east village idiot Presents March Radness

marchradness.JPGFor the duration of the NCAA Basketball Tournament, east village idiot will present a new feature: March Radness.

Each day, quirks, annoyances, important people, trends, locations – everything that you love to hate and hate to love about New York City – will face-off against each other in a 64-team tournament to vie for the raddest. Or most rad. Or whatever the kids said like 20 years ago. 

The full bracket will appear right here for download tomorrow, and each day, you’ll get to vote for the winner.

Today, staying true to NCAA form, is the Play-In Game. The game will decide the #16 seed in the Markowitz Region, who will face the #1 overall seed: Williamsburg Hipsters. It pits the hardscrabble subway line, The G Train, against the zig-zagging bus line that crawls from Red Hook to Greenpoint, The B61 Bus.

Play-In Game: Voting Over
-> The G Train 81
-> The B61 Bus 19

Good luck, and vote away! Voting closes Wednesday at noon. We’ll have the results – and the full bracket – tomorrow afternoon!


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