Friday Funnies: Hitting New Lows

A question for the ages – was this moment in television history: 

a. a low point for Robert DeNiro?
b. a low point for Saturday Night Live?
c. a low point for both Robert DeNiro and Saturday Night Live?

Your answers in the comments. There is no wrong answer.

I’m off to ski. Have a great weekend.



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5 responses to “Friday Funnies: Hitting New Lows

  1. Man, was SNL EVER “as good as it used to be”?? I mean, seriously, I’m thinking season one it started…that whole “Man I miss the glory days of SNL when it was still funny and original” thing.

  2. Is there such a thing as a low point for SNL?

  3. Have fun skiing in Colorado!

  4. Its funny for grade school humor.

  5. Matt

    I agree with sean. I’m in 13th grade and found this humorous.

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