This Ain’t a Scene, It’s a Goddamn Dumb Ad


Has anyone seen this Verizon Wireless ad? It’s some dude in a gym telling you that you have to listen to this new tune by Fall Out Boy, because it GETS HIM SO PUMPED!

Yeah, dude! Because I’m all about listening to bands that 14 year-old girls listen to while I’m pumping iron. And I’m totally down with telling all my bros at the gym about it.

So he gives you (the viewer) the headphones, so you can listen to the song. Then he starts HEADBANGING. To a song he can’t even hear. By Fall Out Boy. In the middle of a gym.

Right after this scene, his phone rings. He says, “it’s my lady.”

Right, brah! Your lady. Sure it is. The ladies love gym-rat tools that listen to Fall Out Boy.



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13 responses to “This Ain’t a Scene, It’s a Goddamn Dumb Ad

  1. This coming from the man who admitted listening to teenage girl emo.

    Then again, I have no room to talk.

  2. Oh yeah… what I came on here to say was that he looks retarded with the headbanging thing, and the one finger point thing. It makes me ashamed to have Verizon.

  3. Alexis

    That commercial is HORRIBLE. Reminds me of the lame frat boys in college that sauntered around the gym. Can we also note how the dude he’s supposed to be spotting in the background practically dies at the end of the commercial underneath his weights?

  4. that commercial reminds me of why i hate long island

  5. Bri

    So, I like FOB, but I suppose I’m allowed to since I am a girl. But I have to agree that this commercial is retarded, and if you listen, after he says “it’s my lady,” it sorta sounds like he says “Hey dude!’ into the phone, letting us know what was already rather apparent: he’s gay.

  6. Tyler

    you quoted fall out boy. they are awful. i know this. no seriously, i know it. i heard their concert (free ticket) where they sounded alright (thanks to pitch correction), as well as their performance on trl (where i heard them actually “playing”). garbage. sorry chris.

  7. Bri,

    your gender absolutely does NOT allow you to like “FOB”. Thought you should know.

  8. Maybe I missed something, but I thought the biggest takeaway from this commercial is that you should never walk away from someone when you are spotting them. As Alexis points out above, the guy practically dies!

  9. I met Pete Wentz from FOB. He was ok, but I didn’t talk to him for too long, and didn’t even know who he was until – wait for it – teenage emo girls practically started screaming and taking pictures with him.

  10. Agree with FitFiend. When he starts to walk away from the other guy, I’m like, that is such bad form. Then I just hate the guy on many levels.

  11. There’s something not right about a man who wants to share a Fall Out Boy moment with another man.

    In a gym.

  12. add_roc

    I so agree with you on this. I didn’t even know he said ‘it’s my lady’ at the end because I am always yelling at the TV about how much I hate that douche and his commercial

  13. don't hate

    Obviously some people are hate-un. Why else would you be so irritated by a commercial. Me thinks Chris is more than slightly homophobic. You know what they say about homophobes…..

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