn party ever was nothing but a bunch of horny dudes all jocking the same 2 or 3 snotty bitches who are in love with themselves! Either that, or some dude with his girlfriend, and like ten single dudes, and maybe like one fat ungly chick and a dog, lol. And if the bitches are even half-way decent looking, or, and especially of mixed race, they act like they’re such a fucking asset to the world. God I hate this place! What kind of God would destroy the lives of so many innocent Japanese, a monoculture of beautiful, intelligent, and cultured people, yet spare a bunch of cultureless, evil, deceitful, rotten attitude having CUNTS that are higher on themselves than crackheads are on cocaine?!

      I don’t bother to keep myself well groomed anymore because these women aren’t worth the shit I flush down the toilet. I always get a good laugh when one of these twat trap bitches shows off their cleavage for attention, or whatever. I totatally have zero in common with these cunts; yet they simply can’t seem to be able to fathom why men like me could give a fuck about them, as we ignore their selfish, nasty ass.

  205. CTisrunbyHeebs

    This entire state is run by a bunch of crooked, maniacal jews. Right now kikes here that own abandon real estate are bringing in chinese without citizenship or documentation, and allowing them to live in these abandon building in exchange probably for a lot of money. 327 Laurel Hill Ave, Norwich, CT, 06360-6928, is one building where Chinese are living illegally. They operated a bar/restaurant called “Arima” there for a while, without permits I assume, because they have a buddy in Connecticut within the Jewish community. I don’t blame the Chinese for what they are doing; I blame the jewish kikes running this state. I actually bumped into one of the kike while frequenting that establishment a few months ago. I hope that fucking heeb gets his face smashed the fuck in with a cinderblock, or that he gets pushed down a few dozen flights of stairs.

    Another thing: the only reason K-2 spice, aka fake marijuana, is being sold here in CT is so that evil, narcassistic kike faggots can get the gullable goyim here into giving these levantine serpents more hard earned money before they finally allow us to legally use marijuana like our ancestors once did. This is the ONLY reason why there is a smoke shop in Groton, near the sub base, that sells this K-2 shit. The jew business faggots know that military take random drug tests, yet synthetic cannabinoids fail to show up on their drug screening radar. Thus a loop hole exists for jewish clandestine drug manufacturing labs in Israel to synthesize designer drugs, and sell them to Goyim, in order to cripple them both financially and physically. And as long as sailors don’t get caught, the kike gets yet ANOTHER payout!

    Ah yes, and isn’t it funny how many pro-Obama stickers can still be seen around this state? They actually gave this asshole, kike-puppet president a NOBEL fucking PEACE PRIZE! Yet he has just got the US into ANOTHER WAR with Lybia?!?!!?

  206. fuckctjewbags

    hey you forgot to mention that the little parasites also are the reason for the porn industry’s very existence. also, the kikes got away with operating the world’s largest prostiution ring via craigslist adult services for several years; they’re the reason for human sex trafficking. did you notice how it was (now) senator dick blumenthal tried to act like he and the rest of his jew faggot buddies are the reason it got shut down; this is because kikes are experts at diverting their red-handed guilt elsewhere. craigslist was started by a fucking kike in the first place; it’s obvious kikes were behind the craiglist prostitution ring; just look at who controls the state of NV (kikes like harry reid), the only state with legalized prostitution. these rotten weasels are never punished for their crimes against humanity.

  207. The truth

    I dated a women in in Groton we went out for a long time and we started getting into a serious relationship and i did everything for that women got along with her kids looked like everything was going to work out. Until one day she just blew me off! never called no reason behind why she did it when i was there long periods of time this winter, i shoveled the drive way took the garbage out did the dishes took her kids to work so on so forth might as well have a big sucker sine on my forehead. That was my 5th date in my life time and i see a pattern in CT. women very passive inconsiderate greedy bitches. Well i look at this way it there loss!

  208. HartfordWelfareFraud

    For all of you liberal, candy-ass whites in this state who feel they have to turn their nose up to working-class whites, all while sucking up to browns and blacks, get a load of this:

    [Dominican] Man Pleads Guilty To Food Stamp Fraud Worth $1.6 Million:,0,5938418.story

  209. Fraud

    In pathetict. food stamp fraud is nothing compared to what goes on every day. Ct is turning into murder capital of the country and the housing for the low life cheese balls, and dumb yuppies with a low i.q of status quot of who has the bigger house and biggest car, i don’t give a fuck what these rich yuppies have far as I’m concerned if i see you driving a BMW or hummer i laghe because they blow there money on high priced pieces of shit to begin with just shows me me how much more stupid you are I’m not impressed at all.

  210. CT. sucks

    here’s another reason why CT. sucks they vote for crooks read this.. ct. is a overt taxed shithole!

  211. another reson

    well malloy that the CT. bonehead voters voted for now have to suffer more taxes and the labor unions will be moving out of CT. real soon along with the business ct. sucks read this..

  212. Searcha

    So you are all generalizing people , also I live in ct my whole life in Bridgeport and I’m 15 I do admit I hate going to private school and Greenwich as I’m the only person of minority there and everyone there is a rich snob that thinks they have the hardest life in the world but soon as I’m done with college I’m out of this shit hole

  213. another seson, cuts ties with CT. because taxes are to high even dealing with online sales.

  214. NY1

    Boy, do I agree. Native New Yorker, and will always be. Born and raised in the Bronx, and although even the nicer sections have got their problems, at least the people are real and genuine. I had no idea how true the rumors were. Sorry, but you folks from CT, walk around with sticks up your asses. And what gets me, is that we moved to a middle class town, and trust me you got nothing to stick your nose in the air about!!! I mean I’ve been here a year, and made only one friend!!! And guess what she’s originally from FL!! I call this place the Stepford Town. Everyone loves to wave and give a half smile, but trust me you won’t get a lick more!! What cracks me up is that all my life I heard comments about rude New Yorkers. Let me tell you that is far from the truth. We are the most down to earth, real people, fun loving, you will ever find! I feel like I am slowing dying here. My soul is just slipping away, so sad. I would love to go back to my old house, and be my happy self again. P.S. Also, the schools suck here, my kids got a better education in New York!

  215. Agreed

    NY1 you are right CT. sucks! don’t know what people find in ct. to be so special unless there that stupid or maybe they got there own gene pool of scum that never leaves the state.

  216. lmao

    ct. people love to drive into buildings and house lol. almost every other day there is a car in a house or a business
    lmao XD they drive like shit on a shingle lol,. and they do have shit for brains .

  217. Fl Realtor

    Yes CT does indeed SUCK!! I moved to Florida 7 years ago and never looked back. It’s got to be the classic rat race of all time. The most disgusting weather, 2 seasons folks in case you haven’t noticed, unfriendly, dark and dismal, overcrowded, dirty, polluted air, polluted water, congested highways everywhere, gray skies in winter, hazy skies in summer, $20. to park on any beach, snobs and blobs, attitudes, boring people, and everyone with that blank stare whether a waitress, clerk or office worker. It’s the epitomy of dismal. The state is full of snobs who consider themselves better than average, single women with attitudes, single men with YAY-HOO mentalities, lousy roads, crooked politicians, highest taxes, worst services in spite of it, and offers NOTHING for the people unless you can afford it. Florida is full of sunshine, smiling faces, smooth roads, great food, friendly people, the world’s best beaches that cost 50 cents an hour to park on, little litter, free parks, gorgeous girls, optimistic attitudes, blue skies, every day is summertime and everyone is happy to be here. Come on down!!!

  218. another reason

    Another reason to stay away from CT. and another reason is that CT. people don’t know who to vote for ecept the greedy tax sucking slugs like malloy. He’s trying to suck and drive out every union worker out of the state! CT= SUCKS STAY AWAY FROM CT.!

  219. CTsucksniggersdicks

    The radiology department at the West Haven VA is run by a bunch of lazy, incompetant, piece of shit NIGGERS! I hate you stupid affirmative-action hired monkey fucks!

    Also, most of resident intern doctors are jewish kike fag boys who think it’s okay to utilized veterans as human guinea pigs just because their stupid Torah says so.

    And most of the women who work at this hopital would be much better suited if they were employed at an abortion clinic, due to how much they lack in human compassion.

    I hate all of you rotten fucking niggers that work in the radiology department. I am contemplating going in there with a weapon, and killing as many of you turd-baby shitting fucknuts as possible. I’ll pull a Virginia Tech on your lame rotten fucking asses, you nigger lousy fucks! Be on high alert!

  220. Brandon

    I have lived in CT my whole childhood so far, and I plan on moving when I get the chance. I’ll admit it’s not the most excititng place in the country, not the friendliest either, and its weather can be depressing during the winter. But this place is beautiful during the summer, spring, and fall. Not everyone here is a douchebag or a rich kid. In fact, I’d say the majority is lower class or lower middle class. The last time I saw a polo shirt was in 7th grade, and I’m a senior in high school now. And there are plenty of gorgeous women here. Sure, a lot of them are bitches, but there are a lot of nice ones too. The main thing I hate here is the government. God damned fascists don’t want me to own a firearm, and will tread on my rights whenever they can. Yes CT has issues, and yes there are plenty of better places to live, but I grew up here and I love it for that. The funniest thing is that ALL OF YOU PEOPLE are being the styreotypical, hypocritical douchebags that are generalizing us all as being stuck up pricks, yet you are all doing the exact thing you’re criticizing us about. I’m sure I’m going to get lots of shit for this comment, but whatever, there are far too many idiots on the internet –who all think they’re too great for their second-hand opinions to be wrong– to care.

  221. OMG!

    Spoken like a true blind northerner you can’t sugar coat a turd there Brandon CT. SUCKS ASS!

    • Brandon

      Yup. And spoken like a true condescending ass, you try to tell me that CT sucks when I’m the one that lives here, and that is just YOUR opinion. I wasn’t sugar-coating anything. I was telling the truth. It’s NOT the best place in the country. It’s far from it. But it’s far from the worst too. So get off your high horse and act like a respectable person.

  222. noella

    moving here was the worst mistake of my life. i can’t wait to get back to jersey.

  223. ct. idiots

    Wow Brandon spoken like a true liberal just like most of ct. idiots, you can keep your liberal state and high taxes. I’ll just stay where i am making a good and better living while you continue to come back and argue that you can polish a turd have a nice life in your shit hole later sucker ;). and I’ll just laghe you you northerners get sucked dry by the nice corrupted politicians you retards vote for. have fun hahahahah XD

    • Brandon

      Alright, you tool. Liberal? HAH! Nothing can be farther from the truth! Just because the government here is liberal, doesn’t mean that all the people who live here are. Sorry to burst your bubble, but I don’t play into all that political party bullshit. And secondly, are you so much of an ignorant idiot that you didn’t even read my comment? I plan on moving, but for me to sit here and let you douchebags use your ill-informed opinions to trash on my home-state would be idiotic, almost as idiotic as you. Whatever, i’m not even going to look at this retarded page anymore, because I have better things to do with my life than argue like a child. So don’t worry, you can all stay where you are in your miserable, hateful little bubbles; I won’t try to bring you to big bad reality.

  224. i REAAALLLYY apreciate—no LOVE the guy who wrote this article….you have NO IDEAAAA…so i was born in waterburry..aka dirty water connecticut…raised in nice clean beautiful wholesome Gwinnett County Georgia<3< 16 years old and i had to move to ct because of family reasons…ive been up here for 9 months…i now HATE NORTHERNERS!!!uggghhh the ignorance..they are so close minded and rude..imagine being a sweet southern belle all your life then coming to new england..i mean really ive been all around (Atlanta)Georgia–shout out to Bankhead parties and my favorate radio station,the People station V-103!!..i love the south period and no one will ever change my mind..when i turn 18 im moving back home!!!these people up here cant DRIVE n im sick of having ROAD RAGE FROM THE PASSENGERS SEAT!!!

