He’s a Real Slamma-Lamma Ding Dong

aikman_buck.jpgI’ve been waiting for some video evidence of this to show up on YouTube, but unfortunately, I’m going to have to relay it to you in the form of a transcript, and you’ll just have to picture it in your head (which, honestly, shouldn’t be that hard to do). This is what transpired early in the second quarter of Sunday’s Bears-Seahawks game on Fox, in a discussion about the length of Shawn Alexander’s cleats:

Joe Buck: I wish I knew which was longer 3/8, 1/2, 5/8… you played in the NFL, Troy: what’s longer, 5/8 or 1/2?

Troy Aikman: [stunned silence] I believe 5/8 is longer.

Joe Buck is one-upped on a third-grade math problem by TROY AIKMAN, a guy who sustained ten concussions over the course of his career.



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6 responses to “He’s a Real Slamma-Lamma Ding Dong

  1. Of course it’s not on YouTube… it didn’t include profanity and boobs like the “FUCK DA EAGLES!” shirt girl.

  2. Karen ;-)

    No no no! I totally heard this! Couldn’t believe it!!

  3. As a fellow St. Louisan as Joe Buck, I am ashamed to admit that I saw this live as well. Say it ain’t so Joe……

  4. meaghan

    Joe Buck is a certified moron…to the point where, when he calls Yankees games, my father mutes the TV and listens to the radio commentary.

  5. Meaghan! FINALLY! You and I agree on something sports-related! It’s a miracle!

  6. Steve Stewart

    Joe Buck is bright guy, he was clearly kidding.

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