Now That’s Some Synergy!

I ate at Ted’s Montana Grill today. It’s a decent little joint, even if the service seems a little disjointed. They’ve got Bison Burgers and some pretty decent fries – for a chain. It’s like a slightly classier TGI Friday’s, only without the fat red-state tourist traffic.

Why is it called Ted’s? Well, it’s owned by Ted Turner. As in, the Ted Turner of Turner Broadcasting, Turner Field, Turner Network Television, Turner Classic Movies, and Turner and Hooch. Uh, actually, scratch that last one. Even the meat comes from Turner’s ranches out west.

What’s interesting about the restaurant’s location is that it’s literally in the Time Life Building, which is owned by Time Warner, who merged with Turner in 2001. I guess it’s Ted Turner’s second big “F-U” to the company, after he jumped ship as vice chairman in 2003.

We ate at lunchtime, so there were a lot of businessmen, myself included, who want to keep abreast of what’s going on in the world over lunch. Sure enough, there were plenty of flat-screen TVs to inform us over lunch. And what were our options for teleivision viewing at lunch? Well, there was only one:


CNN, of course. Founded by Ted Turner.



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2 responses to “Now That’s Some Synergy!

  1. Although you have to admit CNN is a better choice than WCW Monday Nitro on TNT. Of course, that would help boost the red state tourist traffic.

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