The Last Thing You Want to See on a Monday Morning

Observed at the 1st Avenue Subway Station, 8:45am.

What’s a commuter to do in this situation?

(a) Since these signs have been stating “Testing in progress. Times may not be accurate” for the past three months, should I assume that, for the first time since I’ve seen them in use, the times are not accurate, and run the risk of being held hostage inside the subway station for 22 minutes waiting for the next L train? This would require me to trust the MTA, something that no New Yorker should ever be willing to do.

(b) Should I say, quite loudly, “oh, fuck this,” and storm right out of the station?

If you guessed that I chose option (b), you are correct. It’s Monday morning. I have no patience for this.



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8 responses to “The Last Thing You Want to See on a Monday Morning

  1. Sounds right. Yes I would have picked B too.

  2. Same situation on the A/F/C stop at Jay St. in Bklyn this am, and no helpful electronic signs, only incoherant sqawking from the sound system.

    Gotta love chaos on the tracks before I’ve had my morning coffee.

  3. Chris

    Was the platform crowded? It said 35 / 38 when I got to the 1st Ave stop at about 8:35. A train had just departed. I waited about 8 minutes, then asked a burgundy vest about the times. He said, inexplicably, that the time doesn’t mean when the train arrives, but when it departs “Brooklyn.” Asked where in Brooklyn, he said he didn’t know, then put his earplugs back in.

  4. Chris

    And obviously, I also chose option B.

  5. Chunk

    This morning, I walked past whoever shot the picture above. Shortly therafter, I chose Option A after hearing the station agent say she had no idea if the times were accurate. One train came as I was walking down the stairs. A second came less than two minutes later.

    The times aren’t accurate.

  6. Hopeless Drudge

    Isn’t this in the East Village? Of course you storm out of the station. Its not that far between stops. Why are you even bothering with the L in the first place.

    For people in West Williamsburg/ East Bushwick or whatever they are calling it these days, the L is pretty much it for people wanting to get to Manhattan. Every other transportation option involves going over 20 minutes out of the way. Every time I’m in that area I’m worried that I’ll get stranded by another MTA screwup, one reason why I don’t go there that often.

  7. Chunk: You have a lot more faith in the MTA’s word than I do. I would trust any computer more than I would trust a station agent’s word. But hey, you probably got to work before I did, so you win.

    Hopeless Drudge: I take the L to 8th Avenue. That’s quite a walk. I took an overcrowded M14 bus, since everyone seemed to have the same idea I did. But you’re right… it sucks for those out in Brooklyn who don’t have that luxury. And what’s amazing is that the MTA claims they “never anticipated” the rapid growth of Williamsburg. Hilarious.

  8. Chunk

    My excuse: the guitarist I like was playing on the platform and I was running early for work. You made the safe bet.

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