  225. ohhh and!!!these bitches up here cant WAIT TO GET PREGNANT HOW FREAKIN TRASHYY!!! “ohh gurl isaw yo 3rd babydaddy Jerome at a party wit yo alleged babydaddy Ty’Quayy!!gurlll dey wus both gettin it in with dat SMUT ASS SMIB Rah’ juss sayin tho she dirty as f**k n she suck mad d*ck kissed ya man n now he kissin you…” all dat dam gossip ughhh i hate these ghetto ass bitches..can yu believe they look at me crazy for NOT HAVIN A BABY BY 16 YEARS OLD!!!trashy ass hoes up here i hate it and they nosey n all of them lesbion or bi….not a homophobe i accually have mad gay friends bt theres a diff btw being gay & just actin like that to get sum niggas attention…yu hopeless ass smuts!!all these puerto rican bitches up here ughhh makes me sick they so dam annoying..always talkin bout how much better puerto rico is…BITCH NOBODY DRAGGED YO SORRY ASS HERE TAKE YA ASS BAC TO PR HOE!!uggghhh so many things to write about…so little f*cking time….ohhh yeaa n all these black bitches up here are so ugly n trashe n all wears wigs like wtf????make me ashamed to be black….ughhh dey always say “im not black im dominican…like bitch no yo nappy hair ass aint boriqua so stoppit..all dem kinks in da back of yo head…bitch yu got a half wig on and tracks…WIT SUM BRAIDS ON THA SIDE!!lukin like a dam monster…smh….ugghhhh imiss WHITE PEOPLE….there are none where im at….well except the good for nothin potheads and dust addicts…sorry ass state of ct only has a couple cities that have money like AVON,GRINNAGE,FARMFEILD,and some other iforget….dam i hate this place…GAS IS LIKE 5.48 UP HERE LIKE WTF…YALL KNO i can go on for days but i wont…just wutever yu do DOOOO NOOOTTTT MOOOVVVEE HERE unles yu have money and plan to live a nice life in grinnage sumwhere….

  226. oops spell check:i meant to say lesbian….*

  227. CT. scum

    Well said couldn’t agree with you more

  228. dirt bag state

    they are in the urban dictionary CT. SUCKS-

  229. unknown

    click here for CT. sucks t-shirts mugs bumper stickers-

  230. WAKE UP

    It’s not just CT. it’s the whole world that is as stake, click here and listin to this guy not forcing anything on anybody, but try and have an open mind click here >> ONLY THOSE THAT HAVE AN OPEN MIND AND TO SEEING THE TRUTH ABOUT WHAT’S HAPPENING AROUND US WILL UNDERSTAND HIS VIDEO!

  231. WAKE UP

    he has other video’s also only those that feel something is going on but don’t know what it is, THIS IS FOR THE OPEN MINDED ONLY! NOT FOR THE IGNORANT! WHO’S EYES HAVE NOT BEEN OPENED TO THE TRUTH!

  232. Pathetic

    ct. really sucks they voted for molloy and pushing out the union workers soon ct. will be a ghost town look at the unemployment rate in ct. >>>

  233. I Hate My Life

    F*** this place (CT) and I live here. West Hartford is like the Town that time forgot. Total yuppie bullshit

  234. SHIT HOLE CT!


    • Barrambo

      Unfortunately, a lot of residents of CT are brainwashed, limosine liberal types who kiss-up to illegal mexicans. Not to mention that the two state senators of CT right now are both jewish supremacists; Lieberman even has dual citizenship, swearing his true allegiance to Israel only. Like all jews involved in American politics, this kike is staunchly loyal to jewish interests only, at the peril of the US. Jews in the government are adamant about turning the US into a multicultural, mixed race only country, and they are especially spiteful of white gentiles. This is true of Joseph Lieberman also, no doubt.

      When a state is facing the kind of deficit that CT is now facing (and the US at large, for that matter), and you have politicians and others advocating for the granting of “in-state” tuition prices to illegal fucking aliens, there is obviously a lot of corruption going on. The only way to solve this problem is to literally drag all of these kike and liberal politions out of their beds at night, along with their families, and beat their fucking brains in. Every synagogue attended by these rotten fucking parasitic, liberal heeb elites deserves to be firebombed on Saturday morning after the exits have been chained shut. Harsh as it may sound, these evil wicked fucking people deserve this kind of punishment and far worse. Not advocating violence here, just saying that these people deserve this sort of treatment more than any other group on this planet. But surely they will continue to have their way with America until the carcass is sucked dry.

  235. CT IS A JOKE

    See you later crap hole state of CT only few days left till my movers come and I’m out of this crap hole state, governor is a moron and the state as a hole sucks!!!!!! worse mistake i ever made was in CT 2. buying a home here… well I’m done finally able to GET OUT. IF YOU HAVE THE CHANCE AND CAN GET OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  236. hahahah

    LiL Wayne little penis came to ct. and his staff fucked up read this-, only in CT. lmao state sucks moose cock lol.

  237. molloy sucks

    Another reason why to stay away from ct. the mayor is destroying the state and laying off 7,500 state union workers read here, fuck ct.!

  238. This place sucks

    I grew up in CT and always thought it was such a great place. Perhaps it wasn’t as bad when I lived there in the 80’s and early 90’s… and I was probably just romanticizing where I grew up. I moved for school about 10 years ago. A few years ago I was actually planning on moving back to CT because I thought I missed the state and missed my parents. Was also planning on starting my own business there. What a disaster that would have been. I pulled the plug on the whole project once I started spending more time there and realizing bad things have become. Everyone up there looks so depressed and the shitty attitudes…. everyone dresses so frumpy… guess they have no money left over to care about their wardrobe. This blog also helped me confirm things and change my mind! The CT residents on this blog defending the state have probably never lived anywhere else. Same exact mindset I had when I lived there. When I was in school there my out of state friends would go on about how much CT sucks and I never believed them until I moved and really compared the difference in lifestyle I have now. Glad I didn’t go through with the move back… am way happier here in the South. Going up there one more time this weekend to do a moving sale for my parents who will also be moving out of the state to join me later this year. My gorgeous home here, on a golf course, is twice as big as my parents house and I pay almost half the property tax as they do…. and I don’t have to pay a state income tax. Do I need to go on?

  239. ct. sucked dry

    saty away from ct. and get of of CT. Molloy is killing off everyone, thank to the ct. retards that voted him in!

  240. White Raven

    Whew oh thank God, I’m not alone. I basically grew up in CT but have traveled around the world. I grew to understand how beautiful the countryside and the Autumns truly were. Then I visited CT and got stuck in traffic behind some people who couldn’t even seem to tell when the lights were green. At the grocery store people seemed like they intended to take hours. I remembered why I used to hate CT. It is not such a guilty feeling now that I see others are fed up with the slowness. Not to mention the outrageous prices for everything. If we are being honest, I have to admit to growing some of the most beautiful vegetables ever in CT and seeing some magical starlight nights and snowy Christmas Eves. Sigh.

  241. The Cunning Linguist

    For the first time i’ve found others who have echoed my sentiments!
    I grew up in Fairfield County and I moved out of this state and lived in Boston and Manhattan for school and work for a number of years before unfortunately moving back. I do think that most of CT is comprised of down to earth hard working people but ive just got such a bad taste in my mouth and defintately got rubbed the wrong way from the massive concentration of fucking assholes that live in Fairfield county. Never in my life have i run into so many narcisisstic, spoiled, pompous unfriendly fucking pricks. I really dont need to deal with their fucking asshole attitude anymore. They might make good coin but as human beings they fucking suck. There are alot of waspy blue blood fucking assholes, there aint alot of diversity with the exception of Stamford, Norwalk, Bridgeport. The cost of living is astronomically high. I cant wait to move out of here.

  242. CT. SUCKS!

    YEA ANTHER REASON WHY CT SUCKS ASS Sullivan: Income tax now 53 percent of Conn. taxes. READ STORY HERE

  243. HS13

    Honestly, before I read this blog (my friend showed it to me) I didn’t think anyone gave a fuck about CT. Sry to point this out but a hella lot of these hate comments have thoughtless spelling mistakes, making it hard to take some of these comments seriously. I’m a native from Fairfield County and yea, sometimes I think living here ducks but honestly it isn’t THAT bad. Comparing it to a hellhole and saying that we should’ve been gassed is a bit much.. Honestly all states have their own social issues but you deal with them. Ct is just one of those states that isn’t meant for tourists or visitors. That may sound cold but the culture here is different from some other states but if you’re a native you are likely to get a long with local cafe owners or people in the community with casual talk. If you aren’t from here you might feel awkward but a lot of people here are surprisingly chill. If you’re coming here from somewhere else with a prejudged opinion of everyone of course you’ll only notice the snobs and jerks. The rest of the state population is actually pretty cool if you try to get to know it. I travel a lot (not just on vacation) and I go to boarding school in MA so I’ve been exposed to a variety of people who grew up differently from me and we accept each other. I don’t understand why so many people whole heartedly hate CT and all of it’s residents.. I mean I don’t particularly think it’s a great state or anything; the weather is bipolar and suckish, the cost of living is high, and the people aren’t the warmest at welcoming visitors. I honestly don’t see why anyone would come here to vacation ’cause there aren’t any tourist attractions. CT is a state for living and raising a family. The education system is great (great public and private schools), it’s a short train ride to the city if you want some weekend fun, and if you’re a native and know people there’s s lot of things to do and it’s easy to relax here. yea the cops don’t have anything better to do, but if you’re here long enough you figure out how to avoid them. There are highly educated people as well as poorly educated people of all races and classes living here. I don’t mean to be all “high and mighty” about ct nor did I really plan to defend this state (i have my own complaints about living here), but a lot of the comments on this page are thoughtless, extreme, biased, or made by someone who had a shitty experience because they couldnt adjust to the lifestyle here and I can’t help but be bothered that some people think Ct is a state full of WASPy stuck up snobs or groups everyone as an ignorant racist that deserves to be gassed… sincerely, a Haitian American Fairfield County native that just came back from working and living in Shanghai,China for the summer before returning to boarding school this fall (P.S. I’m a high school student so I don’t know how different it is for adults moving and living here, but I’ve met and gotten to know a lot of adults here who are really nice and cool, you just have to make an effort with some of the ppl here. Though not all of them are the most educated, if you go to the right parts most of them would love to have a stimulating conversation with a stranger and exchange contact info upon first meeting. As long as you don’t act like you feel out of place no one will stare or treat you coldly. It’s the same as when tourist go to NY and say that it’s too crowded or is full of pick pocketers just because they aren’t used to it whereas a local or someone who visits NY often enough has never been pick pocketed. I’s amost the same thing) anyway whatever, I just wanted to point out that Ct isn’t as bad as everyone says, it just isn’t meant for everyone…

    • fuck you!

      I left that state because I couldn’t stand the double standard having minorities like your sorry fucking ass. WASPY? You’re either: (a) Some kike troll trying to stir shit up, and attack white people, or you’re: (b) A low-life, hypocritical nigger or spic hispanic pric who thinks your shit don’t stink. Let me just tell you bitch; YES! Your fucking shit stinks REAL badly! Fucknut! You calling for the extermination, ehem, GENOCIDE of whites via gassing, yet your lame ass is the one being pandered to by all of the kikes that run the government in that state? WTF! Some fucking nerve you’ve got youstupid, stupid fucking nigger. I’d fucking murder your whole fucking nigger family if I knew where you lived bitch. Belive me I would. White peopel should revolt and kill all of you stupid freaking lazy assholes!

      I hate entitlement mentallity monkey fucks like you; bitches like you go on and on, bitchin’ ’bout white people! You’re the fucking problem! Nigger cunts like you get affirmative action preference (think New Haven Firefighters case), you fuck up the school system, bringing down the standards, get government jobs, assistance in disproportionate rates… Fuck YOU CUNT! I went to community college in CT and the fucking Hatian assholes get a free fucking ride to college, while white people who work their asses off get to pay or your tution, bitch! Fucking slimy-ass, grimey-ass nigger ‘ho’s like you complaining about what now?! Stupid asshole, CT still has the highest Onigger president apporval rating, yet your cunt-wart ass wants to bitch about the state being “Waspy?!?!”

      What a fucking douchbag you and your lazy monkey kind are. Go to fucking HELL!

