Friday Funnies: I Got a 99 on My Road Test

That’s a fact. The instructor took off one point for “inattention,” because of this exchange:

Instructor: Take a right over there. [motions forward towards no specific place]
Me: Here?
Instructor: [annoyed that I didn’t understand his vagueness] Yes!

Not that I should complain. My road test literally required me to drive around a block. No wonder Rhode Islanders are the worst drivers in the nation.

Anyway, here’s a good instructional video for new drivers. And just like me with my horrible sore throat today, this video has no speaking.

Enjoy your weekend!



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6 responses to “Friday Funnies: I Got a 99 on My Road Test

  1. I got a 98 for straightening out after backing into a parking spot just the tiniest bit crooked. The report cited that it took me two tries. Bastard RI DMV.

  2. “The Quebec Drivers Handbook… [does not] tell motorists that they are required to stop when pedestrians step onto white striped, marked crosswalks.” — long and boring YouTube video blog post…

    My first two driving tests:

  3. Jessica

    You just got your driver’s liscence now? You’re like 50.

  4. Good work in nailing the road test. I’ve never gotten my license (33, NYC native) because the MTA is my daddy. Unlike most, I don’t have any major beefs with the transit system except that Jay St. and Borough Hall in the summertime is the 13th level of hell.

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  6. Hahaha, this is hilarious! I had no doubt in my mind that NJ, MA, RI, and PA were all “worse” than WV.

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