The Worst Commercial Ever Made

wendys.JPGUnless you’ve been living on another planet for the past few weeks, you’ve probably seen the Wendy’s TV spot entitled “Expect More” about 100 times. If you haven’t seen it: whatever planet that is that you’ve been living on – take me with you!

This, I declare, is the worst TV commercial ever made. The set-up? Two men are eating their “value meals” in a library. One is a meal from Wendy’s, and the other is a generic, minature-sized meal. The guy with the small meal whispers to the guy with the Wendy’s meal that he paid $2.99 for his food. The Wendy’s guy puts a smug look on his face and whispers back that he, too, paid $2.99. Honestly, I think a three year-old could have come up with a better concept for an ad.

They’re eating their meals in a goddamn library. Sure, they have the respect to whisper to each other in the library, but they’re still eating their fucking fast food. Somehow they get away with this, despite the fact that most librarians would lynch you for eating some disgusting greasy non-descript “value meal.” 

I want to punch the Wendy’s guy in the mouth because of the arrogant expression on his face; he’s so proud of the fact that he eats at Wendy’s. Because, you know, the first feeling you should get when eating at Wendy’s is pride, not shame, or that “I’m-going-to-have-a-heart-attack” feeling. I want to punch the other guy in the mouth because he actually paid $2.99 for a one-inch wide chicken sandwich and a one-ounce soda. Because, you know, fast food places really sell that shit, because they’re all about portion control.

And worst of all, THIS IS ONE OF THE TOP-TEN MOST-LIKED ADS FOR DECEMBER, according to IAG Research. Seriously, who the fuck are the people who like this ad? Stoners who have the munchies and are totally freaked out by the micro-meal? Students who think that eating a Wendy’s value meal is perfectly acceptable behavior in a library? Fat people from fly-over states who place spending $3 on a meal over their own health? Yeah, probably that last one.

Bring Dave Thomas back from the dead. I’d rather watch his rotting corpse than this piece of crap commercial.



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9 responses to “The Worst Commercial Ever Made

  1. Speaking of dead guys, you happen to see the new Orville Redenbacher (sp) commercial? It’s old Orville himself brought back to life thanks to CGI. “Living dead” is not a good look for him at all. Very creepy commercial.

  2. Bob

    Face it, tiny food is adorable like puppies and kitties. People eat that shit up.

  3. rebecca

    i’ve never seen it, bwaHA!
    [it’s called planet AlmostneverwatchTV]

  4. After watching nonstop football for two weekends, I declare that I’m fucking tired of the Visa Check Card commercial where the guy goes into the deli that’s running smoothly until he pays with cash.

    Yeah… gonna kill someone if I see it again.

  5. Marjorie

    Never seen it. At least it’s not the Head On commericals that now make fun of the other Head On commericals.

  6. I agree whole-heartedly with you. Lousy commercial. I even think the “2.99” whisper is actually the exact same soundclip, just played twice.

  7. It probably is the same “2.99!” Saves on paying the actors a little more eh?

    What was the clip from the Simpsons where Homer is the voice of Poochy… and he is talking to the lady who voiced Roadrunner… and she said “It was only one “MEEP”.. they just dubbed it twice. Cheapskates!”

  8. Be careful what you wish for. They just brought Orville Redenbacher back from the dead (digitized) and I’m haunted by the image. Creepy and disturbing.

  9. I hate that Wendy’s commercial too – but I think the worst part is that darn whistle – it is just so loud and irritating, it cuts right through me!

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