Breaking: Victory in the War on MLB and DirecTV

MLB is reporting that the deal is non-exclusive:

Additionally, in keeping with MLB’s desire to provide as much MLB programming to as many baseball fans as possible, MLB and DIRECTV have agreed to include a provision that allows MLB EXTRA INNINGS to be offered to other incumbents – In Demand and DISH Network – at consistent rates and carriage requirements with a deal to be concluded before the baseball season begins.

Of course, this just means MLB will make outrageous demands of the cable companies to carry Extra Innings, and then point blame to them when the deal doesn’t go through and it ends up exclusively on DirecTV. But now, I’ll have to change the billing address for my beers to the CEOs of the major cable providers.

In other news, bartenders and bar owners around the country are crying right now.


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One response to “Breaking: Victory in the War on MLB and DirecTV

  1. Rattling the Kettle

    This sounds like good news, but the real kick is not the price of Extra Innings (which customers will pay for directly), but the price MLB will charge the cable co.’s for the new MLB channel that will debut in 2009. “Consistent rates and carriage requirements” means that the cable co.’s will have to pay big bucks to carry that channel on their standard digital tiers, which is something that they refused to do in the initial negotiations with MLB for the EI package. I’m guessing I’m going to have to hold on to my crappy DTV service for a while longer…

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