To The Powers That Be in NYC

This is a snowplow:


It is typically used to remove snow from streets following a snowstorm.

I don’t know what planet you were all on yesterday, but it definitely snowed. And it stopped snowing about 18 hours ago. So, uh, where are the plows?



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5 responses to “To The Powers That Be in NYC

  1. edfonce

    I love reading your blog because you always complain. One day it’s about idiots and the other day it’s about others idiots. Keep on the good work! Let’s out stupid people!

  2. i didn’t see any plows, but i got assaulted by a Salter Truck but good. seriously, those things pelt out salt grains like BBs!

  3. Jen

    I was asking myself the same question, and to think all the taxes we pay!

  4. I know it’s cold comfort but at least it takes a reasonable amount of snow to mess everything up in NYC. Here in London we just don’t “do weather”; we had a mere inch of snow a couple of weeks ago and we were paralysed.

  5. Saw this on the news over here, actually :lol:

    Must have been mad, not to mention a great, pain in the *** inconvenience :(

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