The Smell

Gross. I’m at work in Midtown, I’ve got a massive headache, and I keep wanting to gag.

If you can’t smell it, then you have no idea what I’m talking about, so go read all about it.

On a side note, I took off a layer of clothing when I got to work because I thought the smell was coming from my unwashed, dry-clean only sweater.



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7 responses to “The Smell

  1. It was in the air in Bay Ridge Brooklyn this morning too.

    I hope the entire area doesn’t blow up.

  2. omg…i’m about ready to throw up!
    i smelled an odd smell in my e. village apt. this morning when i woke up.
    smelled a bad smell on the A train this morning (which made me feel a little sick)…
    7th avenue smelled god awful!
    and then i get to my building on w. 36th between 6th and 7th and there is such a strong smell of gas in the building here. it is crazy!
    and they keep saying not to worry and that it isnt anything!
    bring back the syrup smell from last year please! that didnt have me as concerned…mystery natural gas smell does…
    i’m gonna go vomit now.

  3. meaghan

    damn man, I what you’re talking about – 3000 miles away. The smell of mercaptan in Manhattan is, apparently, national news. I wonder how many idiot assholes are still outside smoking, though. I hope they blow up.

  4. Did anyone see downtown Austin was shut down today for a gas after 60 pigeons died. I assume our pigeons just have a higher tolerance.

  5. Marjorie

    I miss New York :(

  6. Wait… the Giants got back to town already?

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