Do Not Forget the Needy!

kylesouthpark.jpgDuring the holiday season, it is important that we remember those less fortunate. Perhaps the most unfortunate are the Jews that live in our nation’s interior. In New York and L.A., we might know the two spellings of Hanukkah/Chanukah. We probably sang the Dreidel Song in elementary school.  And we definitely know what a menorah is.

But in between the two coasts are people like my friend Aaron. He’s Jewish, from New Jersey, and recently moved to Pueblo, Colorado. Aaron is certainly one of the less fortunate. We must think of him this season, as he suffers through scenes like this at his local Hallmark store:

Aaron: Hi, do you sell electric menorahs?
Clerk: What’s that? Oh wait… that’s that weird Jew candle thing, right?

And what’s worse? They didn’t have one. Poor Aaron is without a menorah.

So, please think of Aaron this Friday evening when he lights the lonely menorah in his mind.

And to the Christians that feel no shame: imagine moving to Rockland County and not being able to buy a Christmas Tree!



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4 responses to “Do Not Forget the Needy!

  1. Marjorie

    Falls Church Virginia? And where did Sullivan County come from?

  2. Karen ;-)

    It’s always hard to be the only Jewish kid in a midwestern town. The teachers try so hard. They get out their little gifties to give out…
    “Merry Christmas, Billy.”
    “Merry Christmas, Suzie.”
    “Happy…Chewbacca, Aaron.”

    Aaron, I salute you and feel your pain. Have a very Happy Chewbacca.

  3. Aaron

    Follow-Up: I have found a menorah in Pueblo, Colorado!!!

    BUT… not before another hilarious, horribly awkward instance of cultural ignorance…

    Aaron: Hi… Do you sell menorahs here?
    Clerk: Sure. (walks me to aisle) They’d be in this aisle.
    (It is the store’s candy aisle)
    Aaron: Ummm…. it’s not food…

    Luckily, the one clerk found another one who wasn’t as culturally ignorant… or who at least knew what the seasonal department stocked… and I was hooked up with a nice little menorah.

    And Karen, thank you for the Chewbacca wishes.

  4. Oh no. Pueblo. Ack. Why couldn’t your friend move to Boulder or something? I hope he doesn’t think that ALL of Colorado is like that… okay, well, everywhere but Boulder and Denver and maybe Ft. Collins is like that. I guess he can count himself lucky that he isn’t in Colorado Springs.

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