A Question You Can See Right Through


Why do the people in this rendering of the 96th Street Station on the 2nd Avenue Subway line appear to be transparent?

Possible Answers:
Because by the time the Second Avenue Subway is actually finished, all these stock photo models will be dead.

Because secretly, the MTA knows you can see through all of their bullshit.

Because by 2013, New York City will have banned all forms of fat, and every city resident will have literally become paper-thin.

Because the MTA will celebrate the opening of the Second Avenue Subway by providing X-Ray Vision Glasses to its riders.

Because they are all being erased from existence by the time paradox that Marty McFly has created by travelling back to 1955.

Because New Yorkers are so fucking transparent.



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2 responses to “A Question You Can See Right Through

  1. I really am looking forward to this line, but the article also said it will not be completely finished until 2020. I have a hard time looking forward to something that will take place when I am in my 40’s.

  2. Rattling the Kettle

    There’s something else very wrong with this picture: the absence of scratchiti, which will undoubtedly cover each one of those plexiglas panels within ten minutes of the station’s opening.

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