Idiots of the Week: National Federation of the Blind

“Oh god, he’s clearly gone insane,” you’re probably saying. “He’s going after the blind?”

No, I’m not going after the blind. I’m just going after an organization that represents them: the National Federation of the Blind, who came out this week against hybrid cars.

Why? Because they’re too quiet.

From the article:

“We generally couldn’t sense that it was there right in front of us, which of course, if we had been standing in the road, would have been running right over us,” [Chris Danielsen, a 36-year-old NFB member] said.

“By the time anybody detected it, if we had actually been standing in the road, it would have taken out three or four people.”

Standing in the road, emphasis obviously mine, is something I always find those damn blind people doing. Just standing out there, in the middle of the road. Hanging out in groups of three or four people, always getting in the way. Those rascally packs of blind people are a dangerous bunch.

In other news, the National Federation of the Deaf has come out against reducing light pollution, because that would make it too dark.

[Runners-up this week: JetBlueTim Hardaway, and the American Public for not accepting the dollar coin as a legitimate form of currency, even though it will save our government $500 millon a year.]



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6 responses to “Idiots of the Week: National Federation of the Blind

  1. Isn’t seeing quiet cars moving towards the blind on the job listing of seeing eye dogs and seeing eye miniature horses?

  2. LOL. I know in a town by us, you do see the dogs with there master, getting them around town. Great post.

  3. meaghan

    can we rescind this, and instead give it to Madonna, for saying she wants to be Ghandi? Please?

  4. J$

    EVIdiot is on fiya this week! hot hot hot…soy um bum bum bum…hot hot hot

    maybe they should put one of those deer whistle things on the front bumper (dont blind people have supersonic hearing or something). i’m trademarking it right now.

  5. I think consumers would get on board with dollar coins if businesses would support them more. From personal experience I know cash registers really don’t have a good place to put them. The far left front slot (on the other side of the quarters) would be great– if your register has one– but I find them generally full of rolls of change.

    Since I don’t carry change on deliveries anyway, dollar coins wouldn’t really be feasible for me on deliveries, but carryouts and dine-ins could definitely use them.

  6. Rob

    A dollar coin!?! Does it look we cheer for a fake NFL and consider a hockey stick as part of our everyday wardrobe? Your Canadian sympathizing has gone too far to suggest the looney make it’s way across the border. I’m starting to think you’re one of them. We’ll never know for sure……..they look just like us.

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