A Modest Proposal

snowstairs.jpgMTA Station Agents don’t do anything anymore. They don’t handle money. They don’t give out tokens. They don’t even leave their booth to help when a customer is sliced open by a saw on the station platform. They don’t do anything other than stand around in their little burgandy vest, and occasionally push a little button in their little booth to let people with strollers into the station. Yet they make more money than I do.

So, would it kill the MTA to put a goddamn plastic snow shovel in every subway station and make the station agents SHOVEL THE STAIRS FROM THE STREET?



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4 responses to “A Modest Proposal

  1. MTA guys shoveling? Why those words have never appeared together before. Re: the snow pile-up, not to worry, fellow NY-ers – Muscle-Flexing-iPod-Man will be glad to lend a …um…hand.

  2. Hahahahaha.
    The MTA doing anything for the good of the citizens of NY would make me fall to the floor in shock and disbelief.

  3. rod

    eat your cream of wheat, grannie.

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