March Radness: Is Round 1 Over Yet?

marchradness.JPGJust two more days to go in the first round of March Radness! Want to see what’s gone on so far? Go here. For a refresher, you can check out the matchups online at Tournament Pilot, or you can download the printable bracket with every matchup.

Lots of close matches and upsets yesterday. I guess people get frustrated with the status quo on Mondays. The power went to the people, as Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn out-protested Atlantic Yards. An influx of voters from a certain non-profit organization’s website seemed to help. Also, it came down to the wire, but the top-seeded Billyburg Hipsters will move on to the next round, barely getting by #16 seed The G Train. Here are the finals from yesterday:

(7) Kobe Club 43     (10) Hotel Gansevoort Billboard 57

(2) West Chelsea 61     (15) Muffin Tops 39

(3) Atlantic Yards 28     (14) Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn 72

(1) Billyburg Hipsters 52     (16) The G Train 48

(6) Subway Panhandlers 33     (11) The Line at Shake Shack 67

First up this morning, it’s a battle of annoying yet [allegedly] charming things about New York’s baseball teams in the Isiah Region. First, it’s #1 seed, Cow Bell Man. Hope you brought your earplugs to Shea, because you’ll need them once you start hearing the ringing in your head. He’ll be taking on #16 seed, A Yankee Stadium Rain Delay. Like getting screwed? Here’s a simple formula: spend $300 on playoff tickets, watch the rain fall, watch the tarp come off, watch the tarp go back on, spend an hour trying to maneuver through a ten-foot-wide corridor, then get screwed when the game is rescheduled for 2pm on a weekday.

Round 1, Game 1 – Isiah Region: Voting Over!
-> (1) Cow Bell Man 88
-> (16) Yankee Stadium Rain Delay 12

Next on the docket, it’s the butt of every joke about A-Rod and Derek Jeter for the 2007 season: #2 seed A-Rod & Jeter Sleepovers, who will face #15 seed New York Islanders Fans. Why are they the #15 seed? Because there are exactly 15 of them.

Round 1, Game 8 – Isiah Region: Voting Over!
-> (2) A-Rod & Jeter Sleepovers 84
-> (15) New York Islanders Fans 16

In the Bloomberg Region, we’re hard-pressed to find a more amusing matchup. It will be a fight to the finish as #8 Fat Pedestrians take on #9 Segway Riders. We know who has the edge in terms of speed… but given the way these people walk with wreckless abandon… could you ever trust them on a segway?

Round 1, Game 2 – Bloomberg Region: Voting Over!
-> (8) Fat Pedestrians 77
-> (9) Segway Riders 23

In the Markowitz Region, it’s new Brooklyn meets old Brooklyn. #6 seed, The New Coney Island looks less like the old Brooklyn and more like… uh… Times Square-meets-Las Vegas-meets-Disney World. The F Train, meanwhile, still lumbers through Brooklyn’s trendiest and untrendiest neighborhoods, undoubtedly spawning more Craigslist Missed Connections than any other subway line.

Round 1, Game 5 – Markowitz Region: Voting Over!
-> (6) The New Coney Island 32
-> (11) The F Train 68

Finally, in the Wintour Region, it’s #5 seed Anderson Cooper vs. #12 seed The Closing of the Roxy. Uh, not that we’re saying these two have anything to do with one another. Nope. Not one bit.

Round 1, Game 3 – Wintour Region: Voting Over!
-> (5) Anderson Cooper 71
-> (12) The Closing of The Roxy 29

Voting closes at 10am on Wednesday. Tomorrow: the last set of voting in Round 1.


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