Breaking News: Ice is Slippery!


Um, I really hope that this CBS 2 Reporter, who has lived in New York for over 25 years, discovered how slippery ice can be long before last night.



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3 responses to “Breaking News: Ice is Slippery!

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day to Lou Young, who seems to be giving it to the snow real good!

  2. That had Lou Young on the mornings newscast (he is never on in the morning) to discuss the dangers of snow and ice, particularly how easy it is to slip and fall, and then they played it just to make fun of him.

    wtg Lou.

  3. Jesus allmighty…That is bad weather :(
    We did get some snow ourselves a couple of days ago, but nothing like that (thankfuly the sun melted it quite quick)…
    In any case, given your situation -and if what I recently read in Scaramouche Jones’s blog about your administartion launching giant mirrors into orbit is anything to go by- 2008 can’t come soon enough:)
    Meanwhile, just do your best to survive it all…

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