Rained In

This is a picture from Stowe, Vermont from a Saturday afternoon. This particular afternoon happened to be in January. In fact, it was this weekend. See if you can find the snow!


Yeah, that little white speck towards the bottom? That’s all the snow we had left by Saturday. It rained all weekend. In fact, there were thunderstorms. In fact, there was a hailstorm. But no snow. And no temperatures even close to below freezing.

So what do you do when you’re in Vermont for a winter weekend and there’s no snow to ski on? I participate in the only other winter sport I’m good at: drinking.



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2 responses to “Rained In

  1. No snow at Stowe?! That’s crazy talk. I miss Vermont. I hope you had some Harpoon Brewery beer to soften the no snow blow:-)

  2. No snow in VT?
    It’s time to take out the sticks
    Work on handicap

    (like my haiku?)

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