Friday Funnies: Oh, the Stupidity!

This is why I change the channel after Jeopardy. There are no words.

Have a great weekend. Enjoy that all-you-can-eat tac… take… table… bar.



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10 responses to “Friday Funnies: Oh, the Stupidity!

  1. Karen (wink omitted)

    An all-you-can-eat-taco bar?! Why, that’s as American as the chupacabra!

  2. dude i’ve never heard of an all you can eat taco bar either…are there any in nyc? that actually sounds pretty good… even so, given 10 seconds i could have figured out the word and won the lovely set of miniature grandfather clocks

  3. to steal a catch phrase from the most aww-than-tick mexicano i know know :: hurk-deeee-durrrr

  4. The sad part is that neither of them could get the answer, doubly embarrassing…

    The words ‘Oh dear Christ’ come to mind

  5. My parents like to brag about the time I was 5 or 6 years old and solved this one:

    _ L _ _ _ M _

    We were watching Wheel of Fortune in a dumpy hotel room in the middle of Nebraska on the way to see family. It was that final one where they get the letters R S T L N E and then the contestant has a few guesses and thirty or so seconds to solve it. I blurted out “ALABAMA!!” before they even started the clock, and the person didn’t get it. For shit’s sake, of course it was Alabama, what else could it be? It was a nice feeling being smarter than those people on tv. Too bad that doesn’t say much.

  6. HaHa, but really there are no Taco Bars.

  7. Here in New Zealand, I’ve heard a certain city strip club referred to as ‘an all-you-can-eat-taco-bar’ …

    hmmm …

  8. This why one of my friends favor pick up line is “So are you a jeopardy gal or a wheel of fortune gal” Guess which one he hangs around for.

  9. I have to honestly admit I didn’t get it either. I was too nervous with you all staring at me.

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