Blue Monday

stress_kit.jpgIt’s the Monday of my first five-day week since before Christmas, my football team blew a 21-3 lead last night, I slept in a 50-degree room and woke up with a stiff back this morning, this weekend wasn’t nearly long enough to blow off all the pent-up stress from last week, my student loan payments are due today, I have meetings all day long off-site, and there’s a strong possibility that given my workload, I may miss 24 tonight.

Oh, and it’s also the most depressing day of the year. Yes, that’s right. Psychologists say that with the Christmas debt, cold winter weather, lack of sunlight, broken New Year’s resolutions, and – duh – the fact that it’s Monday, today is the downer-est of downer days.

Not to, uh, bring you down or anything.



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5 responses to “Blue Monday

  1. I think you’re awesome… feel better? Just a litle? Your site has helped me procrastinate on many a Monday, and for that, thanks!

  2. Karen ;-)

    NOW who’s Debbie Downer?

  3. TK

    Will this help at all?

    I’m thinking….no. But you have to admit it’s milk-out-the-nose funny.

  4. Its funny, I went running in central park after work with my buddy Kirk and the first thing he said to me was “I’m upset, I hate my job, I’m going to quit”. Wow, the first thing I thought of was reading this earlier today. Apparently it is true.

  5. i love that Stress Buster, maybe we could glue in bubble wrap.

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