amNY Watch: Available at the Corner of 14th and Lex


And all this time I was thinking the Second Avenue Subway would run along… oh, I don’t know… Second Avenue?



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7 responses to “amNY Watch: Available at the Corner of 14th and Lex

  1. It’s worded a little awkwardly, but they seem to be saying the 2nd Ave construction is the second phase of the total ‘Lex Ave Line’ with the first phase done and under budget… right? I think they came fairly close with this one, they may be only wrong by one or two words:

    Digging starts in March for the second phase of the Lex Ave Sub Line.
    The $3.8B project, which will create a new Sub Line from blah to blah, will involve tearing up large sections of Sec Ave and the ritualistic slaughter of several panda’s.
    When asked for comment wildlife expert and local gadabout Dan Briere said, “Panda’s? Here? Are you nuts? Get the fuck out of my Shire.”

  2. 2nd Avenue Subway along 96th-63rd…

    There must have been more panda’s on 2nd street.

  3. feartheseeds: Just for reference, the Second Avenue Subway is completely unrelated to the Lexington Avenue line, which was constructed in 1905.

  4. Noted… well, then nothing about that story makes sense. But the Briere/Shire thing was still pretty funny. Bet you didn’t see that coming…

  5. marjorie

    We’ll actually we could use another subway line along lex in addition to finally getting the second ave line.

  6. Hopeless Drudge

    Its a typo, but not a bad one since the main purpose of the 2nd Avenue Line is to relieve overcrowding on the Lex. The latter is getting bad enough that the MTA will probably have to hire those guys in Tokyo who push people into the trains during rush hour.

  7. I hope it cloggs up the 6 line more. That would be super.

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