Picking on Someone Half My Size


I never blog about blogging. This will be a first for me.

I was chosen to vote in the Bloggies this year. I was blown away by all of the great blogs from all over the world that I had been overlooking for so long. Among the categories I had to peruse the nominees for: Best African or Middle Eastern Blog, Best Australian and New Zealand Blog, and Best Kept-Secret Blog. These netted me a bunch of new bookmarks and a lot more time wasted reading about lives more interesting than my own.

I dreaded just one of categories that I had to vote in: Best Teen Weblog. I was allowed to select up to five of the 39 blogs listed, and after reading through all 39, I could only convince myself to vote for two – and one was a certain social networking website that helps to keep blogs with no focus, no creativity, and no significance to the general populace out of the real blogosphere.

Unfortunately, not every teen blog can end up in a News Corp-supported black hole. Among the worst offenders on the list was Cory Kennedy. I don’t know how this blog ended up on the list. I don’t even know how this blog attracted the attention of anyone other than Cory Kennedy and her heroin-chic Misshapes-wannabe friends. Apparently, some people, presumably other teens, give a shit about this amateur fashionista (other’s words, not mine. I think using the term “fashionista” gives her too much credit for what she does. If I dressed in rags at age 16, I guess I could have been a d-list celebrity wannabe, too). Complete strangers are willing to take time out of their day to actually read this drivel:

friday- went to bay cities with l. foust and ate a bad sandwhich. went home and slept. foust got val & picked me up again. first stop taco bell. then got into a hectic mess. ended up in silverlake with momma ana, kristi, & nate. right when we got their i ended up going to sleep on rachel , and jacks bed….. with charlie.

Yes, a blow-by-blow of her boring day, with no details, no observations, no insight – oh, and no capitalization, either. People don’t give a shit what you ate, where you eat, who you saw, and the name of the dog you slept with (yes, apparently, “charlie” is a dog). And they don’t want to see pictures of your pale-faced anorexic friends doing the mundane things that you perceive to be things interesting enough to share with the world.

Just because you think you’re important doesn’t mean you deserve to have a blog. You actually have to have something to say. Blogging notoriety shouldn’t be awarded to someone who unintelligibly babbles just because she thinks people give two shits. Blogging notoriety should be earned.

If this is the future of the blogosphere, God help us all.



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11 responses to “Picking on Someone Half My Size

  1. wait wait wait…they have AWARDS….for…for blogging? This can only mean the downfall of society.

  2. One thing that drives me crazy is when people can’t even use the correct word. “Their” does not mean “there.” I checked out that chick’s blog and was utterly appalled by her lack of creativity, poor spelling and grammatical use, and well… everything. Good job on making her an example of what NOT to do.

  3. Has anyone seen the movie “The Rules of Attraction”? This girl writes like the character ‘Victor’ did when he was in Europe. Only take away the European setting, the famous landmarks, the sex, the Amsterdam hookers and anything that could be remotely construed as interesting…… and we are left with Corey Kennedy.

  4. meaghan

    at least Vincent Gallo wants to (or, perhaps, already has) fuck her.

    I heard about this chick from the publicist I used to work for. The PUBLICIST. The one who should have better things to do with her time than care about disaffected 16 year old high school drop outs with daddy issues.


  5. Karen ;-)

    dlisted lurves this girl. Vincent Gallo and Blohan love Cory Kennedy. Can’t wait to see where she ends up…and by “can’t wait,” I mean, “please disappear because your celebrity status makes me sad to be American.”

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  7. Finally! Someone who isn’t obsessed with Cory Kennedy!

  8. Maja

    “Blogging notoriety shouldn’t be awarded to someone who unintelligibly babbles just because she thinks people give two shits.”

    She thinks people give two shits because they DO. Perhaps you are not in her fan base (neither am I) but the fact of the matter is, she’s got a fan base, full of people giving WAY more than two shits.

    Saying things like “Blogging notoriety should be earned” makes you sound a bit silly and like a bitter, humorless old man who resents dumb kids who got further in life than he did with less effort than he put in.

    I’m not a fan of Cory Kennedy’s, but it baffles me how intelligent, articulate people with a sense of humor (like yourself) actually get their emotions riled up about people giving two shits about her blog. I’m not a blogger, so maybe I don’t understand the frustration about an instantly popular blog that is not as well written or as interesting as yours. Who really gives a shit? Or, as you say, two shits? Who caaaares?

    (….Unless you were kidding/being ironic about your anger towards Cory Kennedy. That would be way cooler and funnier….)

  9. chris

    well, thing is YOU’RE NOT CORY KENNEDY. you’re old, you’re fat, you like beer, and you’re wearing that stupid baseball cap/hat – whatever you call that piece of shit. anyway, no need to be jealous with your mediocre salary and lack of attention in this society. i’m sorry your subjectivity lacks meaning. UGLY FATASS.

  10. Oh my god, that’s so hilarious! You called me old, fat, poor, and insignificant! And you made fun of my hat!

    No, really, I’m dying with laughter.

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