  244. wow

    I agree CT. sucks and as far as the above comment you took the time to show a friend for spelling mistakes? you for real? now i know CT. people have nothing better to do in there life or can’t come up with a good excuse enough why it doesn’t suck. Highest taxes in the nation people are rude morons crime rate went up fuck CT, CT. IS THE HOME OF FOOD STAMP, DUMB ASS RICH YUPPY, CARELESS ASSHOLES I EVER SEEN! GUESS THE TRUTH HURT YOU? OR CAN’T EXCEPT THE TRUTH THAT CT. TRULY SUCKS, ONLY A TRUE CLOSED MINED MORON WOULDN’T SEE THIS STATE SUCKS. AND IF YOU CAN’T COMPREHEND WHAT PEOPLE MEEN THEN YOU NEED TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL SON! TYPICAL CT. ASSHOLE TRYING TO COVER A TURD.

  245. responce to HS13

    I’ve been living long enough in CT. to know it’s a shit hole and filled with immigrants steeling jobs and getting a free ride while the hard workers have to pay for these scum bags.

  246. I'm out!

    I’m leaving this state real soon thank gos i’m pulling my son out of norwalk school on the first day of school my son said the teacher asked the students what they wanted to be when they grew up ( If that ever happens). My son said most of his class mates wanted to be football players or gangsters i can see football but gangsters? every year my son goes back to school it’s the same thing most want to be gangsters or football players, WHAT ARE THE PARENTS TEACHING THESE KIDS? and the teacher never once questioned why some wanted to be gangsters. my son was always the intelligent one in class the rest were wiggers and punks he told the teacher he wanted to be a directer for movies I’m moving out of this state and put my son in a real school private school away from the scum and idiots of CT. people’s kids. And put him in a school where he will be in a environment where he’s not surrounded by punks and low life rich kids snobs that can’t get a life.

  247. Grew Up In CT

    “I’m Out”: I grew up in CT and was never crazy about it. I have moved and don’t expect I shall return. However, to be honest I believe you are wrong about the schools. I did not like growing up in CT and did not particularly care for dealing with a few “punks” at school. I totally understand your frustration and need to vent, I have been there. However, I graduated over 25 years ago and my former classmates have turned out to be some good people. Most people have made something of their lives, are the kind who can write well (which today is becoming rare), who are active in their communities and have decent values. As much as I agree CT leaves a great deal to be desired there are in general good teachers and opportunities for a good education there. The punks and bad parents can be found in every state. Good luck to you and your son.

  248. ct. dows suck

    I never in life dealt with such stupidity in CT. Took a vacation there this year never going back people are self adsorbed self riotous careless people i ever met. The food sucked the entertainment sucked to expensive it’s a bitch to drive through, do you guys have licenses? they can’t drive for shit they drive like mad people everyone’s in such a hurry where do you have to be at in such a hurry? if your late for work get up earlier. There rude, they stare at you like from the movie invasion of the body snatchers the teens are black wannabees never going to that shit state again! I’ve traveled many places in the northeast and CT. by far is the worst state i ever been in the north. Can you guys please kill yourselves and give your land to the New yorkers rather see new yorkers take over your shit state!

  249. Russia

    Going to have to start calling ct. people Conrad there becoming Communist state now read this.

  250. screw CT.

    you can’t even fly your own helicopter in CT. without bitches complining about it read this.

  251. Rich.

    Wow! Born and raised in CT. I escaped to Port Charlotte FL.

    I can see others would like to do the same. As for CT ladies, well yes, they are bitches. Look at the weddings in different CT towns. Norwalk had only 1, yes 1, wedding one year while i was working at Nordens of UTC. Oh yea, that says a lot!!!!!!!!!!

    Real friendly girls. Oh Yea!. Bitches for sure. You got to talk to them to understand that. Take a trip there and find out yourself.

    Down in S.W Florida the bobcats are much more friendly. And they don’t bite as hard as CT bitches.

    Won’t be going back to bitch land, CT. OR IS THAT CORRUPTICUT?

  252. Rich.

    Oh and by the way. I’m sure no bitches from CT will have a statement about their CT attitude!!!. Oh no way, because they think they are perfect. DUH!!!

    I love the girls in FL. They are so warm and friendly. And cuttle a lot and more!!!!!!!!!!!! Hmmm!! not like the cold St of CT girls.
    Get it CT bitches?

  253. ct. idiots

    This how stupid this state is they want to change the date for Halloween i mean don’t these morons have anything better to do fuckin idiots.

  254. AngryResident

    Alright, I live in CT and hate it just as much as everyone else. But for those of you who are bitching about driving through here all I have to say is STAY THE HELL HOME!!!!!!!!!! I hate the fact that everytime summer roles around I can’t get from point A to point B because all of the stupid ass New Yorkers, Jerseyers and Massholes are stopping up our highways. These jerks drive like a bat out of hell on our highways, then get off in one of our towns and drive like grandma on a Sunday cause they don’t have a freakin’ clue as to where they are going. STAY THE HELL HOME, we don’t want you here in the first place.

    • moron

      Who the fuck would want to live in your shit state anyways? it’s got the highest taxes in the country they can’t drive,, and can’t even get the power back on hahaahah XD you keep your shit state and i’ll keep laughing at your state and your ignorant people.

  255. thank god

    Thank god i don’t live in that shit state. took a trip there one summer never going back there shithole.

  256. CTpride

    Wow, everyone needs to get off Connecticut dick. You are all so unbelievably jealous that you do not live in CT. Sure, we have bad traffic but that just means we have better patience cause we don’t complain. New York shouldn’t even speak about someone else’s traffic. Your traffic is so bad that it backs all the way up into Connecticut. And you are a bunch of thieves charging 12 dollars to cross the GW. Rhode Island? You guys got problems with CT? What has your state even done for the country beside being obnoxiously small and bankrupt. You’re like one big rest stop for my trip to boston. CT kicks ass and you all know it. Whats CT good for you ask? How about next time you eat a hamburger, you get on your knees and thank CT. Or next time you play wiffle ball or frisbee or eat a PEZ, or how about Subway (yes also created that delicious sandwich company in CT) or just a create quality of living. New Haven County was named the most sexual safe place in United States so if New York and Rhode Island are tired of HIV, come live in CT. So when your fatass is enjoying McDonalds breakfast in the morning or that nice footlong sub for lunch, thank Connecticut and when you test positive for HIV, thank your our state.

  257. wtf

    CT. pride ha? well by reading your comment it is spoken by a true arrogant ignorant CT. resident i must say so myself.

  258. wtf

    CT. PRIDE is more proof that CT. sucks lol

  259. wtf

    and CTpride is living in a dream world lol.

    • F*ckCT

      LOL this thread is hilarious. I’m a connecticut resident and I can tell you it SUCKS. Great place if you want to raise superficial kids in a beautiful place. But if you’re young and free you will die in CT. This place has absolutely nothing to offer besides alcoholics and drug addicts that are miserable and competing with everyone. All about status here, if you don’t have nice cars , flashy clothes and lots of money this is not the place for you. I think it is definitely the equivalent to hell on earth. NYC here I come! And I’m not looking back at these miserable depressed fucks.

      • Grew Up in CT

        Flashy clothes, F***CT? I am with you on your point, but if there is anything CT lacks, it’s glamour! One thing that confounded me throughout my years of living there was the abysmal void of any fashion sense whatsoever despite all that money. In most places wealth is flaunted with glamour, but in CT it’s all about spending as much as possible while not deviating from the CT uniform of plainness and common conformity. For women, it’s jeans and a Coach bag, or a suit on weekdays (or at Christmas the green sweater and Rudolph brooch!) For men, it’s a Polo shirt and jeans, or a suit on weekdays. I did makeup there for a time and it never ceased to amaze me that the richer the women who came in were, the frumpier they were! Even at 50 pounds overweight wearing wrinkly Wranglers and no makeup, they’d come in with these immense, purely financially-based egos. They would have me dote on them like they were Angelina Jolie, and after making me show them all the latest colors from Paris they’d say something like, “Red? Isn’t that like orange? OK I’ll take the beige” and they would spend $900 to leave looking as plain as a kitchen tablecloth with the short brown hair, stashed behind their ears.The last time I was in CT a restaurant owner kept insisting I couldn’t be from there even though I grew up there. He finally explained that because I was “dressed up” he thought I must be from Russia, Europe, or at least LA or NY “anywhere but CT” as he put it. CT people are “flashy” all right, when they show off that fine $120 blue Polo shirt that cost $30 in Florida and comes in Boca Raton pink.

      • al

        Your description of CT sounds a lot like mentality in CA.

  260. The Cunning Linguist

    What up dawgs, pimpz, playas and hos!
    Where the money at , yo? Fairfield County? Maybe so…..
    It seems like there’s alot of anti-CT sentiment on this board. I grew up in Fairfield County, CT then went to school and worked in other states before moving back where I live now. When I moved back to CT from NYC a few years back it was a very super depressing experience but ive adapted and gotten used to it. Some parts of CT might not have the excitement, diversity and thrills of other parts of the country but Some parts have a certain peace and easygoing way of life that people who live in the city seek. In my experience I have definately met alot of people in the “FC” who are NOT down to earth at all or “salt of the earth” folks but ive also met alot of cool friendly people who enjoy the suburbs, enjoy having success and enjoy raising their kids in safe environments amongst excellent school systems. NYC is always a convenient train ride away and I can always go there whenever I get super bored, frustrated or culturally understimulated in the midst of super homogenous White bread CT. CT is not for everybody, love it or leave it. But you dont have to bash the whole state. It aint all that bad though and I dont think you can generalize. There are fun things to do in the Nutmeg state and all the people arent stuck up, obnoxious, well heeled, pompous pricks and bitches. I think because of the large concentration of wealth in fairfield county, it really breeds an aura of competitiveness, patrician blue blood snotty attitudes and an “im better than you ” type of attitude. Just because you might make an above average income, own an expensive car and have a trophy wife doesnt mean you are a god amongst mere mortals or a superman that can leap buildings in a single bounds. Ive seen this over and over again but you cant generalize. Whilst you may find alot of snotty, stuck up WASPY pricks in towns such as Greenwich, Darien amongst others, There are alot of progressive diverse enclaves in Stamford, Norwalk, Danbury.
    There is definitely a large disparity between the haves and have nots in CT. This Article sums it up:
    I think alot of the negativity and nasty comments on this board are the epitome of a type of class warfare and conflict that exist not only in CT but also throughout the country. In these harsh economic times there does exist a “villification” of wealth and financial success. The reality is that in America you either work hard, get lucky and make it…Or you work hard, never get a break and then struggle till you die. (or you dont work hard and leech off the system and hardworking taxpayer revenue) CT is one of the wealthiest states in the country and I think because of that it draws alot of resentment from others in other parts of the country. If you hate CT so much dont whine and cry about it like a little bitch and If you dont like living here Get the F^%$ Out!

  261. SOMEONE

    Someone has been hitting the crack pipe CUNNING Linguist. sounds LIKE A WIGGER OR A NEW HAVEN GANG WANNABE.

  262. The Cunning Linguist

    My name is The Cunning Linguist i was raised in the ghettos of New Haven my mother was on welfare and food stamps her name was sha nay nay and had six fathers. I love being a Connecticut loser and get over taxed and buy the highest priced gas in the nation and pay the highest amount of taxes in the nation. I am a sucker and a closed minded moron who likes to talk big and bad on the internet because I’m bored dumb, and a street corner huger of Patheticut.

    • "1" % Old Money Blue Blood WASPY Nutmegger

      Geez, “TCL”, sounds like a destitute existence! I’m sorry to hear about your plight. Don’t be so hard on yourself! That’s too Bad you are a sucker and a closed minded moron. Maybe your self esteem is in the toilet and you need more self affirmation? I do admire your humility and self deprecating attitude though. If only more people were so humble and had such crappy attitudes like you. Turn that frown Upside down! Happy Holidays!

  263. lmao

    The Cunning Linguist fits the CT. mentality perfectly.

  264. ct hater

    CT sucks because it is run by a bunch of jewish supremacists.

    CT sucks because most of the people here have an anti-white, anti-gentile mentality.

    CT sucks because you have to pay a shit load of property taxes in order to fund public schools’ babysitting and feeding of future thug criminals, as well as pay for extra police presence in order to protect the paranoid kikes whom live in and control the politics of this state.

  265. Connecticunt

    I grew up in CT, and currently thanks to the non-exhistet job market have to live here once again. CT does suck for MOST of the reasons given above but those of you who think CT takes forever to drive through need to drive more often – PA is the winner there.

