March Radness: Round 1 Results

marchradness.JPGRound 1 of March Radness is complete, and the brackets are filled out for Round 2. Check out the matchups online at Tournament Pilot, or you can download the printable bracket with every matchup for the next round.

Yesterday was a good day for #12 seeds, with two of them – the Brooklyn Nets and The Second Avenue Subway moving on to Round 2. The Second Avenue Subway will face The Line at Trader Joe’s in the next round. Coincidentally, both of these competitors involve inexplicably long waits.  In an unsurprising result, East Williamsburg was victorious over West Bushwick. Somewhere, a hipster is crying in the corner of an industrial loft. Here are the other finals from yesterday:

(7) East Williamsburg 80     (10) West Bushwick 20

(6) Lindsay Lohan’s Rehab Bill 67     (11) Tao 33

(5) Citi Field 43     (12) Brooklyn Nets 57

(4) Tiki Barber’s TV Anchoring 70     (13) Carl Pavano’s Driving 30

(5) Hell Square 47      (12) Second Avenue Subway 53

Round 2 begins tonight. Among the matchups we’re looking forward to in the next round: McCarren Pool  vs. The L Train, Lindsay Lohan’s Rehab Bill vs. Mary-Kate’s Toothbrush, Cow Bell Man vs. The Knicks City Dancers, and The Rats at Taco Bell vs. Fat Pedestrians. Come back to vote on some of these later today!


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