I Don’t Think It’s a Gay Gum… Mo-ji-to…

I came across this gum at the bodega yesterday:


Orbit Mint Mojito Gum.

I have three questions:

1. If a man bought this flavor of gum, wouldn’t that be a little… you know… gay?

2. Isn’t “Mint Mojito” a redundant name for a flavor?

3. Couldn’t this be like Nicorette for alcoholics?



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9 responses to “I Don’t Think It’s a Gay Gum… Mo-ji-to…

  1. #1. Yes
    #2. Yes
    #3. Counts as a slip.

  2. D-M

    it’s not redundant. there are coconut and raspberry mojitos…

    and it doesn’t make you gay if you’re Latino.

  3. D-M: correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the key ingredient of all mojitos mint? In my experience, a mojito, whether it’s traditional or fruit-flavored, still has mint in it.

  4. monkey shirt

    “if a man bought this….”
    A real man wouldn’t question his sexuality.

  5. Raspberry and coconut mojitos are as authentic as a chocolate martini.

    My vote: redundant (and gay).

  6. kwanito

    I must admit to liking mojitos and Orbit gum, but I will steer clear of this abominable union.

  7. Gay, who cares. It taste bad. Must agree with Chris, Mojito is mint.

  8. Matt

    Your entry title were also my first words upon seeing the gum. Too bad it tastes terrible. makes my stomach hurt.

  9. Apollo

    Makes your breath smell like something curled up and died in your mouth…n a s t y!

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