    The reason CT sucks so bad is cause it’s #1 expensive and #2 they are snots. Like I said I was born, raised, and educated here yet I’m not good enough to be hired in ANY position. Apparently drunks right out of UCONN are better employees than I could ever be – and you know what thats fine with me.

    I’ve lived outside of CT for most of my young adult life because I cannot stand the place or the people, BUT Chris, Rhode Island sucks much more than CT ever will. If it weren’t for CT and MA state workers – Rhode Island would have even worst roads and bridges than it already has. RI is the most corrupt state I’ve ever lived in – and I’ve lived in Alabama. In fact I lived in RI for a year exact and before losing my mind had to leave cause of the mentality those drunks with a little mans complex live daily.

    So, yes CT is an un-fun, all around sucky place – but RI is absolutely worthless and for the smallest state in the nation to not have there act together is just pathetic.

  266. CT. is for yuppy/losers

    RI. and N.J both are full of bottom dwellers. I’ve been all around the northeast and the southern states and restern states also by far the south is the best and the western states the intire northeast is for ritch snobs and big headed prepy kids and girls gettng easy liveing off of mom and pop amd the state iad. Most of the northeast shold be called welcome , we breed crack heads and fake gangsters and usless yuppys.

  267. Flashgorgeous

    Grew up there, hated it until i was 18, then I and moved in hopes that absence would make the heart grow fonder. 15 years later. It didn’t .

  268. ann

    I am also a Connecticut hater and am moving. Already clearing out my UHAUL storage space (this weeked if all goes well) and looking for housing out West. I am ready to boogie.
    CT, particularly the Hartford area, is horrific. The tailgating drivers give me severe anxiety. The people are rude and stare at you and rarely say hello (screw that; they never say hello!). If they hold a door open for you, consider it a grand day. The weather is much too cold (having lived away from here before, I can now say I dislike winter) and changeable. The cost of living is high, but it’s high everywhere nowadays.
    The worst part of CT is the people. It’s very much a “me me me” state. You could lie down on the road and they would drive over you. No one would ever stop to help you on the highway (although once, I must say, a man did and I bless him for it! He is a rare bird around here!). Most of the cars went whizzing past. When I lived in NC, about ten people stopped (no joke!) to help me! People here are provincial, suspicious, unfriendly, rude, and paranoid. I cannot WAIT TO LEAVE HERE.
    And I am never coming back. There are so few places of hospitality where one can relax and be happy. So few restaurants that are decently priced and enjoyable. People here seem to hate themselves and others and life. I am a friendly, good hearted person.
    I will say I have met some good people here. I do not want to be overwhelmingly negative. But mostly CT folk get your number and decide you are or aren’t a certain way. My own church is incredibly standoffish and making any friends there has been very difficult. The one woman who lets me come by to see her animals is the rare exception. Most of them act like you’re from the Federal Govt., out to fleece them of their life savings.
    New Englanders are simply not this west coast gal’s cup o’tea. They love to be miserable. I want to be happy.

  269. ann

    ps Oh yes – this is not a fun state. No sense of fun at all!!

  270. ct. sucks

    Anyone that likes CT. is either a ignorant yuppy with money or a ignorant loser who has no purpose in life but to collect unemployment or welfare. Or has kids for money or likes working temp jobs for 6 months or less them get laid off and live in new shit Haven or roton Groton in section 8 houseing.

  271. Andrew


  272. CT No More

    Ann, I could really relate to you! I Iived in CT for about 20 years. While I was pregnant there, I remember no one ever held a door for me except for an 80 year old man. At the end of the pregnancy when I was at the grocery store looking for items, people would always pass me in their carts and actually bump and shove me forward to give themselves more room to pass by me without ever once saying excuse me. I wasn’t really in their way, but that’s how rude people in CT really are. I can’t count the number of times in CT people have also walked past me, smashing into my shoulder or handbag, just to be rude. CT people must be the rudest people in the world. I was born in Florida, and I have always been a friendly person who finds it easy to smile at people, even when just walking around. People in CT would sneer back at me, especially other women. For some reason CT women are not the most attractive in the nation and if you are decent looking, they will snub you every chance they get. In CT schools, girls were cruel over it, and I had a friend there who took unbelievable abuse from other women at work, because she was attractive and a sweet person with a lovely smile. The cold is unbearable. I also noticed that because of the way the harsh winters are handled, Christmas is a terrible, nerve-wracking time in CT. No one gets time off and ends up sick, out shopping at all hours, driving in dangerous conditions. You hear on Eyewitness News reports of people who died trying to get to work, or shop, in the snow. I’ve have spent many Christmases there sick with the flu, having to report to work in a snowstorm, even on Christmas Eve, terrified for my life and praying to God to survive. In MA and NY people are home during the same storms where everyone in CT is out. I moved to my home state of Florida. People here are so nice, it’s OK to look nice and be friendly, the air feels so healthy, and there is so much to do and enjoy. Christmas is a happy time there. CT is really a terrible state to live in. It’s not an exaggeration to say it is an unhealthy and abusive place to live, emotionally, physically, mentally and financially. There is a better life out there.

    • Ann

      Thank you for your comment. I could not agree with you more. It is an unhealthy and abusive place that just takes a severe toll on a person after awhile. FL sounds like a much better place to be. I also had a friend who is a beautiful blonde who worked at an insurance co. in Hartford and was subjected to what you are describing. Miserable snotty bitches were awful to her and she is an ANGEL times ten. I am proud to say I am almost ready to leave CT (my plans got waylaid, but I’m almost there). I will be gone before 2013, thank God.

  273. Bob

    I completely agree. I am from MD and I moved up here last year coz my company wanted me to. This last 1 year in CT has been a complete waste of time, CT is really the biggest shithole atleast in america! The place where I grew up in MD is not even comparable! Where do I begin complaining about CT? Stupid ppl, rich pricks, crappy roads, depressing climate, ridiculous cost of living, gas prices, OMG!! Every place on earth has its fair share of assholes, but what is really with the ppl in CT?? Most of em are rude, stupid, clueless & depressed! period. Thank god I will be moving back to MD this summer and I am never ever coming back to this complete shit of a place! And I highly suggest anyone who is thinking of moving here- DON’T!

  274. bitter miserable CT citizen

    i swear, all these bitter miserable comments are so tru about dis god forbidden place.. i am 24 yrs of age.. i was born an raised in this sorry ass shithole… high taxes, gay weather, an i mus stress the most… stuckup, inconsiderate, snotty, non-independent, unattractive, Woman!!!… the woman out here in CT only appreciate u if u have a nice car wit big rims.. u have to be a flashy prick in order to date one of dem.. an wen u are dating dem, 10 times out of 10 they are always lookin at da man to pay… aor of ppl here think that they are stuck wit the shitty options this state has to offer, but lil do they know their are other places that u can see the light…pretty soon i’ll be gettin the hell outta here.. im actually tryna get out of my bitter miserable ways in dis place..

  275. FUCK connecticut!

    People that think that corrupticunt is a nice place, or even a decent place are either:
    1.) A bald faced lair
    2.)Mentally retarded
    Why, oh why did we waste atom bombs out in New Mexico, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki, when they should have been used on New Haven, Hartford, and the Gold Coast.

  276. yo

    all u people talkin shit about ct are dumb as fuck. i could think of worse places to live like the majority of other states that are in the middle of nowhere full of rednecks. some of you people i get the impression are just bitter cuz no one accepted u or some shit lie that. people sayin the girls are ugly (some are hot as fuck, most are average or even above average), people are stuck up (only really in fairfield county), nothin to do (go to new haven and check out some bars or something), bad food or not diverse (shit i moved out of ct to pa once, and that was one of my complaints about them, there is mad good food around here if you know where to look).

    Some points ill agree with, horrible crazy drivers, i know cuz im the crazy motherfucker that just passed u on the left doin a buck 20 and the lack of jobs sucks ass. oh and the beaches suck because of long island (but thats what rhode island is for).

    some plus sides:
    everything is close together so you dont have to drive 20 miles to the next town. the diversity of surroundings is great in ct, theres city, woods, new york like areas, new england type areas, ghettos, rich areas, you name it.
    alot of poorer type people are very real and good people, and we all hate the rich people with a passion. there are alot of good clubs and bars and stuff, a lot of good places to hike, a lot of historic attractions, not many tourist attractions etc. close (within driving distance) to nyc. in the area i live were far from those damn boston massholes.

    oh and to all those people that claim were all stuck up and shit and we dont give a fuck about any one else or whatever, maybe people just sense how much you hate ct and avoid you, or maybe you need to get out of your mindframe from where u used to live and get more into a ct mindframe, and meet some damn people. i mean there are 3 million people in this small as state most of them in fairfield, new haven, and hartford counties, they cant all be assholes. maybe by meeting a few decent people it might change ur mind on the state…

    the best part of the state in my opinion is new haven county, im born and raised there. It is close to new york, away from all that boston redsox lover fuckin bullshit (i hate boston and the redsox). there is alot to do around here if you know people and have some money, otherwise you can go hiking for free but its boring to go alone (in my opinion).

    btw, im going to elaborate on the food. ct has the most italians out of any state, so its got mad italian restaurants, there is also alot of chinese places, and mexican food (i fuckin LOVE mexican food). The pizza in new haven is fuckin GREAT, like probably the best out of anywhere i been.

    one last thing…. to the

  277. yo fits right in with the pathects.

    YO! you sound like a typical CT. libtard and uneducated closed minded ct. person. You can keep your high taxes, high gas prices, lame entertainment and shitty food. Your a joke i LMAO at your ignorant comment XD.

  278. Wow

    Lol i used to think i might like ct but after reading this crap lol idk now..i personally liked the few ppl i did meet frm there but im mixed w

  279. Wow

    Lol i used to think i might like ct but after reading this crap lol idk now..i personally liked the few ppl i did meet frm there but im mixed wIt italian so we had that common ground idk ..that helped me to like them more lol..i admit they did hav tudes but i dont care it didint and doesint bother me ..i guess all u could say about that is toughen up? Its the only choice u have :) . Lol okay welllllll gdbye all u ct haters i hope ur lives get better :/ no one should feel that crappy:/ sorry later lol:S

    • Stae of lost idiots

      Well you would fit right in with IDK people in this state because it’s full of them lol. They are careless , arrogant, stupid IDKs i ever met lol. Thank god i moved out of that state lol.

  280. To Poor to Escape.

    I was born and raised here in CT, but I’m not rich, nor do I live in a rich town. I have worked for the “well to do”, and they are heartless, and they think their shit don’t stink. I lived in S.E. Connecticut, and I can tell you that the further west you go into this state, the greater the asshole density. If you stop in the western part of this state make it a point to offend a rich person, their a dime a dozen. Signed, To Poor to Escape

  281. Stae of lost idiots

    The State of CT. is the State for lost idiots.

  282. Ted

    CT sucks. I’m in NW corner and you’ll love it up here if you like crappy restaurants, lyme disease–4 times now in 5 yrs, brutal winters, driving 20 miles to get anything, frost heaves destroying your suspension, mice in your attic and burrowing into your car, frequent power outages, crappy cable selection, the list goes on.. Its drop dead beautiful up here but you can only take pictures from your car otherwise you’ll get lyme disease.

  283. Snowflake


    I have lived here since 94 and HATE every god dam minute being here. The people are rude mother fucken snobby assholes. The women are fucken so ugly and homely looking who need make-up! They do nothing to look pretty. So many liars here and the food sucks shit, the schools are pathetic dumps. most of the teachers are asshole who should not be teaching. It is boring as hell here and it cost a fucken fortune to live in this sucky ass state. I miss NY and can’t wait to get the fuck out of this rat hole and away from these rude jerks. I always hold the door open for people and hate the ones who can not say, thank you! I always yell at them YOUR WELCOME!!!! They most definitely do NOT know how to drive like us New Yorkers do either. I want to leave so bad. NEVER MOVE HERE TO CT AND GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I CT SUCKS,CT SUCKS,CT SUCKS,CT SUCKS!!!!!!

