March Radness: The Final Four!

marchradness.JPGWe’re just one step away from the championship match in March Radness!

By the way, as a refresher, March Radness takes the things we love to hate and hate to love about New York City, and pits them against each other in a 64-team, single-elimination tournament. And YOU get to pick the winners of each game!

Click here for the latest updated bracket. Yesterday, the Final Four were decided. Here are the winners of each region:

0403final1.jpg#13 The L Train, the champion of the Markowitz Region, defeated #2 Park Slope Moms yesterday, 59-41. The L Train had a smooth road to the Final Four, beating its Williamsburg neighbors, Peter Luger’s and McCarren Pool in the first and second rounds. Then, it easily got by its Red Hook nemesis, The Ikea in Red Hook, 64-36 in the Sweet 16. It was a huge upset for the Park Slope Moms – who Curbed picked to go to the Final Four. The L Train will face…

0403final2.jpg#1 The Meatpacking District, the champion in the Wintour Region. They beat #2 West Chelsea in a cakewalk yesterday, 75-25. As the predicted champion in this region, it wasn’t a big surprise. Besides, with opponents like Uggs, Gawker Stalker, and Anderson Cooper, who couldn’t expect The Meatpacking District to win that region? MePa is the idol of the anti-hipster set, and the L Train is the idol of the hipsters themselves. Who will come out on top? You decide!

Semifinal Game #1

-> The L Train  69
-> The Meatpacking District  31

0403final3.jpg#1 Cow Bell Man is the Isiah Region champion, after its win yesterday over A-Rod & Jeter Sleepovers, 57-43. This either proves that those voting in this competition are (a) die-hard Mets fans or (b) do not enjoy the thought of a hot, steamy romance between the two most attractive athletes in New York sports. Either way, Cow Bell Man will have an uphill battle against the Cinderella story of the tournament.

0403final4.jpg#16 The Rats at Taco Bell, the champion of the Bloomberg Region, cruised by The Bridge & Tunnel Crowd yesterday, 81-19. The Rats have had an amazing run. They got by #1 seed Trans Fat in the first round, then had successful wins against Fat Pedestrians and the Second Avenue Subway. Their win over the Bridge & Tunnel Crowd was not unexpected, of course – I’d take Rats over Guidos from Jersey any day – but it was impressive nonetheless. Now, they’re in the Final Four, and it’s your turn to decide who will move on to the championship!

Semifinal Game #2

-> Cow Bell Man  32
-> The Rats at Taco Bell  68



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6 responses to “March Radness: The Final Four!

  1. Hopeless Drudge

    Well you can use the L Train to get the hell out of the Meatpacking District, so I think the subway line wins that one. And it has its own rats.

  2. “…the two most attractive athletes in New York sports.” I am going to argue that this is completely subjective. David Wright anyone? Way hotter than Jeter.

  3. Mjones: I personally agree, but there are plenty who will argue otherwise. Even I will admit to having a man-crush on David Wright, and I would gladly punch A-Rod’s pretty little face in.

  4. Yo. Jose Reyes is hotter than both Jeter and D-Wright combined.

  5. metsgrrl: If Jeter and D. Wright had a baby it would be Jose Reyes. I heart him too.

    Also, Lo Duca ain’t too shabby, minus the womanizing and all.

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