amNY Watch: A Little Off-Center

From Tuesday’s am New York:


A quick lesson for the caption writer: if there are an even number of people in the picture, nobody is in the center.



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5 responses to “amNY Watch: A Little Off-Center

  1. My first thought was actually, “Who names their kid Rufus?”

  2. I’d name my kid Bruno.

    No one will mess with a guy named Bruno.

  3. kwanito


    My first boy’s name’s gonna be Sue.

  4. rebecca

    what about the fact that there are three other children in the picture, but the caption says sisterS and cousinS? unless one of them is somehow his sister and his cousin at once, they can’t both be plural. aHA!

  5. rebecca – that’s still possible. Say if the mother remarried rufus’ father’s brother.

    Voila! Mother’s daughter is his sister and uncle’s daughter is his cousin.

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