  284. NYCer

    CT really fucking sucks I moved to this shitty state from Brooklyn and fuck its a night and day difference… People are fucking miserable and rude and have no fucking culture. They hate New Yorkers for some reason, pizza here sucks, thin as paper. They say Pepe’s Pizza is good, that bs, has no flavor, the traffic is retarded here, if you have to go somewhere that takes 20min add an hour to it because people here can not drive if their lives depended on it, so many fucking car accidents here its sick. Cop are the true definition of a pig here, they are so fucking bored that they’ll pull over for doing 56 mph on the highway, I shit you not, because I have gotten pulled over for this shit. Town cops are just losers here, basically the state is full of hicks and losers, the white people here are acting ghetto and the black people here are acting fucking white, and you can tell that both races are acting, just to fit in… I got a list that goes on and on from luxury taxes to as simple as getting a slice of pizza. I will never forget this in Stratford, I asked the guy for a slice and he give me the fucking orange soda slice, because they dont sell slices so he assumed the orange soda, fucking moron. It’s truly sad, because NY is only about an hour away and its a world of a difference its like fucking night and day.I HATE CT ALSO!!!! there is no common courtesy for anyone, it’s sick how people are here…I feel like I’m in a different country…. FUCK CT, FUCK there FOOD, FUCK them all…..

  285. FUCK connecticut!

    Here is one more reason to hate the fuck-head state:
    — Suspicions Confirmed: In March, WTNH-TV in New Haven, Conn., obtained an “internal” police memorandum referencing a challenge from state troopers in one barracks to “outperform” colleagues in another barracks — in writing traffic tickets. The memo, from Lt. Anthony Schirillo, refers to the need “to issue at least 60 infractions/misdemeanors each shift.” “One day Troop F issued 301 tickets. Troop G responded by issuing 345 … We can do better.” “I am asking that everyone, myself included, contribute to this effort.” “Note: If we happen to issue 350 tickets in one day that would be stellar.” (The station spoke to Lt. Paul Vance of the Connecticut state police, who denied that quotas are given.) [WTNH-TV, 3-29-2012]

  286. Jim leaving soon

    we just moved back here after being gone for 20 years. biggest mistake ever!!! CT SUCKS what they refer to as quaint, is old, run down and filthy ! lovely leaving after 2 long long months and as far as the women rather fuck a rock than these nasty wrinkled bitches VILE cunts enjoy your state assholes

  287. Deundrea Murphy

    Look here u piece of shit ur not going to be disrespecting my home I love Connecticut and now that I’m a black 23 year old male I wished I still was there in my hometown of newbritain for one u prick not everybody is rich that lives there u punk ass bitch there are more poor people in Connecticut than rich how about you move your bitch ass too connecticut and actually live there before you make a judgement u bastard

  288. CT. SUCKS

    Only people that like shitty entertainment, shitty people, no jobs and wigger likes CT. if you like CT. then you got a screw loose FUCK SHIT HOLE CONNECTICUT!

  289. War zone

    CT. is turning into a war zone, more killings in 48 hours, besides that it sucks more minority’s taking over the state losers read there local news here

  290. Joanna

    Yes, CT truly sucks. I was born here and had the pleasure to live in S. Fla. for about 5 years. It is not until you live elsewhere and come back to CT do you realize how awful it is. The weather truly is the worst–esp. winter. And the people here….where do I start?? They drive slower than slow-hog the left lane and won’t move-basically block you in so you can’t move either. Stare at you for no apparent reason-smile at you for no apparent reason if you glance it their direction. Feel the need to police you if you don’t follow their self appointed rules. Cut in front of you at stores and say “sorry” rather than walk around you. They actually pride themselves on this peculiar behavior–I guess they just don’t know any better. They are judgmental for sure and extremely passive-aggressive. They hate anything that is different and/or anyone or anything from a different state. they think CT is great because it has “four seasons” — And of course you must NEVER complain. They say something mildly negative such as its so hot today but then have to counter it with “well, it is summer after all” or some such nonsense –who cares! And the odd thing is that most of the people are like this and conform to these “rules”. Very odd people. I only live here because of family. But on the flip side–I like the Northeast for its education (universities and colleges) and its liberal politics.

  291. Liberals suck!


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  293. Dumb morons

    Where i live there is a ball field and i have a fence in my yard on a road where they go to the boat ramp and the ball fields, People in CT. are slobs and dumb careless shit birds! they drive by my fence and throw there cans and garbage in the back of my fence how fuckin dumb and careless do these loser assholes have to be? if your to fuckin lazy and arrogant to throw your garbage on someones property then the next time i see it happen going to run around the fence pick it up and throw it at your lame pig, careless loser ass! fuck off and die ct. morons! and lodged a complaint to the city and the state to, so cops can patrol and ticket your loser assholes also!

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  295. what?

    I think English Frank has been smoking crack.

  296. Chris

    Connecticut has to be in the top 5 worst states to live in if not number one bridgeport is the biggest shithole ive ever seen new haven might be worse and hartford is total dump stay away unless you plan on moving to greenwich with millions you will regret every minute you spend in this miserable shithole state just like i have for the last ten years oh yeah and stamford has the worst ppl in america scumbags and douchebags

  297. Kathleen Ball

    Sounds to me like you good folks need to visit CA. and stay for a good long while. Yes, we still have the most beautiful women in the nation, the best restaurants, most astonishing coastline, and mountains. There is a place for everyone here. Millions of gang members who’ve never spoken English and never will have been living in L.A. County for generations. Very quaint indeed. No, they are not dangerous. Only to themselves on occasion. CA can’t be described to someone who hasn’t lived here for at least 5 – 10 years. You will find a place here and very few native Californians will be rude or cruel to you. As for the cost of living – be prepared for a shock. I own a modest 1,100 sq. foot house in a densely populated urban city and it was recently appraised at $400.000. Let me add that this is Southern CA. and the culture/atmosphere is very different than the central valley or Northern CA. If you plan on living here and surviving for any length of time you must speak Spanish or you will be left behind. Simply the truth dear friends. Based on what I’ve read in this website I think all of you would thrive. Give it a chance.

  298. Kathleen Ball

    Didn’t mean to sound like a snotty bitch. We bought his house many years ago for $170.000. Would not be able to afford it today. And PLEASE, until you’ve lived here awhile stay out of trouble. The jails are…hope you never experience one. Also, if you’re sensitive to smog there are many places to avoid. Even the trees in Yosemite are suffering because of their proximity to Visalia. Sales tax is inching closer to 11% each month, so we’re all holding our breath. I am not trying to discourage anyone from moving here. I just don’t want anyone to be disappointed. I promise, if nothing else, you’ll have the time of your life. There are many wonderful communities all over CA that would welcome you.


    Kathleen, CA. is almost bankrupt!. Back on why CT. sucks anther reson why it sucks because a little that has a rabbit, had it for yeas now the town of North haven ordered the family to get rid of it because of some old law? can’t even own a rabbit in CT. without some asshole complaining about FUCK CT.!


    And Kathleen I’m not moving to a state where i will be left behind because i don’t speak Spanish, and another reason it’s to expensive and someday the big one will throw C.A into the ocean and can’t deal with the wild fires. America as a whole is going down the toobs and will not stop until America is done for mark my words on that.

    • Kathleen Ball

      Yep. Can’t argue with that. CA has a long tradition of corruption and like most politicians the ones here would eat their young for a bloody vote. And no, you should not have to speak a foreign language in the U.S. It is very troubling to most Californians. I think decades of trying to control the borders, failed attempts to pass sensible legislation has just worn us out. Eventually you become numb. We had one earthquake last night and one this morning. Here’s the kicker – there is a very old nuclear power plant smack dab in the middle of the San Andreas fault line. Wheee!
      Still, there are a lot of people who move here, (it is absolutely bizarre) and they make it fine. Not all of CA is expensive and at least you’d be treated like a human being. I’ve visited CT several times and understand what you’re saying. So very sorry for you guys. Like I said, give CA some thought. In many ways it’s a big cluster fuck, and a bit overwhelming, but you may just like it. We’re half nuts, but most would lend a helping hand without being asked. Do I want to stay here? No. But, I’d never convince any of my friends & family to leave. Go figure.

      • Kathleen Ball

        What? No takers? Come on! We’re waiting for you. Joanna, honestly, when I read that people drive slow in the left lane and alternately stare then smile at you I was shocked. Why, that is considered a challenge here in CA. Don’t worry, we really don’t have that much road rage here. I’ll bet I can count the number of people who’ve been shot to death on the 101 in that last year on one hand. OK, maybe both hands. And maybe not all of them died. Can’t remember. (I’m not making this up) Just think. CT fits neatly inside L.A. County! So, in CA you have 15,181.36 miles of traversable hwy. AND about 12, 000 of those are in the freeway system!! I mean, you can just drive willy nilly my friend. Next time some wily old curmudgeon gives you the stink eye – POINT A WATER PISTOL AT THEM!! Oh my! Then drive like a bat out of hell. We just laugh, and laugh. If the surly old devil is quite elderly just pray he/she does not die of a heart attack. Still, it’s thrilling! Oh yes – Never, ever, ever point a pistol at one of our Barrio Warriors. It can’t end well. Just point the fake guns at old sassy white folks.
        You know I was considering permanent move to your beautiful little state, but after hearing about all those flashy polo shirt wearing elitists I’ve changed my mind. I’m too afraid. Why, I could get a tick, or maybe, just maybe, someone would make a mean face at me. Call in the grief counselors! Grief counselors are as plentiful here as plastic surgeons. We really do have everything.
        Remember when you move here (I know you want to) to visit Newport Beach, Laguna, and Moreno Bay. Honestly, it is quite something. Just don’t be offended if none of the beautiful women smile. It’s not that they don’t WANT to smile. THey just can’t because of the Botox injections. They would like to smile and show off their perfectly capped teeth, but it’s too much trouble and confusing for everyone. Poor things. Instead they say “Welcome to California” with their huge plastic TITTIES! Don’t be afraid to stare at these glorious mammaries because these these fabulous boobies cost about $5,000 a piece. In certain parts of Orange County large breasts are a status symbol.
        Goodbye everybody and be careful of all that bad food in CT.

  301. Kathleen Ball

    Dear FDIC – You are obviously a kind soul. You’re very sensitive and probably unselfish. The rabbit story is truly sad. I hope you find a special place where you’ll find happiness. I doubt that it’s in CA.

  302. Kathleen Ball

    O.K. I think I’ve identified the problem with CT. Since you’re too shy to approach us and move to beautiful sunny CA we’re going to move to CT. I want to turn those frowns UPSIDE DOWN! I am going to fix everything along with 170,000 l lawyers and whole bunch of Republicans. Well, maybe a handful of Republicans because most are vacationing on their yachts.
    Here’s the problem with CT – too many trees. I recently Google Mapped CT and was startled by what appeared to be masses of green stuff punctuated by tiny blue things. I immediately reported this to the Atmospheric Physics Section at the Argonne Nat. Laboratory and was told not to be alarmed because those green things are called Trees. Apparently these tree things will propagate all by themselves unless you cut them down and cover the landscape with concrete they will just keep growing. This will also eliminate all those pesky tic carrying wild animals. No more Lyme disease! More freeways. More good restaurants.
    I know you think it can’t be done, but just you wait and see. Armed with a bevy of ACLU Lawyers, hungry construction companies, Republican land developers, and a few bulldozers, you won’t even recognize CT in a few years.
    Still not sure what those blue/greenish spots are. Oh well. We’ll just put concrete in those too because it could be water and there might be something living in it.
    No need to thank me. We are on our way!

  303. unknown

    Seems like Kathleen doesn’t have much of a life, Besides commenting on a useless web sight lol. Must be a snob with no job who lives in her mothers basement lol.

  304. Kathleen Ball

    No, this is not a useless site. It was brought to my attention by my 7 year old granddaughter who wanted to know what a kike was, among other things. I had explain to her that this is how unread, angry, dull, and cowardly people behave. They rarely use their real names because they’re afraid and ashamed.
    Sorry I won’t be returning to this site to read your filthy remarks.

