March Radness: Narrow the Field to Eight

marchradness.JPGWe’ve eliminated 4 teams today, and now you’ll decide which four teams below will make it to the quarterfinals of March Radness on

By the way, as a refresher, March Radness takes the things we love to hate and hate to love about New York City, and pits them against each other in a 64-team, single-elimination tournament. And YOU get to pick the winners of each game!

Click here for the latest updated bracket. Yesterday, the field was narrowed, with matchups in the Markowitz Region and the Wintour Region. The L Train was victorious against Ikea in Red Hook, 64-36, leading to a battle between the Idol of Williamsburg, and the Idols of Park Slope: The Park Slope Moms, who easily beat the F Train, 65-35. In the Wintour Region, it came down to the wire, but #1 seed The Meatpacking District squeaked past Anderson Cooper, 52-48. It will be a battle for nightclub supremacy in that region’s final, as West Chelsea topped Lindsay Lohan’s Rehab Bill, 65-35.

Now for today’s matchups. Vote for your favorite team, and cheer them on in the comments!

Game #1 – Isiah Region
Cow Bell Man vs. Tiki Barber’s TV Anchoring

Round 3, Game 1 – Isiah Region

-> (1) Cow Bell Man 51
-> (4) Tiki Barber’s TV Anchoring 49

Game #2 – Isiah Region
The Knicks in a Fistfight vs. A-Rod & Jeter Sleepovers

Round 3, Game 2 – Isiah Region

-> (3) The Knicks in a Fistfight 44
-> (2) A-Rod & Jeter Sleepovers 56

Game #1 – Bloomberg Region
The Rats at Taco Bell vs. The Second Avenue Subway

Round 3, Game 1 – Bloomberg Region

-> (16) The Rats at Taco Bell 61
-> (12) The Second Avenue Subway 39

Game #2 – Bloomberg Region
Chipotle vs. The Bridge & Tunnel Crowd

Round 3, Game 2 – Bloomberg Region

-> (3) Chipotle 41
-> (10) The Bridge & Tunnel Crowd 59



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2 responses to “March Radness: Narrow the Field to Eight

  1. Metsfan


    mets won last night, let’s do it for the mets!

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