Get Milked: Milk Has Its Own Emoticon

In the trades today:

The Milk Processor Education Program, or MilkPEP, has added a branded emoticon to its new media strategy. Based on a variation of the familiar smiley :-) the new emoticon features the iconic “milk mustache” represented by the addition of “{“.

“We want kids to use it as shorthand when talking about the campaign online,” Sal Taibi, president of Lowe, MilkPEP’s New York agency.

The introduction of :-{) is part of MilkPEP’s recent teen-oriented campaign which includes pages on MySpace featuring celebrities, such as Beyonce and David Beckham.

I’m sure kids will be totally down with using a branded emoticon. You know, because this couldn’t possibly backfire.

Falloutchick16 [1:12:26 AM]: :-{)
Emoboylvr3792 [1:12:38 AM]: where r u? and why r u drinking milk?
Falloutchick16 [1:12:51 AM]: i’m at jason’s house, his parents arent home
Falloutchick16 [1:12:59 AM]: and that isnt milk
Falloutchick16 [1:13:05 AM]: ;-{)
Emoboylvr3792 [1:13:22 AM]: ???
Falloutchick16 [1:13:35 AM]: it looks a little like milk tho lol
Emoboylvr3792 [1:13:46 AM]: huh?
Emoboylvr3792 [1:13:55 AM]: oh
Emoboylvr3792 [1:13:59 AM]: ewwwwwww



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4 responses to “Get Milked: Milk Has Its Own Emoticon

  1. Oh. My. God.

    It is 5:49 am and that is funny as hell.


    Looks kinda like a pirate, too.

  2. ahahahah!
    i adore you, your creativity and the ability to find humor in any situation possible.

  3. Shut up. I won’t even go the dirty route: maybe in our group this can be a beer moustache.

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