    • Kathleen, you are a stupid fuck. How is it cowardly to point out taboo realities about this region, which most libtard sheep like you (plus the majority of New Englanders) would never have the courage to say, even if you know it’s true? I say the same things in real life to people’s faces, though of course I use a bit more tact in doing so than I would typing my opinions on the internet. Don’t fool yourself for a moment in thinking that I’m not willing to put anyone on the ground very quickly who tries to suppression my free speech and my right to express my views. As for being dull; the status quo here is what is dull. You should consider those of us whom are willing to be controversial and independent thinkers as vibrant; you’re obviously pretty dim. You’re definitely right about the angry part, however…

      The reason we don’t use our real names, is because of the double-standard hate speech legislation in this country, which is biased, and unfairly targets anyone who speaks out against the anti-european, anti-gentile, anti-christian policies and mentality of those who control the media, government, and currency of this decaying nation. I’d like to see you try and disprove that the “Federal” Reserve is a private, non-federal, jewish-owned entity which, in fact, has zero reserves. Or maybe you can try and debunk the reality that little girls such as your granddaughter are the victims of perverse social engineering which is disguised in the form of “children’s programming,” designed by jewish creeps with an agenda. Just try and disprove that, you twit.

      BTW, If I was (at the time, naive enough to be) willing to fight and die for my nation by going overseas to fight kike-instigated wars in the middle east when, in actuality, they had nothing to do with the security of my own country, then you have absolutely zero business calling me a coward, you cunt. Call me a coward to my face why don’t you, and I will unleash a fury of rage upon you that will give you a mere glimpse into what it is like to watch your best buddies get blown to bits after taking a shrapnel in the torso for Israel. Pieces of shit like you sit back, and relax in your CA penthouse, meanwhile, criticizing people like me, all while enjoying the fruits of our sacrifice and bloodshed, thinking you are so fucking special and high minded.

      Ignorant fucks such as yourself are the reason this country is headed down the toilet very quickly. Food for though, twit bitch!

  305. WTF?

    WTF? lol cocksucker and tits?

  306. WTF?

    And WTF? is a 7 year old doing on web sights like this ? ever hear of parental controls? lmao get a life lady thank God your not returning to show your stupidity again lol.

  307. Anna

    Checking back in, first wrote April 15, 2010.
    Still hate CT, more than ever. Still live here, seems like a slow death. Things just get worse. Anybody hear that CT was voted Worst State to Retire to? Yeah, I always wonder why so many retired are here. They’re free to leave, but stay. So sad, but the people who grew up here have no clue.
    A few weeks ago, we ate out and the waitress was so full of life, intelligent, kind, interesting to talk with. I thought, incredible! So we asked her where she was from, and she had just moved from Calif! It hardly fails that anyone I relate to here is from somewhere else! I’m not a martyr, just haven’t left due to spouse’s job. Get me outta here!

    • Anna

      PS – just want to note, I really hate the foul language and base comments on this site. They really debase their authors. Go ahead and make your foul comments, including about my being judgmental or whatever, but consider: maybe CT is even worse, because you’re in it??

  308. Vinny

    I live in Connecticut and not very one is super rich. But they sure act like it. Everyone here is a dam depressed whining baby. The highway traffic though Hartford Middletown sucks. Honestly the only reason I stay in this miserable state is because my family. Everything cost way too much here. A piece of shit home is at least 200,000 dollars. I can’t wait to move to another state. CT blows!!!

  309. Connecticut is a horrible, miserable place to live. Most of the people are selfish and self centered. They are superfical and fake. Also CT is terribly boring and depressing place to live. If you have a choice, I would highly recommend not moving or visiting this awful state.

  310. Ass clowns!

    People in CT. are ass clowns and dumb on top of that never seen such a collection of careless, miserable, greedy, argent assholes in my life! They drive like they own the road, no common scence , arrogant immature crybaby’s CT. should be blown off the map along with it’s in venomous inhabitants so they can’t breed any more and make it a real state extend N.Y city to this land.

  311. UNKNOWN

    More bad drivers and idiots in CT. WTNH news report: Police: 175 holiday weekend accidents

  312. Earl

    Connecticut has got to have the highest number of assholes per square mile. Lets just drop a shaped H-Bomb on the state and be done with it.

  313. bomb them

    This video is what should be done to ct. shit state

  314. This didn’t occur here in CT, but I’m going to start using this blog to document the plethora of hate crimes perpetrated by blacks (and jews) against whites in this evil fucking country. Reason being; because there are so many nigger-worshipping, kike-worshipping, libtard assholes in this shitty state, and throughout New England.

    Get a load of this, you fucking communist snooty liberal faggot fucks:

    Notice how this incident wasn’t given ANY major national attention by the media, meanwhile that Trayvon Nigger Martin piece of shit was still being fawned over by liberals and by the media for MONTHS afterwards?

    This should also be a wake-up call to all of these skanky white trash women who like to flaunt their nigger boyfriends around (since there seem to be so many race-mixing dipshits in this area for some reason).

    The next time I see an Obama2012 sticker on someone’s car around here, I might be tempted to run their car off the road, and murder the fucktard.


    This is proof that blacks get away with murdering whites everyday, yet the jew-controlled media in this country constantly suppresses these stories, preventing them from reaching national headlines. Are they still talking about that Trayvon Monkey Martin in the news (kike media, that is)?

  316. you need help

    True the state is for retards and liberal cock suckers and yuppie cock suckers, that’s why i moved and living a better life and keeping more money in my pocket while ct. morons suffer in the cesspool of clouded lives and ignorance. But what your saying about black people makes no scence at all, you need help and fast son.

    • I’m not your son, son. The only help I need is help getting the hell out of this zionist-controlled, shit-hole country, so that I will no longer be required to pay taxes in order to cloth, school, and feed ignorant thug punks and their illegitimate spawn. What half-way intelligent human being wouldn’t be mentally unraveled after having to subsidize the livelihood of rotten scumbags who will only grow up to do the same, while hating my children and making their lives miserable like their thuggish parents’ generation before them?

      • Card-Carrying Member of Human Race

        USA Hater: how did you get in here then? It is easy to get out – just go back to your home country. Hopefully things are a lot better there. There are many groups you can join to fight the injustices that you are worried about. That is what America is all about- having the freedom to choose your cause and act to stop injustice. But if all you want to do is complain, might as well leave.

  317. michael johnson

    I hate ct so much. The people here are dicks, the kids here are anti-social and boring, and everyone is a fake wannabe! There’s really nothing fun to do in any of the small towns, unless you go to one of the more –city like towns like Danbury which I live near. Anyway ill be glad to move as soon as I can. I hate the people here. Snobby indeed!

  318. LMAO!

    Only a CT. moron would get stuck between to buildings in N.Y read this lol. CT people are truly dumb lol.

  319. CT. sucks

    Another reason why CT. is evil and sucks read this about the DSS withheld food stamps and welfare applications in boxes and lieing to people about it. And this one the governor is slashing 170 million Dallas in many important state businesses

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  321. Mathis3191

    They are idiots and they put down other states about everthing from crime to restaurants. Please dummies, youre near nyc and tlyI’ve met more than one and only one I can say wasnt a rude gullible jacka$$. How do you put down every other state about crime when your supposedly high class entire state with its RICH ppl are doing all the killing. Martha moxley and the Kennedy boy. The lab tech from Yale at YALE, yeah, Floyd lavender and Michael Gaines , Diana Ross weed smoking – isn’t that illegal trying to sneak on plane. Yeah she’s from Detroit but a ct idiot took 2 min off my life when he told me he drove past her home, river valley killer , this horrible school shooting that shouldn’t have happened but sad ppl were so gullible they even said they moved to the city because it was Ohhhh so safe or so they thought . Anyway ill stop there, but I hope they wake up and realize they are no better than the rest of us or our cities

  322. Hate Ct.? Come to Florida, that will cure you. In Ct I if you door not answer your door people go away. Here in Flori-DUH they open your door and walk in. Ignorance!. With the non-existing gun laws and everyone killing each we are in NRA paradise. With whoever is left, usually poor, black, male, and young the sheriffs take care of. Come on to the Sunshine State, please do not bring your children. If you’re into canned hunting, along with D. Trump then this is the place for you.

    • Grew Up In CT

      As a former resident of CT who grew up there in the 1980s and a current resident of Florida, let me say that the CT education system has been wonderful and is superior in many ways to Florida and many states imho. There are many more arts and other programs there and less emphasis on a single annual test that sees to continued state funding. The reason the recent horrific gun massacre occurred in CT is that a lack of funding precludes providing an expensive security system which would require the use of badges to be shown when driving in, as well door and hall security. That problem is nationwide. On the other hand there are certain health issues that make living in Florida more desirable to CT. Heart conditions and old age make cold weather and/or snow shoveling difficult or impossible, and the cold and flu season is far worse in CT than in Florida. There are also health conditions that make getting sunlight mandatory and UV light treatments are very expensive. In Florida, they would be free. For these reasons Florida can sometimes be a much healthier place to live. I think it’s important not to use the Newtown shootings to denigrate CT as a state, and that the gun laws in Florida do not undermine the positives of living there. The economic problem that keeps us from providing the kind of environment that turns out healthy citizens has to do with the deficit, the Fed’s poor policies, and a decay of values that has parents putting children in front of violent games and TV shows at all times. Maybe we should stop making fun of programs like the Andy Griffith Show and the quaintness of an era gone by and start emulating our former society where people for the most part had values, decent manners, could spell and speak well, and who would be absolutely shocked by the gun violence in a movie or TV show that we consider today to be ordinary, not to mention who usually would not bear children until they were themselves secure adults.

  323. CT. morons

    CT. is a horrible place to live unless you like misery!

  324. Fuck ct.

    Another reason why ct. sucks they want to make public all the pepole in ct. legally has a gun know to the public, shows yea Liberal idiots don’t work.

  325. Groton CT is a completely miserable place for normal people to live. When you go out to any of the convenience stores in this town, you usually encounter rude wiggers wearing their gay-ass, straight-beaked baseball cap with the sticker still on the underside, looking hard, and acting tough and rude.

    Also, it seems like 99.99% of all of the women in this town are nigger-worshipping whores. You constantly see these rude, ghetto-talking white women with three or four shitlet turd mulattos behind them (the father usually never to be seen).

    Why do these military-industrial towns produce so many mixed-race child-bearing single moms who collect welfare and smoke crack cocaine?

  326. Have you ever thought about writing an e-book or guest authoring on other sites?
    I have a blog based on the same topics you discuss and would love to have you share
    some stories/information. I know my viewers would value your work.
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  327. ThisEntireCountrySucks

    The US and most Western countries are total pieces of crap. Most dip shit Americans would rather play violent video games, watcg Afro-American Felon murderers play football on their flatscreen TV, guzzle cheap alcohol, and take prozac, rather than do something meaningful with their lives, or work to legalize marijuana and get people to chill the fuck out here. This country is so goddamn stressed out. Most to the so-called “non-conformists” are lame hypocrites who flaunt ugly tattoos of some other moron’s “artwork” on their bodies, along with grotesque piercing on their ugly faces to show everyone how “different” and “cool” they think they are.

    Everything is so fucking overpriced in this dump country. Most of the farming here is Monsanto-style monoculture shit; most of the land owners and farmers are government-subsidized, thieving, selfish assholes. You have to be a rich business criminal like Peter Lanza in order to afford to eat healthy food in the US. It’s nearly impossible to have your own land and clean water in order to grow your own garden and have livestock, because of all of the land hoarding, kike real estate monopolization, and ridiculously restrictive zoning legislation.

    Hardworking, tax-paying, law-abiding citizens in the US are forced against their will to pay for scum-bag loser deadbeats to use drugs, procreate stupid children, spread STDs, and feed, house, and jail these louts and their violent spawn at the expensive of responsible people who work for a living. Anglo/Jew culture creates very miserable living conditions for people who are true free thinkers, and real non-conformists (not to be confused with the heavily-tattooed and uber-pierced faggot poser pseudo intellectuals). Also, women in Anglo Saxon and Jew-cultured countries like the US are typically trained to be paranoid of men, VERY unfriendly, and completely arrogant. FUCK THIS BULLSHIT SOCIETY!

  328. Seytan

    Woo hoo!

    Connectifuck sucks ass!

  329. CT Resident

    you are just stupid and a sad waste of a human body. … all of you haters are. i have lived in many places in my life and never have i been insulted to my face about where i am from.
    i am not rich. i am from the country. my parents never had money and work very very hard. My family is very nice and more than accepting as am I. It sounds like you are all the non accepting ones that i would never want to meet. and i fucking hate fucktards like yourselves who have nothing better to do that be a giant dick. so fuck off ass holes. if i ever see any of you cowards i will :::: you. fill in the fucking blank bitch. try me. so fuck you bitches. ct rules.

