This Week Has Snowballed Out of Control

In my continuing effort to make fun of despicable things from L.A., here’s one more for the weekend.

It snowed in Malibu on Wednesday. People freaked. And many people drove to Malibu just to see snow – some for the first time ever.

But it’s abundantly clear to me now that people from L.A. are clueless when it comes to making a snowball:


You call that a snowball? More like a snowwad. The same way that people from L.A. can’t grasp the concept of driving a car in the rain, they also can’t seem to grasp the simple concept of rolling snow into a ball.

NEW YORK RULEZ!!!111!!1!

Annnd I’m spent. No Friday Funnies this week, as everything seemed dangerously close to being Not Safe For Work. Sorry to disappoint. Have a great weekend.



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3 responses to “This Week Has Snowballed Out of Control

  1. meaghan

    I’m not disagreeing with you…I’m just saying, don’t you think it’s funny that LA had snow before NYC did this year (well, snow that stuck)?

    I do.

    I didn’t move 3000 miles for the opportunity to experience COLDER weather…that’s for sure.

  2. max

    Tch. It has been snowing off and on in Malibu forever — which any native could tell you, if you could find one in the crowd of East Coast transplants.

  3. My mum didn’t see snow until she was 17. I would’ve loved to have seen her reaction to it..

    If you’re into the deeply bizarre, search “squirrel melts” on YouTube. And if you like funny advertisements that poke fun at foreigners, search “learn English” and look for the German coast guard one.

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