Live from the Great White North

I just saw this Tim Hortons ad on CBC. It gets me every time. Unless you live in Canada, you probably haven’t seen it, so grab a tissue and watch it yourself.



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4 responses to “Live from the Great White North

  1. Yeah, that’s a good one. Normally, Tim Horton’s spots are a little schmaltzy but this one gets me every time as well

  2. Rob

    “Unless you live in Canada, you probably haven’t seen it” or YOU are secretly a canadian posing as an american.

    I did get choked up though.

  3. Sarah

    You had me at “double double.” If I could find a decent bloody caesar in this town, I’d go drown my homesickness right now.

  4. I really hate this fucking commercial. The old dude’s wandering around in the arena bowels like he’s looking for Spinal Tap then, in flashback, he’s embarrassing his son in front of his little buddies. Flash forward to the present and Granddad’s admitting — for the first time in thirty-five years or so — that he watched his son play hockey while hanging out underneath the stands (?!?). And now we’re all supposed to be happy because Granddad finally showed up for the first time to watch Grandson play hockey and he still won’t give his son a break — “better than you.”

    Lets keep in mind that “Tim Horton’s” is about as Canadian as Burger King. Wendy’s bought Tim Horton’s years ago… which was smart because now Canadian coffee drinkers are the only thing keeping Wendy’s in the black.

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