    • Tm

      Another miserable Connecticut jackass defending the miserable state and miserable idiots who live there and have the personalities of doorknobs

    • Get a life CT. scumbag lol

      What;s the matter bitch the truth hurts doesn’t it? you sound like a typical CT. arrogant moron more reason why CT. sucks to many of you big mouth tough guy until reality comes your way and you get your ass kicked and you where wrong lol. jackass CT. idiot you are.

      • a god among men.

        you are a loser! truth. you want to know the truth? i can kick your ass… truth. i was simply commenting on the writers and haters attitudes of them being tough guys. yeah your real big and bad at a computer but say that shit in hartford and you’ll get shot you rich snot nosed slimy infidel. what state are you from. i can probably say shit about that state. i have been to over 35 states in the continental U.S. That’s how uncultured i am.
        you are a bitch. you and TM and CT is for retards. Come at me bro and lets see where this goes. cmon man. get out from behind your computer and lets see how you all fare against one little idiot from connecticut. or you can run for the hills. cowardly rich snotty loser.

  330. CT is for retards

    Wow! CT resident sure acts and talks like a true CT retard another reason to leave CT. to many like him around, he only got mad because the truth hurt the little guy lol. Low life sum like CT resident are proof not to come here.

  331. a god among men.

    you’re all bitch ass whinny losers.

  332. a god among men.

    ct rules. come out from behind your computer and we will see how you fare… unless your a coward. which i think you are. so prove me right and stay behind your desk. faggots.

    • liveing the good life.

      Sorry, don’t like to waste my time on a bitchy pedophile like your self, besides I’m from the south not wasting a airfare on you I’ll let you suffer a slow death in CT. with your high taxes and miserable lifestyle and I’ll be over hear laughing at you XD

      • a god among men.

        i don’t have a miserable lifestyle. i’m not a pedophile. but keep dreaming ass face. you set a bad example for everyone and you make the south look like a bunch of ignorant dumb asses. congrats on praising Satan and sucking his cock. douche.

  333. CT sucks ass and smells like it to

    Well you seem to have nothing to do but cry like a baby in the a blog your still a pedophile CT. sucks . Enjoy your shit state and getting ripped off on high taxes and being arrogant and having a childish behavior enjoy your shit state later loser lol.

  334. a god among men.

    You’re the one’s throwing insults around like 5th graders you hypocritical loser. You must be a frat boy. I used to kick the shit out of numbskulls like you in college. Bet your wife cheats on you because your dick is so small.

  335. steve

    I grew up in Branford and could not have asked for a better way or place to grow up. Come to the shoreline and I guarentee your opinions will change of this place. We do have our shitty spots, but explore everywhere before making assumptions.

    • no way

      The shoreline is just as bad as the rest of this messed up state. Jerk tourists, nothing to do, muggy weather, and idiots like the rest of the state. Every town is alike, yours is rotten too.

  336. Sespool of morns

    I’ve been to CT. many times because my family lives there and let me tell you i’m glad i don’t live in such arrogant, stupid, conservative morons i ever met! should use the state as a prison and put all the garbage int here.

  337. ^^^ The above image explains how college degrees are generally obtained at Three Rivers Community College.

  338. The Above

    ^^^ the above explains what’s happens when your a 40 year old liveing in moms basement.

  339. ^^^ The above comment explains what happens when you’re a homosexual jewish faggot piece of shit who’s unwilling to admit that your loser tribe is directly responsible for the downfall of western society. Kike!

  340. The above is an idiot

    ^^^The above comment explains what happens when you live in CT. to long makes that can make such unintelligent common comebacks like that lol. Another example of a CT. idiot if you want to deal with people like this don’t go to CT. the only intelligent thing to do .

  341. The above is an idiot

    And Only an dumb pedophile would assume that I’m a fag, and a jew and lives in the Western parts makes me LMAO at his lack of brains XD. Just Another jealous CT. moron XD.

  342. CT. sucks

    Another reson why not to live in CT. the are taking away your guns also

  343. This state is a depraved piece of shit. Look at how many spic freeloader gansta faggot-ass homo drug dealers got busted for distributing cocaine and heroin in the area; looks like the guestbook for a Puerto Rican wedding:'dismantle'-two-major-operations

    Federal defendants:
    Luis Ariel Capellan Maldonado, 38, New London
    Jose Reynoso-Monegro, 44, New York, N.Y.
    Isidro Suarez, 47, The Bronx, N.Y.
    Isaac Vargas Guaba, 28, New London
    Johnatan Alvarado, 39, Pawtucket, R.I.
    Emmanuel Blanco Balbuena, 28, New London
    Aaron Moore, 35, in state custody
    Xavier Cluff, 40, Groton
    Ramon Garcia, 39, New London
    Israel Rodriguez, 34, Norwich
    Luis Martinez, 33, Salem
    Orlando Santiago, 38, New London
    William Anderson, 26, New London
    Ana Anderson, 38, New London
    Daniel Rodriguez, 28, New London
    Efrain Hernandez Vazquez, 37, Groton
    Lester Fantauzzi, 46, Niantic
    Abdul Rodriguez, 33, Norwich
    Enrique Luciano, 37, New London
    Miguel Morales, 48, New London
    Isaac J. Rivera, 28, Groton
    Cruz J. Bonilla, 29, New London
    Eddie Rodriguez, 29, New London
    Jose Morales, 52, New London
    Edwin Cepeda, 33, New London
    Carlos Davila, 27, New London
    Larry Harris, 57, Bridgeport
    Abnel Rodriguez, 21, New London
    Pedro Rivera, 34, Groton
    Luis Zayas, 35, Waterford
    Ricardo Davila Mercado, 28, Groton
    Frankie Rivera, 21, New London
    Orlando Gonzalez-Roman, 23, Groton
    Juan G. Cheverez, 30, Groton
    Juan Hernandez, 29, Mystic
    Axel Matta Figueroa, 31, Vega Baja, Puerto Rico
    Pedro Gil Rivera Ortiz, 47, New London
    Jose A. Valentin Sanchez, 52, New London
    Juan L. Cheverez, 25, Morovis, Puerto Rico
    Julio Otero, 41, Hartford
    Julio Madera Freytes, 25, Springfield, Mass.
    Addismalicb Rosario, 44, New London
    Edgardo Centeno, 41, New London
    Oscar Valentin, 39, New London
    Angel Collazo Garcia, 45, New London
    Ivette Pagan Rodriguez, 62, Morovis, Puerto Rico
    Juan Rivera Ortiz, 68, Morovis, Puerto Rico

    State defendants
    (partial list)
    Erick Torres, 25, Mystic
    George Harris, 56, New London
    Kamal Cooper, 37, New London
    Felix Ruiz, 38, New London
    Christopher Nolan, 31, Norwich
    Ramon Gomez, 37, New London
    Angel Vega, 32, New London
    Rafael Tavares, 37, New London
    Anthony Cardenales, 32, New London
    Jesus Morales, 24, New London
    William Cornish, 32, New London
    Brian Sanchez, 21, New London
    Brian Mahon, 40, Griswold
    Victor Morales, 41, New London
    Humberto Rodriguez, 30, New London
    Efren E. Ortiz, 37
    Luisito Beltran, 44
    Ralph D. Estrella, 41
    Dominique Gonzales, 29
    Veronica Lodge, 25
    Robert McIntear, 41
    Sandra Vasquez-Torres, 24
    Lori L. Dunn, 46
    Hector Garcia, 49
    Rocky Garcia, 32
    Marilyn Morales, 42
    Marisol Reyes, 40
    John Simon, 47
    Ricardo Sanchez-Mendez, 26
    Ralph Estrella, 41

    These are the kinds of “people” that have a reproductive advantage in the USA, since the media glorifies their actions, and will no doubt paint them all as the persecuted minority “victims” of an evil white-run regime. I bet the majority of these pieces of shit have at least 3-4 illegitimate turd children, probably with swanky fat white women.

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  345. CT sucks

    Might as well move one half of CT. to porter Rico and the other half of CT. to Africa and put a new state in and start over and take Maloy and stick him North Mariya.

  346. CT sucks

    North kariya i ment.

  347. Hate CT.

    CT. has a Lott of dumb yuppies in it i see them all over with there florescent gay looking ball caps that worship there spoil brats that suck up there parents money and have a disregard to discipline and most are raised in dysfunctional family’s and are arrogant judgmental coward liberals anyways. Overtaxed shit birds.

  348. John

    I will admit Ct has a lot of people who think there crap doesn’t stink. We have the most money in the lower 48 and some of the highest taxes. Most people are liberal idiots. ( only ny and California are worse). But how did Ct get this way? Transplants. That’s right you so called non-idiots moved here because Ct had something your states did not…..JOBS. Now our state is all screwed up Please go back to where you came from. So we can go back to a Conservative state with our morals still intact.

    • S F

      Screw you John. You’re a delusional moron if you think CT has jobs. The problem is that there are NO jobs. The state of CT has horrible job growth. Yeah the wages are higher sometimes but that’s only because the cost of living here is insane in this miserable state. But that doesn’t stop Employers from wanting cheap labor because the economy sucks so they try and nickel and dime you. Not like it matters because they have no idea how to pick decent employees. It’s impossible to get ahead here. And jobs where you make any decent money are so few and far between you might as well move or starve to death. People are fleeing this state because of the job market. Especially young people. Fuck this filthy, run down state. I’m definitely moving to CA or FL. Even if CA is expensive, at least the people are friendly and there are things you can actually do there unlike this shit state. If I’m going to live somewhere expensive and I’d rather live somewhere that doesn’t make me want to jump off a cliff like this bullshit state.

    • I moved out of CT for over 15 yrs and when I came back I couldn’t believe at how disgusting CT turned out to be. I used to live in Wethersfield, CT. I went to a catholic school and had lived in a beautiful neighborhood. Now it’s filled with illegal mexicans and drug activity. The Catholic school is shut down and the streets are messed up. It is so sad. America is falling apart. God help us all.

  349. CT. is for assholes

    People in CT. are so self absorbed and rude, i went to restaurant and saw a elderly lady and her mother and mothers darter walking towards the entrance and i held the door open for the older women and them they looked at me like i was a criminal didn’t say thank you or anything except the elderly lady people are fuckin misriable and arrogant there you can keep the state of missory. and greedy judging assholes i ever met.

  350. CT. sucks and so did my childhood

    I call CT. the “soulless” state of our nation. It is emotionally cold, neighbors keep their doors locked and shades drawn. No one talks. There is an abundance of unhappy wealthy people popping prozac and having nervous breakdowns. CT is home to the famous Silver Hill Hospital (psychiatric hospital for the rich and famous). You see bored rich housewives shopping for fancy designer items at the grossly overpriced boutiques. There is little culture because it’s just burb after burb loaded with shopping centers and blockbuster movies. The weather sucks. It is hot and sticky with hoards of mosquitos in the summer and bitterly cold and windy in the winter. Traffic sucks bigtime You can count on huge traffic jams traveling from one crappy CT town to another. People scream at each other in packed parking lots. Where is the joy living here? I HATE this state with a passion and moved 3,000 miles away as soon as I turned 18. I’ve never returned and it’s been 20 years.

  351. CT. Dumbville

    Read this B.S, 7 metro north employees want to sue metro north for trama? CT. people are! greedy weak assholes after all read the story

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    It’s great to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the
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  353. John

    is this a joke…. CT is a great state

  354. Imagine That

    My problem in life is this RACHET STATE CT. First of all the DMVS are terrible. Hours upon hours of wait time at those places. Say something happened and you couldn’t make your appointment, they charge a fee and will not allow you to make another one until you pay them for the missed appointment. Will not let you pay it online or over the phone. So somewhere in your CT WORKING SLAVE TIME you have to stop by in person. They charge road tax every year on your car, when the roads are still terrible, tax you to death on your paychecks, so you might as well get ready to work about a whole day for free to cover their state taxes. It costs just around or a little over $500.00 just to obtain a drivers liscense. Also if you don’t pay your car taxes you will not be able to register another vechile. Plus if you loose your receipt for proof of paying your CT car TAXES they will tell you it’s your fault and you will have to pay again. This place is the most money hungry greedy place I’ve ever seen in my life. I will run from this place as soon as I can get enough money to leave. The big company’s here are leaving now to, so guess what? All the little people are going to have to cover what the state is going to be losing. Like middle class people can afford any more. I would not recommend anyone to live here, period. Don’t get me wrong the views are amazing, but not enough to cover up all the wrong things about this place. The people are rude as hell most of the time, usually when you ask how someone is doing here they look at you like your a damn fool and hold their noses in the air. I’m frustrated and sick of this place. One day though all this is going to bite them, and I’m not PAYING FOR ANYMORE OF THEIR STUPID MISTAKES. Beautiful place ran by a bunch of morons who eat 5 star dinners every night while there are people on our streets begging for money to even eat a hamburger at mcdonalds. Awesome job CT! Our forefathers ran this place better with nothing than how you people are doing it today.

