March Radness: Round 1, Day 3!


marchradness.JPGIt’s day three of the first round of March Radness! For a refresher course, you can check out the matchups online at Tournament Pilot, or you can download the SHINY NEW printable bracket with every matchup.

Well… the inevitable happened. A #1 seed has been upset in the first round. Underdog Rats at Taco Bell defeated the top seed in the Bloomberg Region, Trans Fat, 68-32. There were several other upsets, too, including a disappointing loss for the restaurant that’s too good for your Amex Black card, Peter Luger’s, who lost to #13 seed The L Train. And Gawker Stalker had the most lobsided victory of the tournament thus far, topping Socialite Rank by a score of 90-10. Here are the finals from yesterday:

(4) Peter Luger Steakhouse 37     (13) The L Train 63

(8) Gawker Stalker 90     (9) Socialite Rank 10

(4) Moving to Brooklyn 75     (13) Little Dogs in Pink Bags 25

(7) Mark Messier’s Blinding Baldness 36     (10) Tiki Barber’s Shiny Head 64

(1) Trans Fat 32     (16) Rats at Taco Bell 68

Today’s matchups begin in the Bloomberg Region, where there’s a battle about to brew between the #7 and #10 seeds: it’s Upper East Side Fratboys vs. The Bridge & Tunnel Crowd. It’s tough to figure who has the upper-hand here. For inspiration, here’s what a night out at an Upper East Side bar looks like, and, well, if you haven’t been familiarized with the Bridge & Tunnel Crowd, then you’ve obviously never read Clublife.

Round 1, Game 7 – Bloomberg Region: Voting Over!
-> (7) U.E.S. Fratboys 44
-> (10) The Bridge & Tunnel Crowd 56

Who would wait in line to get into a supermarket? And who would wait in line for 30 minutes just to check out? Well, a lot of people, if that supermarket is Trader Joe’s. But can the hype caused by #4 seed The Line at Trader Joe’s top all the buzz behind glitzy California import Pinkberry?

Round 1, Game 4 – Bloomberg Region: Voting Over!
-> (4) The Line at Trader Joe’s 86
-> (13) Pinkberry 14

In the Isiah Region, we commemmorate a moment in sports history that occurred last summer in New York City and match it up against the complete destruction of hollowed ground in the Bronx (oh, and to those whining that the Bronx isn’t well-represented in this bracket, here’s your one chance to rally around your borough).

Round 1, Game 5 – Isiah Region: Voting Over!
-> (6) The New Yankee Stadium 55
-> (11) A Vial of Agassi’s Tears 45

Next, a question you must ask yourself as you evaluate the matchup of the #3 and #14 seeds in the Wintour Region: what would you rather put in your mouth? Mary-Kate’s Toothbrush or an overmanufactured, undercooked, overrated steak from the city’s first “steakhouse for women,” STK?

Round 1, Game 6 – Wintour Region: Voting Over!
-> (3) Mary-Kate’s Toothbrush 61
-> (14) STK 39

Finally, in the Markowitz Region, it’s a matchup for the ages: sure, they can probably bash their heads in, but in this bracket, can the Staten Island Guidos reign supreme? They’ve got an uphill battle against everyone’s favorite whining hippie parental units: Park Slope Moms.

Round 1, Game 8 – Markowitz Region: Voting Over!
-> (2) Park Slope Moms 80
-> (15) Staten Island Guidos 20

Voting ends Monday morning at 10am. Good luck!


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