amNY Watch: Food Writers Not Too Big on Religion

From today’s amNewYork:


Um, I think it’s a little too late for that, seeing as how Lent started five weeks ago.

Also, I wouldn’t call myself the most devout Catholic in the world, but I’m pretty sure that most Catholics haven’t given up eggs, milk, and butter for Lent since the Middle Ages.

And to top it all off, the recipes on this page about crepes call for “4 crepes,” with no instructions on how to make crepes.

An amNY trifecta! My head just exploded.



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4 responses to “amNY Watch: Food Writers Not Too Big on Religion

  1. Who needs ‘The Onion’ when we’ve got amNY?

  2. As a semi-serious Cath I wanna vom on this article. Ironically, I gave up eggs, milk, butter and ALL items on the IHOP menu for Lent.

  3. You should totally demand your money back.

  4. yazikus

    Just so you know, Eastern Orthodox go vegan for lent.
    Catholics have slacked off since the middle ages (byzantine era, when they split off from the orthodox church) and take it easy.
    It’s alot harder than it sounds to go vegan.. But the feast afterwards is pretty sweet.. Bacon, eggs, cheese, butter, more bacon… yum yum..
    can you tell I’m ready for it to be over?

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