Breaking: Spring Has Sprung

Sure, it may still technically be winter, and the forecast may call for a high of 30° next week, but near Astor Place, there is a sure sign that spring has arrived in New York City:


I now know that 55° is an acceptable temperature at which to sell Mister Softee products.

However, given their suspicious consistency, I maintain that there is no acceptable temperature at which to eat Mister Softee products.



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4 responses to “Breaking: Spring Has Sprung

  1. Jen

    Have you ever had one? I am counting the days until I can eat ice cream again, and Mister Softee is on my list!

  2. That was funny! :)
    I personally am not a fan of Mr. Softee.
    You know.

  3. I think Mister Softee must have seen his shadow because the forecast this week is terrible.

  4. Gwin

    A friend who used to be a personal injury lawyer once warned me away from Mister Softee, saying they never cleaned their machines, etc. I laughed him off.

    Then one day, I had a Mister Softee – and hours later was hit with the WORST case of food poisoning I’ve ever had.

    So yeah, that shit’s no good – but hey, if you all want to risk it, that’s your call…

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