March Radness: Round 2, Day 3

marchradness.JPGIt’s Day 3 of Round 2 of March Radness on

Click here for the latest updated bracket. Yesterday, it was a cakewalk for both West Chelsea and Lindsay Lohan’s Rehab Bill, who were both victors in their second-round games. BUT, for the first time, we’re going to OVERTIME in two matchups. Please review the trash-talking and vote now below to break the tie. Voting will end tomorrow at 5pm ET.

OVERTIME: Round 2, Game 1 – Wintour Region: Voting Over!
-> (1) Meatpacking District 55
-> (8) Gawker Stalker 45

OVERTIME: Round 2, Game 2 – Wintour Region: Voting Over!
-> (5) Anderson Cooper 52
-> (4) Moving to Brooklyn 48

The trash talking continues today, and some of the contenders are pretty well-versed in taunting the competition. Today, it’s the matchups in the Isiah Region.

Game #1: (1) Cow Bell Man vs. (9) The Knicks City Dancers

0327match1.JPGCow Bell Man: Let’s go Mets! Let’s go Mets!
The Knicks City Dancers: Whatever, Nate Robinson could kick David Wright’s ass.
Cow Bell Man: Well, there’s something to be proud of.
The Knicks City Dancers: Whatever, there’s, like 10 of us and one of you.
Cow Bell Man: Yeah, and one of me gets a whole crowd of 30,000 clapping.
The Knicks City Dancers: So what? We play to a big crowd, too.
Cow Bell Man: Right. And you can count the number of people who actually care about your damn dancing on one hand.
The Knicks City Dancers: Whatever, Cow Bell Man, go back to your farm.

Round 2, Game 1 – Isiah Region: Voting Over!
-> (1) Cow Bell Man 88
-> (9) The Knicks City Dancers 12

Game #2: (12) Brooklyn Nets vs. (4) Tiki Barber’s TV Anchoring

0327match2.JPGBrooklyn Nets: You’re goin’ down, Tiki. You and your big goofy smile.
Tiki Barber’s TV Anchoring: Whatever, you don’t even exist yet! If a bunch of whiny hippies in Brooklyn have their way, you’ll never exist!
Brooklyn Nets: You don’t exist, either! You haven’t made an appearance on Today, and you won’t for a while. We’re two non-existant things playing each other.
Tiki Barber’s TV Anchoring: Yeah, but I used to be on Fox News Channel.
Brooklyn Nets: Ah, the evil empire.
Tiki Barber’s TV Anchoring: Well, in the eyes of some people, you’re technically the evil empire, too.
Brooklyn Nets: So are the Yankees.
Tiki Barber’s TV Anchoring: Let’s be friends!

Round 2, Game 2 – Isiah Region: Voting Over!
-> (12) The Brooklyn Nets  40
-> (4) Tiki Barber’s TV Anchoring 60

Game #3: (6) New Yankee Stadium vs. (3) The Knicks in a Fistfight

0327match3.JPGNew Yankee Stadium: Look at me! I’m gonna be big and shiny and new! With a nice, shiny, hefty pricetag to boot!
The Knicks in a Fistfight: Bring it on, motherfucker!
New Yankee Stadium: I’m gonna be even more pompous than my older brother.
The Knicks in a Fistfight: Yeah, you’re goin’ down, bitch.
New Yankee Stadium: You got nothin’ on me, I’m from the Bronx!
The Knicks in a Fistfight: Isiah told me to fight you!
New Yankee Stadium: I fought a bunch of community activists and I won. I ate a whole park. What have you done?
The Knicks in a Fistfight: We, uh, beat up the Denver Nuggets.
New Yankee Stadium: The Nuggets? Wow. Impressive. Did you win the game?
The Knicks in a Fistfight: Um… we lost by 23.
New Yankee Stadium: I see.
The Knicks in a Fistfight: Whatever, man, at least we have charm and character… two things that you won’t have!
New Yankee Stadium: Ouch.
The Knicks in a Fistfight: Yeah, stick that in your giant concrete donut and smoke it.

Round 2, Game 3 – Isiah Region: Voting Over!
-> (6) New Yankee Stadium 44
-> (3) The Knicks in a Fistfight 56

Game #4: (10) Tiki Barber’s Shiny Head vs. (2) Jeter/A-Rod Sleepovers

0327match4.JPGTiki Barber’s Shiny Head: Guess who’s back… back again?
A-Rod: Didn’t you already play this round? You’re as much as a two-timer as when Derek cheated on me with Vanessa!
Tiki Barber’s Shiny Head: Cheating on you? So you admit it?
A-Rod: Well, er, by “cheating,” I mean not inviting me over to crash at his place.
Jeter: Shut up, Alex! You’re a big boy now. You can sleep alone at home.
Tiki Barber’s Shiny Head: Aww! Trouble in paradise!
A-Rod: It’s not fair! Why did he stop inviting me over?
Jeter: Why isn’t he talking to me, Tiki? I’m hurt by all this.
Tiki Barber’s Shiny Head: Dude, I am not getting involved.
A-Rod and Jeter begin to cry.
Tiki Barber’s Shiny Head: Aww, you two! You should just kiss and make up!
A-Rod: Okay! Come here, big boy!
Jeter: Thanks, Tiki. Thanks a lot.
Tiki Barber’s Shiny Head: All in a day’s work, guys. Hey, would you two want to do a relationship segment on the Today Show sometime?

Round 2, Game 4 – Isiah Region: Voting Over!
-> (10) Tiki Barber’s Shiny Head 7
-> (2) A-Rod/Jeter Sleepovers 93


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