Coming Soon to a Lap Near Me

Oh yes, it is mine.


And if a FedEx package shows up on my desk at work tomorrow, I may skip my company’s Christmas party entirely just to go home and play with it.



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8 responses to “Coming Soon to a Lap Near Me

  1. I just got one too, and I’ve never wanted to make sweet love to something more on a daily basis. You will love it.

  2. The Mac System is absolutely THE BEST:

    After working in Windows XP HELL at work, this will be a theraputic vacation.

  3. welcome to the good side of the force.

  4. I feel your pain as you wait on Fed Ex to deliver your new baby. Fed Ex lost my Mac! Although, I am sure yours will arrive on time and in one piece, mine was taken in transit. Yes, Fed EX, stole my Mac Book Pro!

    I have since purchased a second Mac and it is beautiful. Every program interacts so well with everything else, it makes organisation sooooooo easy. No more file management issues! There are so many features to explore, the i-chat being especially fun. I can only hope your Mac makes you as happy as mine has made me.

    However, I still can’t help but scream ‘YOU BASTARDS’ every time I see a purple and white van drive by knowing, not only how much money they cost me, but also how much pleasure they denied me! It was the longest two months of my life! Oh, and now the whole neighbourhood thinks I have tourette’s.

    Enjoy your Mac and I hope you have no reason to hate Fed Ex as I do!

    The guerrillaligger.

  5. My baby was delivered right after Christmas last year and I don’t think I left my house for an entire week after it’s arrival. Enjoy!

  6. Ahh…I got mine back in August. My second mac, first being an enormous eMac.

    It’s wonderful.


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