March Radness: Last Day of Round 1

marchradness.JPGIt’s the last day of Round 1 of March Radness! Are you completely clueless about this? Go here. If you want to get ready for the Round 2 matchups, you can check out the matchups online at Tournament Pilot, or you can download the printable bracket with every matchup.

No real surprises yesterday, except in the Markowitz Region, where The F Train reigned supreme with their 68-32 win over The New Coney Island. Brooklyn isn’t ready for a Disney’ed-up Coney Island, and rightly so.  The F Train will go on to face underdog Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn in round 2. Here are the other finals from yesterday:

(1) Cow Bell Man 88     (16) Yankee Stadium Rain Delay 12

(2) A-Rod & Jeter Sleepovers 84     (15) New York Islanders Fans 16

(8) Fat Pedestrians 77     (9) Segway Riders 23

(6) The New Coney Island 32     (11) The F Train 68

(5) Anderson Cooper 71      (12) The Closing of The Roxy 29

We begin today’s matchups in the Markowitz Region, where #7 seed East Williamsburg takes on #10 seed, the underdog, West Bushwick. This matchup is sort of like beating yourself up. And if you’re the “die hipster scum”-type, it also sort of makes you want to throw up.

Round 1, Game 7 – Markowitz Region: Voting Over!
-> (7) East Williamsburg 80
-> (10) West Bushwick 20

Next up, it’s a highbrow/lowbrow matchup in the Wintour Region. Although I’m not really sure which one is the highbrow one. It’s Lindsay Lohan’s Rehab Bill vs. Tao. Both sides are fighting for attention, despite being totally overplayed. You may think a restaurant well past its prime may have the upper-hand on a washed-up actress who can’t get past her youth. But think about this: who’s going to pay for that bill? The mother of all MILFs.

Round 1, Game 5 – Wintour Region: Voting Over!
-> (6) Lindsay Lohan’s Rehab Bill 67
-> (11) Tao 33

In the Isiah Region, there are two matchups left today: first, #5 Citi Field will take on #12 The Brooklyn Nets. Citi Field will be a far cry from Shea (this is a good thing), but you know that Round 1 winner Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn would love to face off against the Brooklyn Nets in the finals. In the other matchup, it’s Tiki Barber’s TV Anchoring against Carl Pavano’s Driving. Is Tiki’s upcoming performance on the Today Show more impressive than hydroplaning into a tractor-trailer

Round 1, Game 3 – Isiah Region: Voting Over!
-> (5) Citi Field 43
-> (12) Brooklyn Nets 57

Round 1, Game 4 – Isiah Region: Voting Over!
-> (4) Tiki Barber’s TV Anchoring 70
-> (13) Carl Pavano’s Driving 30

Finally, it’s the new kids on the block in the Bloomberg Region. The newly-dubbed Hell Square, the pinnacle of late-night douchebaggery in New York, meets up against the ground-will-be-broken-god-willing-next-month-after-seven-decades-of-waiting Second Avenue Subway.

Round 1, Game 3 – Bloomberg Region: Voting Over!
-> (5) Hell Square 47
-> (12) Second Avenue Subway 53

That’s all she wrote for Round 1. Check back tomorrow morning to see the winners, and the first matchups in Round 2!


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