Upcoming Top Stories on Fox 5 News

5000.jpgFox 5 has cheapened journalism just by attaching the “Fox” name to its newscast. But it crossed the line last season when its top story on the 10pm news every Monday night was related to 24. Not in the hard-hitting terrorism-related sense, but more in the “WHY IS 24 THE HOTTEST SHOW ON TV?” sense (no, seriously… and in those exact words). This season, the trend continues. So, here’s what you’ll see later this week on Fox 5 News!

  • Tuesday Night: Sure, he’s an awesome doctor on House, but can Hugh Laurie save a dying man in real life? Our health reporter puts him to the test… tonight at 10!
  • Wednesday Night: Are you unhealthily obsessed with American Idol? Tonight at 10, we’ll talk with a psychologist who says that watching it makes you a better person!
  • Thursday Night: We’ll tell you what makes The O.C. so great: and it’s not the teen sex. It’s a special ingredient called drama! An in-depth look at what drama is… tonight at 10!
  • Friday Night: It’s considered to be, by far, the most awesome moment in television history. Tonight at 10, we’ll catch up with the crazy lady from Trading Spouses!
  • Saturday Night: Cops is now in its 19th season. Tonight, we’ll tell you the one thing that makes it seem so real!
  • Sunday Night: More on the Sean Bell NYPD Shooting Trial. If it happened all over again, what would Chief Wiggum do? We’ll find out… tonight!


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7 responses to “Upcoming Top Stories on Fox 5 News

  1. Hahaha!

    The Fox station here in Los Angeles is exactly as bad.

    They should coin a new phrase for faux news like that.

    Snews? Flews? Eeeeewwws?

    Oh, hell – I’m just going to watch BBC world.

  2. Ironickharma

    Funny stuff. I am new to this.
    As for the O.C., my sister-in-law is the definition.. Keep it up.

  3. Holy crap dude, you were a “Blog Of The Minute”… congratulations.

    I’m not sure why people insist on thinking FoxNews is real. It’s more satirical and darkly ironic than ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ and ‘The Daily Show/Colbert Report’ combined.

  4. Matt

    Hahaha…chief wiggum.
    But in all seriousness, Rosanna Scotto and Ernie Anastos ARE New York. Why would the commercials lie?

  5. Speaking of FOX, have you seen this gem from YouTube? Esp. the reaction of the anchors after the reporter blurts out her four-letter word.

    News is where all the comedy is these days.

  6. I can just hear Joe Buck doing a promo for a new FOX Series, during the World Series:

    “Coming up, the World Television Premiere, from the Producers of ‘NYPD Blue’ & ‘The L Word’, The Heartwarming New Comedy about an elite Squad of NYPD Detectives who patrol the NYC Tennis Courts. Watch the World Television Premiere of ‘Fort Martina’, Sundays at 9:00PM, after The World Series, on FOX”;

    Watch “MyFOX5NY”, then do a story about some NYPD Precinct in Queens, informally called “Fort Dyke”;

    Ratings would shoot through the roof;

    & it’s ok, Chris, it’s NY & loads of Boston Red Sox Caps are worn here.

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