  355. fuck ct.

    If your in CT. and planning to sell your house to get the fuck out of this shit hole, plan on a long wait because the economy in this state sucks because of all the libtards and illegals working for cheap labor in this state. No one can afford to pat 200,000 for a house so you have to come down in price and sell it for cheap or you’ll be stuck there forever.

  356. Alex Pecha

    This thread has so much circle jerking it’s not even funny.

    Seriously, I’ve lived in Northwest CT my whole life and it’s a great place. People are friendly, education is mostly top notch, and the area is great for hiking and other out door activities.

    Of course I’m going to get chastised for this comment since this thread is basically self congratulatory jerking off.

  357. To the idiot above

    Yep another arrogant ignorant liberal CT.troll graces us with there rose colored glasses , closed mined, useless comment anyone that likes CT. is all of the above.

    • Alex

      Wow, bring politics into it.

      Apparently all of your puppies got raped in shot in Bridgeport or something. Or your one of the arrogant types of vacationers who got pissed because their every whim wasn’t satisfied while they were here.

      Whatever, I like it here; if you don’t then stay out, we’re not losing much with the autistic levels of circle jerking that’s going on here.

      • S F

        Wow, you’re an idiot Alex. CT is full of the most bullshit people out there. The only thing I agree with is the education. Everything else is crap! Most CT people are either rude and arrogant or cold and cordial. If you think CT people are friendly, then you have no clue what a kind warm person really is. And if you can’t figure that out, you’re the CT douchebag we’re talking about. Horrible state, social pit. WASPY state that hates minorities, hence your mention of Bridgeport. Despises diversity both in race and individuality. Fuck you and fuck your love for this scumbag state. And unfortunately I live here and grew up here so I’m not a tourist. Wish I didn’t though. I’m plotting my escape from this hellish state.

  358. It is a lot of much many good films. all here!

  359. Dummies ct.

    Another reason why CT. sucks so bad read this! a girl kissed a boy in day camp and the parents awarded 600,000 dollars? for kiss a boy? Fuck that state

  360. CT retards

    Another reason why CT. sucks the rich stupid morons read this -

  361. fucking americans, most of this fucking country is a village

  362. CT retards

    Another reason why patheCT sucks Ted nugent can’t play there without being horrast by the dumb ass liberal locals Protest over performance by Ted Nugent

    • MA

      Or maybe Ted Nugent is just awful. His music is strange. His social statements are equally bizarre. Oh, and the CTers have every Constitutional right to protest him. Just as you might argue the pro-gun lobby had every Constitutional right to set up a Gun Appreciation Day. But of course, that doesn’t come into play because there are “dumb ass liberal locals” we’re talking about. P.S. Learn to write. Save yourself from rhetorical incompetence.

  363. And another one gone and another one gone

    F CT: Well, I’m sure glad I got out of CT when I could still sell my house about 10 years ago. It’s bad enough there are no good venues for musicians except for Mohegan Sun. Mohegan Sun is probably the best thing in CT which proves we should have left the state to the indigenous people a long time ago. People are so uptight that they cannot simply boycott the concert if they don’t want to go. And I’m on Trayvon’s side, by the way, but people need to be reasonable. Ted has a right to play, you know; there are people who want to hear him. Toad’s is a great CT business and musician’s venue that needs to be respected for God’s sake. The second best next to the Wolf’s Den. Everyone is grouchy in CT and as the economy stays in a prolonged hole, the entire nation is getting far too grouchy. It’s been another Great Depression that no one will admit to, and that’s why you are all feeling so lousy. Go protest about that lie! For Trayvon’s sake go protest outside the courtroom! Where injustice was done! Not at Toad’s Place, ninnies. The real American attitude would be for people to have a right to their own opinion and you would not judge them, if they did nothing illegal, and you’d enjoy their music if you liked it.

  364. Evan

    As a person that grew up in Connecticut my whole entire life. I’ve always wanted to move out because there is just nothing to do around here and it takes like 30 minutes to drive to do anything!

  365. And another one gone and another one gone

    Evan, it should take nearly an hour unless by “doing something” you mean going to Wal-Mart or mailing a letter. You’re probably driving too fast. Don’t get caught speeding. And remember if you get bored or tired of driving so much, there’s always mowing the grass, weeding, pruning, watering, raking leaves, chopping wood or shoveling snow.

    • Alex

      The cops don’t give a shit if locals speed, at least not as much; half the time you know the cop personally if they DO pull you over and they just let you go.

      But even in my “Boring” part of the state there’s plenty to do if you have a car or a ride, if you think there isn’t you don’t have friends.

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    WTF does this pertain to shit hole ct.? your in the wrong room chink!

  368. MA

    Huh… surreal. Why am I getting the vibe that so many commenters here are illiterate assholes (except for Mr. Angry Sailor, who is at least coherent)? This is to say nothing of whether or not I agree with anybody’s views on CT. I’m sure that regardless of the length or comprehensiveness of the argument I could make, my opinion would be lambasted by people’s unfortunate but irrelevant anecdotes. Yeah, CT has blue laws. Problem? Buy your booze on Saturday. Also, I take the firm stance that not everybody here is a rich snob or “welfare-sucking degenerate” (One of the things that bugs me the most is people’s misinterpretation and misapplication of the term “socialism.” I might add as an aside that this isn’t particularly helped by Fox News.) On the contrary, some of the greatest people I’ve ever had the good fortune to meet have been from CT (and most of them fall into the national middle-class).

    To give you some background, my parents and grandparents moved here to escape the WWII desolation of Poland. I have no true expression to offer as to the many qualities, good nor bad, of this, the Constitution State, but gratefulness.

  369. ct. plain sucks i'm out!

    Ct is a shithole I’m moving out this month keep you high taxes and liberal yuppie attitude Ct. is full of idiots and boring as fuck, I’ll be laughing at you at you a lott the state is a joke.

    • MA

      I don’t understand why people keep using “yuppie” as an insult. According to the Random House Dictionary, it means “A young, ambitious, and well-educated city-dweller who has a professional career and an affluent lifestyle.” I see no negative connotation there.

      • unknown

        But a Lott of the yuppies have good money and then there attitude towards others is judgmental if you don’t have a good career or money or a big house cars most yuppies look down on the middle class because they think there underachievers, losers, not into the latest click of today’s greedy technological crap. Most pepole with money and power will not know how to survive if they lost there cell phones, cars, nanny’s room survive , only the the ones that work hard and struggle will survive when the shit hits the fan because the working class know how to overcome and adapt, the rich depend on money to save them and expect to be served they will not adapt.

  370. unknown

    I’ve been to CT. and the time i had there i do have to say the state sucks, the only good things about it is leaving.

  371. enoughe said

    H.P love craft lived in new England so that means new England is full of paranoid evil beings enough said.

  372. the devil in new englend

    Wow read my link about new England

  373. fuckin libtards

    CT is a liberal state that’s why it sucks so much libtards are crushing america.

  374. ct. is for complaining morons

    I agree one more video on ct. sucks

  375. Joey

    Fuck the snootiness of Fairfield County, try to deal with the trashiness of New Haven county (especially around New Haven). Their constant complaining about EVERYTHING, fake “attitude” (they try miserably act like their from Jersey Shore, LI or Brooklyn), and just whole negativity in the air was the reason why I left such a cesspool of negativity in the first place. Believe me, once you move to CT, be prepared to have your life and soul sucked out of you.

  376. u.s.a is fucked

    Pretty much of the u.s is like this: look at this video

  377. notgreenerinct

    I just moved to ct from the Berkshires in ma and 99 percent of the people are rude fucking assholes. Even my new neighbors I say hello and absolutely nothing comes out of their mouths. People here make it fucking suck. Everyone is rude as fuck and I really fucking hate it here. I’ve been across the USA and this place by far has the biggest bunch of stuck up ass fucking holes I’ve ever not met. And I’m a really up beat generally happy person and ct is changing me into a miserable fuck just like every motherfucker here. I’ll be moving as soon as my lease is up. Fuck this shitty little state.

  378. Fuck ct.

    I’m moving out this weekend, the people that are buying my house good people but there still self centered, it’s O.K. though, enjoy your increasing taxes and the spawn of Danny boy this state will end up like Detroiter in no time.

  379. Okay, so as a CT resident who’s family moved to this God-forsaken hellhole-state many years ago, I have to say how much this place sucks:

    Growing up in Mystic as a child, I have many fond memories, but now I can’t wait to leave! This town has been overrun by rich, snobby kikes and liberal faggot egalitarian types from mostl NY/NJ. I guess the word must have gotten out in recent years about how nice this. area once was (I blame that stupid fucking Hollywood-Jew film, ‘Mystic Pizza’ for ruining everything for locals). I guess these rat-faced yuppie assholes decided it was time to move on to greener pastures to find a new host after they destroyed the shitholes that they crawled out from with their liberal politics. Now this town is starting to resemble a mini-Tel Aviv! JAPS (Jewish American Princeses) are everywhere here now, and they have ruined the atmosphere for the locals with their arrogant, stuck-up, entitled attitudes. Also, it’s no longer affordable here for regular working class goyim since these fucking parasites have driven the cost of living up here big time with their flashiness and fiat-dollars. Fucking kike jews and Jersey Shoresque meathead fuckers totally ruined the once great atmosphere and charm of my cozy town!

    As for Groton, well I guess that town was never that great to begin with, besides being an industrial center for the manufacturing of war machines for the US to use in order to serve Zionist interests worldwide. Now the place is like a breeding ground for Skank white female welfare rats to breed.and get dicked down by low life nigger criminals. Basically the place is a mulatto bastard creating breeding factory used to bleed the middle class of America dry.

    I hate this fucking state, and cannot wait to leave for good!

    • Mike

      CT sucks because a lot of the people are hateful, as many have demonstrated with these cranky comments. In CT racist and xenophobic views are the norm by whites AND minorities alike. It’s generally a very negative, suspicious, cliquey, whiny, corrupt, anti-progress, trashy, ignorant and snobby state.

  380. CT. is a dumster

    Couldn’t of have said it better.

  381. A.E. Neuman

    I have lived in Connecticut all my life. I also own a home in New Hampshire. One does not realize how much this state SUCKS until you move somewhere – ANYWHERE – else. The only good thing about this state is the beauty of the Quiet Corner on the borders of the R.I. and Massachusetts border. Unfortunately the stuck up, always angry and rude citizens of this twisted state detract from that to the point it is not worth it. 90% of the states economy is just awful. The only reason why Ct ranks so high on the wealth list is because of Fairfield County. The police are Nazi pricks who scare tourists and truckers away, the road system is designed for traffic that existed in 1972. Not to mention our Governor, Dannel Malloy,is such a jackass that it is beyond belief. There are so many rules and regulations for everything you can’t fart downwind on a sidewalk on Sundays without being fined, ticketed, arrested and otherwise abused. CT has regulations that regulate the regulations that regulate the regulations. And every damn regulation has some sort of fee attached to it. The whole attitude of the populace here is “Hooray for me and F**K YOU!” As for jobs, everywhere East of New Haven there ARE no jobs that pay a living wage. Unless you are self-employed (As I am.) you are lucky to make $9.00 an hour. Then most of the companies mess with employees hours so one week you might work 20 hours and the next only 8. As for the Casinos (I live about 3 miles from them.) they are a huge DRAIN on the local economy. They almost no taxes, their employee base is mainly Asian, and the average Casino employee wage is $10.00 per hour. The average pay for employees working for other companies inside the casino is $8.25 I am moving to my home in N.H. in the spring and I cannot wait.